Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Bioman Attacks! ( Chapter 52 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A variety of laser volleys and projectiles hits most of the vital parts of Baron Hakone's starship.
Desperately, the Baron scrambles to look for the main force shield's switch.
“Hurry men, put on the barrier!”
The minute his men activated the main force shield switch, an unruly overload of displaced electrical surged exploded with the power of a rampaging dragon, obliterating most of the men, machines and other structures that gets in it's way.
Deadly shrapnel rained down at the workmen from Planet Pollux who are blown out by the tectonic shock wave that's pulling the great ship apart.
Baron Hakone tried to stand; his lungs gasping for air.
“The Imjad's ship had lost its defenses.” He admits to himself.
“But the new enemy will never take me alive!”
He struggles in the thick miasma of burnt electrical components and human flesh, only to reach a certain hand-shaped button which he activated by pressing his own, bruised hand against it.
Outside, the great Bio-Dragon Space carrier begins to open its top portion; revealing a vast air pad where two, sleek yet massive red, white and black mega fighters are at berth.
“Bio-Jet one, Take Off!” announced its Biomic Pilot.
The glossy machine starts to move in a vertical take off.
The mega machine barely left its landing pad when another announcement echoed from the second Bio-Jet.
“Bio-Jet two, Take off!”
Sleek and ultra-modern looking these maybe, but the two magnificent Bio-Jets were actually 500 years old; powered by an enigmatic, stellar lattice entity known as the Bio Beam Particle, emitted by the Bio-Jets' Bioman configuration.
The same, Bio Beam Particle is responsible for the assembly of the Bio Team Biomic Soldiers who are now engaged in a search and rescue operation.
The Bio Jets blasts through a sea of floating debris from the Imjad's star cruiser and start firing.
“O.K. Bio Team…” Red One briefs his team mates.
“We're going to punch through the enemy hull and rescue Princess Erika!”
“Roger that, Team leader…” Blue Three nods in affirmation.
Suddenly, something caught the sensors of Bio Pink Five;
“Bio Team look...A large hangar is opening from the enemy starship's fore section!”
The great stellar ship's fore section slowly opens; throwing out most of its engineers, technicians and varied assembly of debris and discarded machineries into space, then out comes Saint Aria's creations: The Gekkas!
“Giant robots, Bio Team…” Bio Red One cautioned his team mates, “…And you know what this means?”
Bio Green Two nods in affirmation, like his team mates, his face is covered by a gleaming metal mask.
“Yes…Let's Bio-Integrate!”
Bio Red One replies also in affirmation, his movement is uncannily impersonal; automatic.
Outside, Bio Jet One positioned itself before Bio Jet Two; two glossy black formations extend out of Bio Jet One while Bio Jet Two's front entered a cavity behind Bio Jet One.
The left and right boosters of Bio Jet Two, twists around 90 degrees then two tailfins from these parts folds out of sight.
These portions now look like giant legs.
Meanwhile, the extended formations from Bio Jet One protracts even further, looking like giant fore arms.
Finally, the front portion of Bio Jet One flips up and rests at the back, revealing a handsome looking gargantuan armored face, resembling a visor-wearing space warrior.
Inside his crumbling ship, Baron Hakone sluggishly moves and tried to view the outside from the large monitor.
He changed the monitor's frequency from the fighting Voltron and the Volt Machines, to the current enemy that's been attacking and destroying his vessel.
Suddenly, his eyes widen in terror; the monitor revealed another towering Godaikin hovering in shinny red, white and black armor.
The magnificent machine looks so impressive and it almost had the same height as the Ultra Electro Magnetic Machine Voltes V.
Weak from emotion, Princess Erika was able to stare at the huge monitor from her cubicle prison.
“Bioman…” she uttered audibly.