Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Daimos and the Lions ( Chapter 44 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The great Godaikin stands before the four Voltron Lions.
Daimos is a lot taller than Laserion, yet shorter than Voltes V.
But his massive arms and legs had proven themselves absolutely lethal in super robot combat.
A gigantic armored karate-ka warrior in color code of gleaming red, silver and black, Daimos readied a stance, similar to that of Bruce Lee, before he execute an attack.
Just the same, the Voltron Lions studied the giant Godaikin's martial arts movements.
“Keith!” Lance called from his com-link. “Do you know anything about extreme oriental martial arts?”
Keith ignored Lance's inquiry and concentrate hard on the dexterous Godaikin before them.
“Team,” he finally said, “If I give the signal, start pouncing on that giant robot!”
“Yeah…!” Hunk came in second, “…Like a pack of angry lions that we are!”
“Let's do it for the princess!” Pidge supplied. “This Daimos guy will be sorry he messed around with VOLTRON: Defender of the Universe!”
There was a pause from Keith…
Then, without warning, the Voltron commander gave the signal.
“Let's do it Voltron Force!”
Powerful servo motors whined as the mighty Voltron Lions legs begin to move swiftly like attacking cheetahs!
But Daimos seemed ready for any kind of attack; the giant warrior machine skillfully dodged the Voltron Lions assault.
Aside from dodging, Daimos unleashed rapid fire karate chops against a Voltron Lion that comes too close, with deadly accuracy.
“Daimos Kick!”
The immense robot fighter delivers a powerful, metal splitting kick that sends the Black Lion smashing against a nearby ravine.
Tons of loose rocks rained down on the dizzy Voltron Black Lion.
The Voltron Yellow Lion jumps and got hold of Daimos' back, only to be thrown ala judo-like, crashing at the waiting Voltron Green Lion with a sickening CLANG!
Then the great Godaikin Daimos starts to relax as it stood tall before the equally ferocious Voltron Lions.
Inside his Godaikin, Richard made a stalwart, karate stance.
“Listen to me, Voltron…” Richard starts to deliver his stern warning.
“Daimos will never allow your trampling of the Earth and its people.”
The huge armor warrior jumped high into the air and landed with one magnificent foot on top of the ground and the other raised high above the clouds in martial-arts execution, only an agile human could possibly made.
“If you don't like what I just said…then you'll just answer to Daimos!”
But the Voltron Lions were not intimidated; the four massive metal lions shook the dust from their bodies and begin to circle around Daimos, like predators circling around a herd of sheep.
“I admit your giant defender's impressive…” Keith replies back.
“But I doubt it stand a chance against Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
“C'mon Keith,” Lance impatiently pokes Keith. “Let's sick this bozo!”
“Yeah…” Pidge came in second. “..And rescue the Princess!”
“That goes for me too…” Hunk came in third.
Keith kept quiet for the moment…meditating…then suddenly…
“Alright team…Let's do it!”
The Voltron Force replies
“Let's go Voltron Force!”
Inside Daimos, Richard saw the almost blur images of the Voltron Lions as they start the attack.
With his zen-like trainings, Richard concentrates on what these invaders maybe planning next.
“Proton Missiles!”
Suddenly, a group of strange missiles fired from a three-tube device which magically appears at the front leg joint of the Voltron Red Lion.
Daimos dodge these missiles and sends a mighty karate chop at the neck of the Voltron Red Lion, sending it and its pilot crashing beside a cliff.
“Lance…Lance…are you alright?” Keith radioed Lance from his cockpit.
He was too busy from trying to contact Lance when a huge, armored foot came smashing at the side of the Black Lion, sending sparks of metal chips flying in all direction.
The Voltron Black Lion came crashing at the bewildered Voltron Yellow Lion.
“Hunk…Keith…” Pidge radioed the two from his com-link.
But he receives no answer.
He then looks straight at the gigantic Daimos and snarled.
“Why you…You'll gonna get it!”
“Rocket Grenades!”
Pidge shouts high atop his lungs as he activates the spiked-ball like mini explosives, discharged from various parts of the Voltron Green Lion.
Daimos once again jumped into the air and released his own, deadly arsenal.
“Magnitou Blades!”
The karate-ka Godaikin released golden blades from its knees; these blades were thrown at the Voltron Green Lion's Rocket Grenades, making them blew up before they could reach their intended target. The sharp shrapnel rained down on the Voltron Green Lion's body upon impact with the Magnitou Blades.
Hunk and Keith had collected their wits, but they've just saw the Voltron Green Lion being hit by thousand shrapnel
“Pidge!...Little buddy!” Hunk exclaimed as he look out of the Voltron Yellow Lion's cockpit and seeing what happened to Pidge and the Voltron Green Lion.
“Darn you…you can't do this to my little buddy!”
“Hrrr!…Rotor Missiles!”
In a fit of anger, Hunk activates the Voltron Yellow Lion's rotating launcher that dispatches three small missiles at the front leg joints.
But the mighty Daimos is already up and producing his own set of weapons.
“Daimos Missiles!”
The side of Daimos' legs opens up and a large, nasty looking rocket came forth, blasting the Rotor Missiles in front of the Voltron Yellow Lion's face.
The impact sends the blasted Voltron Lion tumbling down on the dirt.
Keith immediately surveyed the surrounding area, only to see all three Voltron Lions down for the count.
Then he looked at his monitor to see the giant Godaikin Daimos starts to move towards him.
Back at the Space Dynamo, Edward watches the action on a huge monitor.
“By the looks of it…” he starts, “I say Richard does not need our help at all!”
“Yeah big brother that's it…” Joanna cheered lively at the screen. “Give those filthy aliens a taste of Daimos' karate powers!”
The mysterious girl looks at the monitor.
She was perplexed to see the Voltron Force being defeated once again.
“No!!!” This can't be…I must help them!”
The mysterious girl then started to run.
“Edward, the Girl!”
Joanna is about to take pursuit when Edward stops her.
“No Joanna…let the girl go…at least, I was right all along not to trust her…”
The girl ran as fast as she could towards the exit, and took a service jeep and sped off to the battle site.
Slowly, her memory starts to returns…and she remembered, she is Princess Allura, daughter of King Alfor and member of the Voltron Force.
With tears in her eyes, Princess Allura approached the remaining Voltron Black Lion.
“This must not be… Voltron must prevail…Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”