Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Princess Allura, kidnapped! ( Chapter 40 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The blue skies of planet Earth stretches far and wide; majestic white clouds billow softly, ever peacefully as if oblivious of the great threat that holds its people in crisis.
From these clouds, the rocketing Voltron Black Lion surveys the encompassing, panoramic view.
Followed by the Voltron Red Lion, Keith the Voltron leader admits to himself that the Imjad's teleportation device had worked.
Not only do they escape impending doom from the hands of Voltes V and his cohort, Laserion, but they also saved countless crew lives from the battered Stellar Ship Explorer.
Now, the great flagship Explorer rests somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
This is a great reassurance for the people of Arus, people of Pollux, and the Voltron Force.
But the teleportation process had its “draw backs”: the impact sends some of the Voltron Lions in different directions.
They may be trapped, hurt or…
Keith closed his eyes, there are no signals coming from the Voltron Blue, Green or Yellow Lions.
He must act fast to retrieve then or…
Lance broke Keith's silence. “Keith, I got a reading from the Green lion…From Pidge…”
He rechecked his instruments. “He's on longitude three, oh niner…”
“Check!” Keith curtly replied. “I just hope he's alright!”
Powerful Godaikin engines propelled the mighty Voltron Lions.
Soon they were reunited with the Voltron Green Lion.
“Boy, you're a sight for sour eyes!” Pidge greets the two Voltron Lions as his own machine regrouped with them.
Keith nodded nonchalantly at Pidge. “We got to find the other two lions…team let's go!”
The three mighty Voltron Lions flew across the sea, searching for their two missing comrades.
It took about three hours for the three Voltron Lions to pick up a distress signal from Hunk and his Voltron Yellow Lion.
“Hang in there, Hunk…” Pidge tried to calm his big buddy. “Help is on the way!”
Hunk is on a small island, the great impact made by the Imjad's teleporting device shook Hunk out of the Voltron Yellow Lion.
Inside the teleportation impact, he was able to hang on to the side of the Voltron Yellow Lion for dear life.
Sharp debris from the decrepit Stellar Ship Explorer sliced through his thigh, making it bleed profusely.
He's in luck though. The three Voltron Lions were able to arrive on time.
Lance and Pidge were quick to apply first aid to the Voltron pilot.
Hunk winced in pain.
“The princess, she's not with you!”
Keith looks at the horizon, wondering about Princess Allura.
“We got to find the princess, Voltron Force…”
He boarded his Voltron Black Lion, and waited for Hunk to get on the Voltron Yellow Lion.
“I'm alright Keith; I can handle this…ugh!”
Now, four Voltron Lions resume their search…
It took them about twelve hours to search for the missing Voltron Blue Lion.
Keith was getting tense…Thoughts of the princess getting hurt entered his mind.
“No…she mustn't get hurt…” Keith brushed such thoughts, “I'll find her, I'll find her if it's the last thing I'll do!”
Suddenly, Lance once again broke the silence:
“Keith, it's the Blue Lion!”
The four Voltron Lions swoops down on another tiny island, there laying still and filled with wet beach sand, is the Voltron Blue Lion.
The four Voltron Lions immediately landed beside the lifeless Voltron Blue Lion.
Instantaneously, Keith jumps out of his Voltron Black Lion and came sprinting towards the Voltron Blue Lion…
“Princess!...Princess! Are you alright?...Princess!”
The Voltron Blue Lion's cockpit was open…but there was no sign of Princess Allura.
Hunk and Pidge joined in for the search.
“Princess!...” Pidge called.
“Hey, Princess!” Hunk came in second…” Where can she be?”
Suddenly, Lance got a call from his com-link inside the Voltron Red Lion.
“This is Voltron Force…Come in…”
The monitor revealed the face of Koran.
“This is Koran, Voltron Force…I'm afraid I have bad news from the Imjad…”
Keith rudely took the com-link from Lance.
“This is Keith …What is it!”
There was a moment of silence…then Koran spilled out his bad news…
“Princess Allura was kidnapped!”