Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Surrounded by the Voltron Lions ( Chapter 42 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The hidden layer managed by the Imjad opens up brightly as two of his most trusted minions gather around him to hear his next plans.
They saw the Imjad looking at his portal, studying his recent moves and deceptions.
The darkly clad cometary sage smiled secretly in his robes as he noticed much of his plans are going to directions he gladly anticipated.
“The teleportation device had thrown most of the Stellar Ship Explorer; some of the remaining star fleet from Planet Pollux, Voltron and the Voltron Force on Planet Earth.” The evil Imjad announced at his gathering servile.
“The whole scenario's getting more interesting…Now Princess Allura is in the hands of Richard Heartford, pilot of the Godaikin Daimos!”
“Pardon me oh greatness…” Baron Hakone bows at the Imjad
. “You have announced to Koran the disappearance of Princess Allura.
That will make everything worst for the Voltron Force…topped it all with the knowledge that the people of the “Space Dynamo” had something to do with the disappearance of their princess…that will make the Voltron Force fierce with anger!”
The Imjad smiled at the baron with malicious delight.
“It does not end there, Baron Hakone…” He replied, “I shall device a way for Princess Erika, Richard's love to join this little scene.”
The Imjad walked at the edge of his great portal in a peaceful strolling manner.
“I will stage a ploy that Voltron had captured the Bramin princess.”
He paused for a moment.
“This will send Daimos in a fury that the Godaikin will not stop until he rescues Erika and destroy Voltron.”
“Then,” Saint Aria replies, “The destruction of both Godaikins will be at hand!”
The Imjad's visage smiled in cold pleasure at the so-called saint…
“I will use emotion for the destruction of both these Godaikins…One by one they will destroy each other….And after I shattered all of them, I shall rule the universe!”
Meanwhile back on Planet Earth, Edward Kramer's jeep sped out through a lonely highway, a distance from the Space Dynamo.
Carved on his face; the determination to tell Camp Big Falcon about the presence of a certain enemy girl in their medical center.
“I need to reach the nearest civilian telecom center…” he told himself.
“That enemy woman is really bad news!”
Suddenly, four powerful comets grazed that part of the countryside in incredible fury.
The turbulence is so powerful; it blew even the tenacious of rocks and stones…Soon it upsets the jeep Edward was riding.
“Damn it!” Edward cursed and was about to stand, turn around and face the four strange flying objects when suddenly; he realized that these are not your ordinary U.F.Os;
Four color coded giant robotic lions, each as large as a small building.
The black lion leader snarled at him as he tries to get up and stand bravely before them.
“So, you're that Voltron Force they've been talking about!” Edward snapped back at the Voltron Lions.
“Yeah…” Keith from his cockpit replied nonchalantly.
“And I bet you're that Edward guy co-pilot of the Earth Defender named Richard…the one who kidnapped our princess!”
Edward was dumbfounded.
He knew Richard would never kidnap an enemy princess!
But suddenly, his face turned smug indifferent and smartly snapped back again at the Voltron Force.
“Huh...Now you're accusing us like criminals!”
He took off his sunglasses and wipes the lens with his scarf.
“Your princess will be delivered to Camp Big Falcon and she will be tried as a criminal…” He boldly replied.
“If you want to take your precious little princess back, be my guest…Just don't tell me that I didn't warn you!”
“What do you mean by that you punk?” Hunk protested.
“I don't like the sound of his voice Keith!”
Edward willed around and faced the waiting Voltron Lions.
“You have to answer to Daimos first!”
“Daimos..? that giant robot defender robot of yours?” Pidge asked Edward as he grits his teeth with anger.
“Yep…!” Edward smartly replied with the air of great confidence.
“That's not just your average super robot; the machine is a Godaikin…A Godaikin, karate-martial arts expert. And he can kick your Voltron's rusty ass any time…Especially if you're planning to attack The Space Dynamo!”
The Voltron Black Lion rose up in great majesty over Edward.
The rest of the Voltron Lions follow.
“I'm not counting on that, punk…” Keith countered. “Wait till he gets a load of Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Hunk just got an idea. “C'mon, Keith…let's take this wise guy in exchange for Princess Allura!”
“I'm with him, Keith!” Pidge replied. “In that way, were even.”
Lance in his cockpit just nods. “What do you say Keith?”
Keith smiled and said, “O.K. team, let's do it!”