Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The rise of General Daimos ( Chapter 43 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Edward realized his predicament, ran as fast as he can; jumping from different ridges and tree entanglements just to be out of the Voltron Lions' range.
But the lions are truly swift, they keep appearing from nowhere, toying around with their little prey.
“C'mon… you little afro-wearin' mice!” Hunk jokes around, “Let's see where on this little place you can hide!”
Suddenly, two powerful missiles hit the Voltron Yellow Lion right on the tail section. The impact was so tremendous; it sends melted shards of metal shrapnel in all directions.
“Hunk…!” Keith voiced his concerns. “What happened?”
Another round of red missiles send powerful impact blasts at the four Voltron Lions before Hunk could reply.
From the blast's haze, the Daimos Tripper 75 S, a low silhouette, super car driven by Richard came to rescue Edward.
“C'mon Edward, get in!” Richard hurriedly called. “Let's return to the Space Dynamo!”
Edward immediately got in the Tripper 75 S.
He was surprise to see Richard in his tight fitting Earth Defense Uniform of white blue and black.
He turns around and could see the Voltron Lions rocketing behind the super car's exhausts.
Again, the Tripper released another round of lethal red missiles that exploded on contact with the Voltron Green Lion's head.
This just gave them time to zoom out of the area and soon, the gleaming red super car speeds through the confusion and returns safely to the Space Dynamo.
Edward got out of the Earth defense car, but Richard stayed in its controls.
“Edward, you and Joanna activate the Gamma Fighter…” Richard said hurriedly. “I'll deal with this invader!”
Edward made a hasty salute; “Roger Richard!”
The Tripper zooms humming in maximum speed.
It cruised dangerously at a rocky road leading to a cliff that falls down fifty feet into the sea.
Inside, Richard flipped the switch that activates the built-in voice command unit:
From a hidden dragon cave, a secret high-tech hangar lights up.
Inside this hangar, rest a magnificent, silver giant super truck, longer and more massive than three cross country trucks.
The truck looks more like some boxed-up space vehicle; a Saturn five rocket on twenty wheels.
Suddenly, from deep inside this metallic behemoth, a whining energy grind becomes a full power thrust that sends fiery blast from its exhausts.
Just like the Tripper, the Daimos Tranzer truck shoots out from the cave and on to the rocky road where the Tripper is now running.
The truck's rear part opens and Richard delivered another command.
The Tripper entered the great truck; inside it, the super car turns to become a control cockpit for Richard.
Hydraulic cables, fitted with suctions attached automatically at Richard's limbs.
The Pilot then makes a ceremonial karate stance, along with his last transforming command.
The giant monster machine leap up from the cliff and in the skies and then, a great “mechamorphosis” occurs:
The Box-like structure of the truck opens up; revealing a giant Godaikin's body.
The lower part detracts, thus turning into huge robotic legs.
Giant red shoulders automatically pull out from the body.
These shoulders had red armored arms on each.
The arms extend outwards and the great Godaikin's body twirls around in a dream like movement.
The immense figure is no longer that of a truck but a of a lethal red, white and black giant cybernaut that soon opens up it's cockpit, to reveal a giant, human-like mug in light metallic-blue color.
The rest of the cockpit looks like a fancied headdress; the opened cockpit doors looking like face shields.
The giant armored warrior moves with uncanny agility, like a giant human being skilled in oriental martial arts.
It made a ritual karate-stance and an obligatory punch salute!
And with this, Richard screamed the Godaikin's name:
Before the startled eyes of the Voltron Force, stands the mighty karate-ka Godaikin Daimos!