Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Wrath of Voltron! ( Chapter 61 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The tensile sharp wire of the Chodenji yo-yo begins to cut through Voltron's neck of thick armors.
Keith and the Voltron Force seemed in a jam but suddenly, an idea sparks up inside Keith's mind.
“Yeah…” He smiled in relief. “Why didn't I've thought of that earlier?”
Outside, Voltron Red Lion let's go of the tight Chodenji wire and from its mouth, a Voltron Red Dagger materialized out of nowhere.
Instantly, Voltron swings this weapon against the Chodenji Yo-yo's wire and bursting with a spark, Voltron was free.
The Battle Team inside the great Godaikin Combattler V was shocked to realize that Voltron was out of their constricting Chodenji Yo-yo's grip that easily.
“You punks never learn do you?” Keith snarled at Glen from his monitor. “You guys better say your prayers because here comes Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Before the mighty Combattler V could move, Voltron and the Voltron Force bents all of their frustrations at the enemy by delivering powerful blows and punches, enough to shatter mountains!
Bragammm, Bragooommmm!
And if that still not enough, Voltron threw itself into the air and released one of its powerful weapons;
“Voltron Wing attack!”
Immediately, Voltron took out his red wings and like a boomerang, the magnificent Godaikin hurled this towards the still struggling Combattler V!
Barely recovering from the series of powerful successive punches, Combattler V staggers to avoid the Wing Attack without success!
The Battle Team was dazed to the point of nauseam; as the powerful razor sharp Wing Attack razed Combattler V's body!
Inside his Combattler Battle Jet, Glen Hyoma studies the situations frantically through his control consoles.
They reveal to him the extensive damages the great Combattler V received.
“My God…” Glen exclaimed to himself. “Both left and right exterior armors of Combattler V's heavily damaged!”
Jason replied via com-link.
“Glen, parts of the left and right arms was torn away!”
Then, Jason paused as he studied his own consoles.
“I'm afraid we have to go back to the Nambarra Connection for repairs!”
“What do you think, Glen…” Bob came in second.
Before Glen could reply, a powerful blast of incredible heat energy suddenly threw the Godaikin Combattler V and made it slam hard against a rocky cliff.
Voltron seized the moment and grabbed the shoulders of the slumping blue and red Godaikin enemy using the jaws of both Yellow and Blue Voltron Lions that acted as its feet.
Then, Voltron flew up, up and up into the cold stratosphere carrying the limping form of Combattler V.
“I still say…” Keith's turn to coax Glen and the Battle Team via com-link; “…that Voltron is still and always will be the King of Super Robots!”
And after this, Keith pushed much of Voltron's controls, activating the great Godaikin's turbo-engines almost to the point of bursting!
Slowly but surely, Voltron twirls around, still carrying the huge form of Combattler V, subjecting it into a powerful centrifugal force.
Inside the great Combattler V Godaikin, the Battle Team was treated into a twirling frenzy that pinned them at the sides of their cockpit…
“Glen…Glen…” Stephanie was crying. “I…can't move!”
Glen like the rest of the Battle Team was pinned to his cockpit's wall by the terrifying centrifuge made by Voltron.
He tried to inch his hand and push a lever that will trigger one of Combattler V's weapon, the Electro-Magnetic Lancers.
“Just a little more…” Glen told himself.
“Funny…but we should be somewhat immune to the centrifugal force were having…since Combattler V is known to make the maneuver super spinner and…”
Glen was able to push the lever activating the Electro-Magnetic Lancers but it was too late: Voltron suddenly released the Godaikin before it could drive the extremely sharp lancers under Voltron's feet.
Combattler V was hurled straight down Terra Firma; crashing through the thick vegetations and jungles that cover half of the training island with an almighty thud!
Keith watched the crashing Combattler V with delight; at least, he can compensate himself watching a similar image of Voltes V hitting the dirt.
Suddenly, a barrage of powerful missiles hit Voltron from behind.
The giant defender of the universe swings around to see the massive Voltes V test droid twirling a large rocket attached to large chains used for ship's anchors.
“O.K. Voltron Force…” Keith announces to his team mates. “It's slicing and dicing time!”
From the mouth of the Voltron Green Lion comes out a beam that turns into Voltron's weapon of choice!
“Form Blazing Sword!”
As Voltron starts to raise the great sword, the Voltes V training droid was able to throw the chained missile and blowing up at Voltron's face; sending the majestic giant robot slamming hard against the rocky ground after delivering the giant sword against the chest of the Voltes V training droid that blew up to kingdom come.
Bragga Boooooom!!!!
Inside the downed Combattler V, Glen moved slowly and painfully, trying to make contact with the rest of the Battle Team.
He looked around and saw the interiors of his ship in shambles.
He felt something painful on his forehead and noticed his arms being pinned down by larger pieces of dislodged machineries.
“Damn it!...” He cursed under his breath, “…We've been trashed!”
Glen continues to haul himself out of the wreckage but only to find his struggling, totally useless as his left arm could not move from the heavy pieces of machineries that buries it.
In his last once of strength, Glen tried to pull his body out by wedging his legs like a lever against the console panels; his left arm were torn off from its socket, it was just a cybernetic arm yet the pain from the frayed rivets made him scream like an animal.
Glen slumped hard on his console, trying to banish the pain caused by his severed arm…then suddenly, his communication panel automatically activates and soon the worrying visage of Professor Yotsuya is seen on the screen.
“Battle Team…Glen, come in!”
Glen crawled painfully to report to their coordinator.
He pushed several reply buttons from the still functioning part of the Combattler Battle Jet's console and gave their current positions.
Meanwhile, Voltron slowly rises; the Godaikin's face is all burned up and shattered from the impact made by the chained missile thrown at them by the defunct Voltes V training droid.
Unlike Glen Hyoma however, Keith is a bit healthier and his instruments were very functional. “Now's the time…” Keith snarled with relish, “…To send that Voltes V twin to the after life!”
Voltron walked through the jungles, his lion feet smashing at the pile of machineries which had been the Voltes V training droid.
Inside her Voltron Lion, Princess Allura had just collected her wits and activated her communication links to the leader Voltron Black Lion.
“Keith…” She warns Keith. “… Be very careful or the enemy may just suddenly bounce back to life!”
Keith considers her words silently and let Voltron clutch the Blazing Sword ever tighter.
Back to the Combattler Team; Glen was able to kick open the Battle Jet's cockpit canopy.
But as he was about to exit his downed conveyance, the looming form of Voltron made him change his mind.
“God damn you Voltron!” he hollers out at the enemy, just before he could squeeze back inside the safety of his cockpit.. “There's got to be a way to defeat this invader…” he muttered to himself.
But as he was about to search frantically for some still functioning panels on his console, his com-link lights up revealing the other members of the Battle Team showing Glen that they're still alright. …all except one: Stephanie Nambara .
Glen suddenly remembers that Stephanie, young and lovely Stephanie has a heart condition.
Frantically, he adjusted his Battle Jets' monitor scanners to that of the Battle Marine's where he could see Stephanie breathing hard and clutching her breasts.
“Stephanie…” Glen called her frantically. “…Be calm Stephanie…be calm…”
In her ship, Stephanie took a lungful of air and starts to breathe calmly.
“I'm trying Glen…I'm…”
She was suddenly in shock when she saw the looming image of Voltron swinging the great Blazing Sword in fury rather in calculation, missing the slumped form of Combattler V in a hairs breath.
Still, the impact made by the Blazing Sword is enough to cause a great shudder that made all of the Battle Team rock violently against their seats and control consoles.
Hopelessness enshrouding him, Glen's mind begins to wonder if he would escape from his Battle Jet and wait for reinforcements or stay inside his machine to the bitter end when suddenly, Professor Yotsuya called once again.
“Glen…” he starts instructing in a more sober way than usual. “…tell the rest of the Battle Team to tear up the left panel portion of their cockpit…yours too as well.”
He took a swig with the bottle he was holding as he talks to the team via com-link.
“The torn panel hides an emergency, electro-magnetic generator I've put there for such an occasion.”
Glen looks out to his cockpit canopy, seeing Voltron continues to wave the deadly Blazing Sword at them.
Then he re-connects the frequencies of his com-link to those of the Battle Team.
“O.K.Team, you heard him…peel off the floor panel of your machines…Hurry!”
Most of the Battle Team members were strong enough to open up the heavy metal flooring of their ships.
Stephanie, even with her condition was able to peel off a portion of her craft's metal flooring half way.
“Good work Battle Team…” Professor Yotsuya continues. “Now push the large, yellow button built-in that generator!”
“I get it…” Kevin buts in. “…That button is an auxiliary energy activation switch!”
“You're loosing time, Battle Team…” Professor Yotsuya cuts Kevin's words. “Switch that damn button so Combattler V can operate and escape possible death!”
Without too much word, the Battle Team did just that and suddenly, every control panel and console inside Combattler V lights up and vigorously generated a powerful blast of electro-magnetic energy.
Inside the standing Voltron, the Voltron Force could see the great Godaikin Combattler V glowing in an almighty solar-like way.
“What in blazes…” Keith could not finished his words as suddenly, Voltron was blown away by the intense explosion of electro-magnetic energy that released a negative polarity blast that repels off most metal and magnets from the surrounding area with a whirlwind might!