Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Returning Lovers ( Chapter 57 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Still unconscious at first, but then Princess Erika slowly regained her consciousness and opened up her eyes; vaguely she could see a young man in white, armored uniform before her.
She reached out to touch his face.
“Yes Erika, it's me Richard…” The young pilot replied.
Princess Erika's eyes opened wide…There before her stood Richard, the young pilot of the great Karate-ka Godaikin Daimos.
Both were speechless and both suddenly locked in warm embrace.
Joanna and Mildred were crying tears of joy and as for Edward; he slid off into one of the openings of the room and exists quietly.
The Voltes Team watched the two lovers then they find themselves giggling.
Jamie shed a tear for the two lovers and then considers her own predicament; being surrounded by immature male team mates.
On the other hand, Dr. Hook and Dr. Jourgan thanked the Biomic Soldiers for the rescue of Princess Erika.
“It's a pleasure fighting at the side of Justice…” Bio Red One replies as he shakes the hands of both Earth Defense Coordinators.
And soon, the Biomic Soldiers went back to their waiting Bio Jets and sped off into space.
Steve and the Voltes Team watches as the shiny Bio Jets disappears into the cloudy horizon.
“The Bio Team are gallant and dedicated galactic soldiers…” Big Bert commented with pride. “I'm more than just glad they were able to rescue Princess Erika from Voltron's lackeys.”
“Yeah…” Mark came in second. “…and just look at the way Daimos beats the living crap out of that arrogant Voltron…Maybe the Voltron Force is soiling in their pants right now…eh?”
Then, the Voltes Team went near the cliff over looking the sea.
“I know you're still out there Voltron…” Steve whispered to himself.
“Rest assured Voltes V and the Voltes Team will always be ready as our planet's last recourse!”
Beneath the waves, a silent submarine just picked up the unconscious Voltron Force and the five Voltron Lions; the alien submarine entered an opening from a remote island base where the Stellar Ship Explorer is thoroughly repaired.
Koran closed his eyes in great frustration as he walked across the vessel's bridge.
Then, he muttered silently to himself, "Oh, when can the Voltron Force overcome this crisis!"
Suddenly, Koran's com-link gave a faint alarm; it was Field Commander Razz from the war factories of Planet Pollux.
“Dear Koran, we have gathered all visual battle records of Voltron Lion Force.
Most of the data contains archaic records of defeated ro-beasts that wield swords.”
Koran nodded at the unseen speaker.
“Excellent, commence construction of a “Voltes V” test droid…insert all the possible attack and defense skills of Voltes V into that giant test droid, plus the maneuverings of the sword wielding ro-beasts data. I suggest that the Voltron Force, after recovery, must train them selves to battle and defeat this special enemy.”