Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Daimos' fights! ( Chapter 47 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The mighty Voltron staggers groggily like a drunk as it painfully tries to stand up and face the magnificent, karate-ka Godaikin Daimos.
Keith was breathing hard, trying to study Daimos' every move.
Daimos made a ready, karate-ka stance; his armor arms securing his steel chest.
Voltron roughly imitated the move, not really a master of such exotic fighting technique.
Suddenly, Voltron received a swift straight punch at the face. Daimos' punch is so fast, his fist left after images from the speed.
Before the magnificent Voltron could even hit the ground, another punch with the same blurring speed knock the side of his head; Keith was thrown against the side of the Voltron Black Lion like he was in a pin ball machine.
Unable to move from the initial attack, Voltron receives a series of quick punches so fast for the naked eye.
The rapid blows made some shrapnel flies in glowing glory.
This maneuver rendered Voltron in a balanced state; the momentum of the attack unable to make the defender of the universe to stand straight or slump down the forest floor.
Finally, Daimos delivered a powerful blow that made the larger Godaikin spin and embraced the face of the cliff.
Only then, Daimos begins to relax and backed a short distance away from Voltron.
Inside Voltron, the Voltron Force felt they were just been in a roller coaster ride straight to Hell.
“T-that martial arts monkey…” Hunk could only blurt out.
He could not talk because of continues retching inside his cockpit.
“Keith…” Princess Allura called. “We got to fight him with our weapons…Daimos had skills, even he's fighting with his bare, armored hands!”
Keith took a deep breath as he hears his team moaning and retching.
Then he starts to decide.
“O.K. Voltron Force, let's give `em the old Voltron treatment!”
Outside, Voltron turns around and faced Daimos.
“Blazing Arrows!!!"
From Voltron Green Lion's mouth, forms a bow, but before it could fire the Blazing Arrows, Daimos attacked the Voltron Green Lion's mouth diagonally from bellow then upward, making the Blazing Arrows explode just bellow Lance's cockpit.
“Lance…Lance are you alright?” Keith inquired nervously. “Lance, come in...speak to me!”
Lance did speak to Keith: The tone of his voice a little dizzy.
“Keith….Green Lion's a little cooked up but I'm O.K.”
Hunk was furious.
“I say let's show this oriental monkey what were made off Keith…”
“That goes for me too!” Pidge supplied.
“He better say his prayers that he just messed up with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Voltron Eye Beam!!!"
A powerful beam of light just came out of Voltron's eyes.
Daimos instinctively jumps out of the way and finding Voltron's blind side, Daimos gave the magnificent Voltron a `harite' or Sumo Slap!
The delivery is so brutal it almost dislodged all the Voltron lions from the impact.
Voltron's great armored body flew into the air, but before it could touch the ground, another upper level kick was delivered by Daimos.
Voltron's body twirled five times before it hit solid ground.
Inside Daimos, Richard smiled as the massive form of Voltron starts to move.
This time, he opts to use Daimos' own weapons.
“Daimos Shaft”
The giant Godaikin karate-ka Daimos jumps high from the ground and deployed underneath his feet, two long spear-like shafts. The blades of the shafts are as large as the handles looking almost like “giant swords”.
Keith was alarmed when he saw this, immediately he made Voltron stand up and counter with;
“Wing attack!”
Voltron took out his red wings and threw these like boomerangs at Daimos.
Daimos easily deflected the Wing Attack using his shaft.
The Wings slammed at nearby elevated dirt and returns back to Voltron.
Before Voltron could do another Wing Attack, Daimos already attached the blunt ends of his two weapons and turn it into a single weapon: A double edge staff.
Daimos charged at Voltron with a ferocious lunge and use his weapon to tear the defender of the Universe to shred.
Sparks of molten metal flew in all direction as Daimos' giant swords slice through Voltron's metal body.
“We can't move, Keith…” Lance snarled at his instrument “…The enemy's upon us!”
Keith tried to check all of his instruments which were shattered.
“Have to use the Cross beam…It's our only hope…”
Suddenly, Daimos jumps out from Voltron and re-positioned itself.
“Whiplash Strike”
A weapon that resembles a star-cross; there's a four bladed central disk and to it attached four whips with spikes on one end. Daimos held one of these whips and throws it at the target; Voltron's Royal Crest.
Seeing this, Keith desperately countered;
"Royal Shield Blast!!!"
Too late, Daimos' Whiplash Strike already damaged Voltron's Crest.
The sudden activation of the “Royal Shield blast” blew up Voltron's front chest, making him tumble on the dirt below.
The Godaikin Daimos grabbed Voltron's neck and gave the universal defender's face a powerful, violent slap.
“That is for invading planet Earth!” Richard hollers at Keith's radio.
Disoriented, Keith responded scantly.
“we're not invaders…were…”
Again, Daimos gave Voltron another violent slap.
The slap sends sparks of discarded metal plating from Voltron's mug.
“That is for killing those soldiers from the Earth International Defense base and for messing around with Daimos and Voltes V!”
Daimos is about to deliver another violent slap at Voltron's face when suddenly, Richard receives a message from space:
“Good Morning Richard Heartford…” The voice sounded like from Baron Hakone. “We would like to level the score here with Voltron, so we took your winged sweet heart as collateral.”
There was silence, and then suddenly Richard heard the voice of her beloved…Princess Erika.
“Richard…oh Richard…”
Richard stands dumbfounded; he dropped the mighty Voltron down the ground with a loud CLANG!!!
“Richard, don't let them use me…fight… FIGHT for Planet Earth.”
But Richard's no longer focused in fighting Voltron; he was shocked to learn the despicable aliens took his beloved Erika as hostage.
Voltron's engine begins to whine in renewed strength.
The majestic Voltron could see Daimos being pre-occupied with something else…a chance to get even…a chance the Voltron Force must use!
Pidge snarled at Daimos…”Now's the chance to show this kung-fu punk that he just messed up with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”