Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Plans to level the score... ( Chapter 46 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

About four thousand volunteered warriors from Planet Pollux lines up before the inspecting Baron Hakone.
These warriors were formerly farmers, tins men and government workers, all propelled by a single, fanatical notion: Voltron Must Prevail!
In his great monitor, these warriors could see their beloved Voltron smashing hard against a rocky cliff; his massive form is filled by dust, gravel and scratches.
Behind him stands the mighty Godaikin Daimos, out to make another marital arts stance as it readies itself.
With the great multitude of Pollux warriors behind him, Baron Hakone studied the battle critically.
“Hmmm…It does not look good for Voltron.” Baron Hakone said to the warriors.
“This universal defender of yours is just like a ten year old kid fighting a twenty one year old martial arts expert…We have to level the score a bit…”
Suddenly, his sentiments were answered: A transport beam immediately materialized from nowhere, it carried Paul the Imjad and Saint Aria of the Dagger.
“My all powerful perception detects your concerns, noble baron…”
The Imjad starts. “
…And I think I know how to level the score…”
“What do you have in mind?” asked Aria. “Oh great Imjad…”
The Imjad whirled around to face a large port window.
“Baron, tell the ship captain to set a course on the dark side of Jupiter…to the Pyramidion…The hide out of the Bhramins…
The evil baron smiled at the Imjad, he knows what the Imjad's next plan will be…
“With pleasure, great Imjad…With pleasure!”
Meanwhile, back at Camp Big Falcon, the Voltes Team and their Volt Machines were pushed to the limits by Dr. Hook's harsh and almost inhuman trainings:
A barrage of “heat seeking” missiles pursues the Volt Machines in incredible speed.
Inside the Volt Crewzer One, Steve maneuvers his machine straight at a rocky cliff so the pursuing heat seekers could knock out these instead of his machines rocketing after burners.
Mark inside his Volt Bomber Two charges his Volt Machine at one of Camp Big Falcon's logistic department.
The pursuing missiles hit the other missile reserves, sending some computerized armaments onto a flaming frenzy.
Suddenly, the Voltes Team flight monitors lits-up; Dr. Hook tries to communicate.
“Voltes Team you've done a good job…but for now return to base A.S.A.P…”
“What is it Dr. Hook?” Steve asks.
Dr. Hook made a deep sigh before he replies.
The Space Dynamo is under attack by Voltron and the Voltron Force …”
His words shocked the whole Voltes Team inside their Volt Machines.
“But that's impossible…” Mark commented loudly.
“Daimos could kick Voltron half way to the North Pole for all I care…”
Dr. Hook just shook his head.
“We can't afford any foul-ups Voltes Team…!”
Steve turns his words to the Voltes Team…
“Voltes Team, set a course to the Space Dynamo!”