Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Princess Erika's Rescue ( Chapter 51 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

From her cubicle prison, Princess Erika could only watch hopeless as the monitor displayed the fall of Daimos and her beloved Richard.
Her whole being was engulfed with emotion and because of this, she could feel her knees weakening, making her kneel down and then, she started to weep.
“Oh Richard…” she whispered to herself. “All of our hopes and dreams had gone to waste.”
She stared at the monitor once again, and the rampaging figure of Voltron was replaced by images of the princess' time with Richard.
“Oh Richard…I love you…Please…please don't die…for the sake of Earth…for the sake of our love…”
Meanwhile, the pus-covered visage of Baron Hakone reflects at the same monitor where he could see Voltron being attacked ala hornets by the Volt Machines.
“Nice show…” He chuckled with glee. “Such entertainment…”
Suddenly, a loud, irritating alarm rings inside the whole ship. The Baron looks around for some answers.
“Great baron,” a soldier from Planet Pollux informed him. “Here comes something new!”
“What?!” the baron replies with a question as he starts to look at the other monitor display: A magnificent looking, box-like starship is fast approaching and from the look of its red, white and blue paint scheme, the massive machine is or maybe carrying another Godaikin.
The splendid machine is called the Bio-Dragon; a large, powerfully armored transport of the potent Godaikin known as “Bioman.”
“Now hear this alien!” a sturdy warning echoed through the communication units of the baron's ship. “This is Bio Red One, team leader of the Bio Team Biomic Soldiers!”
The warning made some of the crew scrambling for the ship's main weapons, while most of them opted for the emergency escape pod rockets.
“Hand over to us the Bhramin Princess and surrender to the Bio Team!”
Baron Hakone felt fear slowly rising from inside him but still, he stands in boldness
“Never!...she will remain in custody as long as I require!”
The Bio Team's reply was made in the form of successive energy blasts that shatters most of the baron's ship's upper hull; sending thousands of deadly debris, workmen and technicians from Planet Pollux, flying-off into deep space.
Mean while, Princess Erika smiled amidst the tears in her eyes; freedom is only a moment away.
But suddenly, she remembers Richard's death.
Her hopes fade quickly.
“There's no point for me to live with out Richard.”
She told her self as once again, she slumped down the corner of her prison cubicle as the ship's personnel scamper from the wreckage to different safety zones.