Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Space Dynamo, Under attack! ( Chapter 49 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Professor Jourgan could not believe that Richard and his great Karate Ka Godaikin Daimos were destroyed and now being entombed under the sea.
He flicks the switch of his communication device many times but there's no response.
“Damn Com-link!” he cursed as beads of sweat forms around his brows.
“They never made `em like they used to!”
Concerned, Mildred tried to calm the professor down.
“Professor…professor…we have to armed the Space Dynamo; Voltron and his legion is fast approaching the base!”
The usually jolly professor is now breathing hard in short pants; holding his emotions, he directed his com-link's frequencies at the Gamma Fighter and the sentries of the Space Dynamo.
“This is Professor Jourgan…” he starts, “Edward, Joanna, disengage the enemy and return to base...All ground battle units fortify your post, enemy is upon us at zero, point niner!”
Immediately, the military personnel of the Space Dynamo began to man large laser cannons.
Some even positioned themselves in strategic locations and aimed their weapons at the possible, enemy path!
The Gamma Fighter had cut off in their fight with the Godaikin Voltron, inside; Joanna continues to cry after her fallen big brother.
“Those murderers…”sniff”… they'll gonna pay!”
“I bet they'll be…” Edward replies. “But for now, well have to protect the base…Your brother's goin' to do the same if he's here…C'mon so his sacrifice won't be in vain!”
Inside the magnificent Godaikin Voltron, the Voltron Force flew with incredible speed pursuing the Gamma Fighter.
Keith knows that the little machine will lead them to Daimos' main base.
“Stay sharp team!” Keith warns his team mates…
”these aliens are bit sneaky and they're maybe leading us into a trap!”
“Well said Keith!” Lance confirmed Keith's concern by pointing at his monitor.
“And by the looks of it, I'd say we just pissed them off real good!”
The Voltron Force is welcomed by a great wall of missiles, projectiles and powerful laser bolts, coming from the sentries of the Space Dynamo.
The grand volleys of defensive weapons are mighty and relentless indeed, but they have no effect for the advancing Godaikin, Voltron: Defender of the Universe!
Inside the Space Dynamo, Professor Jourgan could see all his efforts are futile.
But he stood defiant!
“Put on the barrier!”
Outside the Space Dynamo; the small antenna wings began to spark…the sparks then produced a powerful electrical force field that many, hoped to repel the attacking Voltron…
The glowing energy shield may give the personnel inside the Space Dynamo some reassurance…
But resting behind their minds, Voltron is a powerful Godaikin, just like Voltes V and Daimos, and it will take more than a mere, flickering force field to repel these giant warriors!
Suddenly, a powerful explosion rocked the interiors of the Space Dynamo, like some wild demonic storm punching through the protective metals!
Both Professor Jourgan and Mildred were thrown from side to side like tossed rag dolls!
“Professor Jourgan!” Mildred finally cried out,
“The research section just exploded!”
She was about to stand when another blast rocked the besieged Space Dynamo!
Thousands of metal debris flew out in different directions; their sharp splinters cutting through flesh and bones of unfortunate technicians.
Outside, Voltron is punching through the Space Dynamo's defenses.
Powerful military tanks were blowing up in vast scales as they receive the missiles and projectiles fired from the advancing super robot Voltron, mighty Godaikin of planet Arus; Indestructible king of hundred beasts; the defender of the universe!
There seems no other way for the soldiers and technicians of the Space Dynamo but to surrender to the Voltron Force.
Still some of the soldiers of Space Dynamo are decided to fight to the bitter end!
“Keith…” Lance called Keith in his consoles, “Those Daimos people are getting the hardest hits…But they still don't seem to give up!”
“Their yellow bellied gooks that's for sure!” Hunk buts-in.
“Don't be surprised if you see them dead and cut their own guts rather than face defeat, that's the gook's code of honor ya know!”
Princess Allura shivers from such information.
“Then I despise such cultural code; face death rather than surrender?
That's a code for cowards; cowards who could not face the consequences of their actions…what a detestable, barbaric race these people are!”
“You said it right, princess!” Pidge supplies,
"They are uncivilized animals…not like Planet Pollux and Planet Arus…noble worlds protected by Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”