Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Pidge and his mission. ( Chapter 64 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Fitted with the most sophisticated scanners and surveillance equipment from Planet Arus, Cheddar the Space mouse joined Pidge in his covert operation to infiltrate Camp Big Falcon.
Seeing the Voltron Force still in sickbay, Pidge readies Cheddar and himself in his pursuit to permeate the home base of Voltes V and the Voltes Team.
“The Green Lion's still in the repair center, Cheddar.” Pidge informs his little helper.
“We need to get pass through those cameras to get to the Voltron Green Lion…”
Cheddar squeaked and gestured at his space mice group which starts to mess around with the cameras.
Quickly, Pidge dashed out of the cameras' range into his waiting Voltron Green Lion.
“The Voltron Force will be glad if I've just learned the weak spot of the enemy!”
Weary yet powerful turbo thrusters begin to whine as Pidge activated the incredible Voltron Green Lion.
From his office, Koran heard the commotion created by engineers tending the Voltron Green Lion.
“Sir…” a chief engineer informs Koran, “Its one of them Voltron Force member…the smaller one.”
“Pidge…” Koran muttered to himself and started running towards the hangar bay. But to no avail; the Voltron Green Lion is already airborne and rocketing towards the blue skies.
“Dispatch some scout ships,” Koran ordered to the engineers as he called off some of the secret base's security forces.
“Voltron Green Lion is still under refurbish, it cannot engage battle with Voltes V or any Volt Machines!”
Inside his control cockpit, Pidge looks at a photo of The Voltron Force.
“This is for you, Voltron Force…” He said with tears in his eyes. “I'll find the enemy base and I'll gonna take some important snap shots at its interior.”
Suddenly, his communication unit started to blink.
“This is Koran, Voltron Green Lion turn around and head back to base!”
“Not now, Coran…” Pidge replied in an irritated tone.
“I have to do this to learn more about the enemy, so the Voltron Force can defeat Voltes V the next time we have an encounter!”
Pidge does not wait for Koran's reply; after talking to his com-link, the young space explorer shuts-off his communication device and focuses in his mission…
“Just wait you yellow monkeys…” Pidge snarled. “You and your stupid martial arts…”
He wipes the tears from his glasses.
“You and your stupid Asian stuff; to hell with all that…Just wait what the Voltron Force will do after I found your weak spot!”
Soon, Pidge came across a peculiar-looking island…Falcon Island where Voltes V's defense fortress, Camp. Big Falcon is located.
Pidge exclaimed to himself and starts to land his Voltron Green Lion, far away from what he believes Big Falcon's tracer scanner's range.
The giant Voltron Green Lion lands on a sandy surface then Pidge shuts off its engines.
He and Cheddar jumps out of the massive machine then started to trek the mile long white sand sea shore.
“I just learned from The Space Academy that to surprise an enemy, you must land your ship miles away from the enemy's spot…” He started at Cheddar who listens attentively. “That way, the enemy will never detect your presence…”
Pidge walked for two hours, looking for any cave or ventilation shaft that leads to the base…suddenly, he's in luck; he found a drainage pipe, large enough to squeeze through.
“Now those pesky yellow apes Voltes Team will never know what hit them…” he told himself.
“They'll be sorry they've messed around with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Little does he know that the drainage pipe only leads to Dr. Armstrong's secret study center and not to Big Falcon…