Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ A punishment from Voltron! ( Chapter 48 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The great karate-ka Godaikin Daimos stands before Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
The smaller Godaikin and its pilot had readied himself to receive the chastisement that would come from planet Arus' mightiest fighter.
In reality, Daimos could easily fend off Voltron's attack, if it weren't for Baron Hakone's hostage taking of Princess Erika, Richard's intimate sweetheart.
“Voltron Eye Beam!”
Suddenly, a stream of deadly beam came out of Voltron's eyes.
It seared Daimos' chest with a sickening scream of bursting metal!
“Ahhhhhh!” Richard could only scream, he seems to feel the pain inflicted by Voltron's Eye beam.
“Big Brother!” Joanna could only cry on her com-link.
“Edward, turn this fighter around…Let's help Daimos!”
“Shut up Joanna!” Edward snarled at the young fighter. “Your brother's stand is an honorable one…Let him prove himself to all!”
Out side the Gamma fighter, both Edward and Joanna could hear Voltron's raging attack!
“Blazing Arrows”
A powerful barrage of laser arrows hits the standing Daimos square at its chest.
Great sparks of metal chips flew in all directions and the impact almost made the great karate-ka Godaikin fell off balance!
“The gook is still standing!” Lance observed on his monitor.
“C'mon Keith let's sick him real good!”
“Lion Head Attack!”
Suddenly, the heads of the Voltron Green and Voltron Red Voltron Lions detached themselves and attacked the waiting Daimos with the ferocities of thunder!
Like maddened torpedoes, these projectiles hit Daimos' chest and shoulder, making the huge Godaikin to go off balanced and slammed hard against the forest floor.
“Who's having the hard time now?” Pidge taunts at his com-link as his ship and Lance's ship re-attached them selves.
“Thought you had us in the bag eh?...Well start saying your prayers cause now you'll gonna answer to Voltron: Defender of the Universe!"
Outside, Daimos slowly tries to stand, the giant robot's leg rotors began to whine in protest.
Soon the massive Godaikin fell down on his knees with a loud clang!
A depressing sight suggesting defeat before the Defender of the Universe!
“Look at that Keith,” Lance points at his monitor. “The karate punk's kneeling down for dear life before Voltron!”
“Does he learn his lesson?” Princess Allura inquires with pseudo-innocence.
“You don't look so tough after all!” Hunk came in second. “C'mon Keith, let's give `em more punishment!”
Keith looks at his monitor and speaks at Richard haughtily. “Any last words…you smelly punk!”
Richard's reply seems inaudible at first, but then he raised his voice a little for the Voltron Force to hear…
“I kneel down for Erika…for Erika's safety…not for you…not for your Voltron for your planet or for your so-called Galaxy Alliance!”
Slowly, the great Daimos stands erect in absolute defiance before the mighty Voltron.
“I defy you…I defy the things that you stand for-…You can all go to hell!”
Infuriated Keith released one of Voltron's greatest weapons!
“Wing Attack!”
Voltron immediately took out his wings and like a huge boomerang, flips this at the defiant Daimos!
The powerful wing attack hits Daimos in all four directions; a whirlwind of terrifying power, the Voltron Wing attack does not stop in its onslaught against the Godaikin enemy.
Richard was thrown inside his cockpit like he was blown by the most greatest of storms.
Edward and Joanna could only watch in horror as one of Earth's mightiest defender slumped hard on the nearly barren ground, then the massive body of Daimos being carried by a tornado made by Voltron's Wing Attack!
Out in space, Princess Erika could see what's happening on a large, monitor; she can only gasp in terror as she saw her beloved Richard in his Godaikin being thrown mercilessly into the cold, crunching sea.
“RICHARD!!!!” she called his name amidst tears in her eyes!
Back on Earth, Voltron stands triumphantly, facing the sea.
“Well team…another job well done!” Keith commented at the Voltron Force.
“Were not through yet, Keith”…Lance points at his monitor,
“We still have to level an enemy base located at this area!”
“Let's be more careful Keith…” Princess Allura warns her team. “The alien base is armed and dangerous.”
“Aw, c'mon Princess,” Pidge smirked. “Not as armed and dangerous as Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”