Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Daimos, back from the dead! ( Chapter 55 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The Space Dynamo was saved by Dr. Hook and the Voltes Team from further destruction made by Voltron in his attacks.
Over heating reactors and massive power generator were balanced and override from critical levels to manageable points.
Dr. Hook continues to monitor the mighty Volt Machines engagement with Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
Everything seems well for the Voltes Team, but then he noticed Professor Jourgan, Mildred and the rest of the Space Dynamo crew lamenting quietly for Richard's death.
“I'm sorry Professor Jourgan,” Dr. Hook said as he left the monitor and sat beside the down hearted Earth Defense professor.
“Richard was a brave young man…and all of us, people of the earth, owed our freedom from him and his Godaikin Daimos…”
“He was like a son to me…” Professor Jourgan finally speaks. “I took care of him when his father was killed by Prince Ulrich of the Bhramins…”
From a distant, Mildred finally broke into tears and soon, she was crying audibly.
Rotor, the token robot also expressed his sadness for Richard.
Suddenly, the com-link alarm rings and Dr. Hook returned over the console and took out a communiqué unit; “Dr. Hook here…”
“Dr. Hook…This is the Biomic Soldiers of Bioman!” the unseen speaker reports.
“We have just rescued Princess Erika from the custody of the enemy!”
Dr. Hook smiles in satisfaction and turns to Professor Jourgan.
“I repeat…” the Biomic soldiers continue with the announcement.
“We have just rescued Princess Erika from the custody of the enemy!”
Outside, the battle between the mighty Volt Machines and Voltron: Defender of the Universe rages on!
Crewzer missiles and Bomber rings were fired in rapid successions as the powerful Godaikin Voltron continues to block these deadly projectiles with the Voltron Blazing Sword.
“Don't these kids ever give up?...” Keith snarled as he controls his impressive machine to deflect and dodge the Volt Machines' projectiles.
“Keith,” Lance called out to him in his com-link. “Slash at these punks so we can reposition our selves!”
Inside the rushing Volt Machines, the Voltes Team receives powerful incoming transmissions from the Biomic Soldiers.
“Steve, hear that?” Little Jon informs his big brother with delight, “They just rescued Princess Erika!”
“That's great team…” Steve replied with equal zest.
“Let's all wait for the Biomic Soldiers to arrive on Earth by guarding the Space Dynamo…that way we can protect the base at the same time wait for their arrival!”
The superb Volt Machines suddenly banked up, just before Voltron could swing the lethal Blazing Sword.
The mighty Voltron stood high and defiant beside a rocky cliff that juts sharply 40 meters above sea level.
“Keith…”Princess Allura informs the Voltron Force leader. “An alien announcement says that they have rescued this Princess Erika…”
Hearing this, Keith opened his com-link and set its frequency at the destroyed Imjad ship…but there's no reply.
Still, Keith continued to make contact.
As the stupendous Godaikin Voltron stands and his back on the cliff's edge, a strange glow illuminated that part of the sea; a powerful glow coming from re-activated Dymolight crystals.
Suddenly, from the depths of the ocean, the great majestic form of the Godaikin Daimos blasted through the sky in renewed strength and vitality!
The Voltron Force could do nothing but stare in awe and utter disbelief.
“Uh oh…” Lance finally remarked.
“What'll we gonna do now, Keith?”
The great Godaikin Daimos' metallic body maybe soaking wet and filled with scratches, but his noble warrior form remains.
Soon the Godaikin Daimos stands in the air, poised in a lethal karate stance before the bewildered Voltron: Defender of the Universe!