Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The secret study center ( Chapter 65 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

An old photograph rests in his hands; Little Jon youngest of the Voltes Team sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes.
The photo is that of the missing Dr. Armstrong his father, and that of Steve and Big Bert.
“I never had the chance to see your face…”Little Jon told himself then he starts to slide the photograph into one of the desk.
“But that's all in the past dad…We've found you and talked to you and left you in Boazania to rebuild the ruins made by the war and…”
He looked around and reminded himself that he's inside his father's secret study center.
Numerous reference materials and computer data lined the shelves in regards to Planet Boazania.
Everything about the once evil planet is in here; culture; history; archival records of conquests, emperors, generals, war scientists; the war against Planet Earth and the battles against Voltes V.
Even political reforms and formulations conceived by his father to rebuild and guide the innocent people of that planet.
A sudden jerking caught Little Jon's interest.
He was about to holler back when he noticed it's only his robotic companion Octo One.
“Sorry Little Jon, but I have to clean up the dust around the shelves…”
Little Jon replied by smiling back. “You go do that Octo One…”
Suddenly, Octo One's sensors picked up some strange interference; an interference coming from the half forgotten piles of unused stack of computer discs and other secondary information retrieval units.
“I'm picking up strange signals coming from that pile of discs and other data recovery units, Little Jon…”
Little Jon cautiously rearranged the pile, looking for the source of his robot's pick-ups.
Finally, he took it out; a strange looking plastic card in laced with elaborate integrated circuitry.
“Hmmm…I never have seen anything like this in this base…” Little Jon muttered to himself.
“Can you analyze this for me?”
Octo One attentively took the object from Little Jon and begins to read the intricate i.c. markings on its surface.
“The object is unidentified…”
Then, Octo One starts to open up the top of his head and inserted the unknown tech card.
“This object needs advance scanning of its data contents…”
Just after placing the device inside his cerebral sensors, Octo One suddenly burst with a multitude of information that can dangerously override his memory circuits
Like a red octopus toy doing the “Struts”, Octo One flew round and around, as if no hint of stopping!
Instinctively, Little Jon jumps to flip the octopi robot's top and dislodge the strange tech card then Octo One slumped hard on the floor, whimpering from the sudden gush of information into his circuits
“Octo One…” Little Jon tries to revive his robotic companion.
“Octo One are you alright?”
The octopi robot's dimmed eyes started to glow once again.
`Thanx Little Jon for saving me…and…”
Octo One suddenly straightens to alert.
His sensors seemed to be ticking, scanning.
Puzzled, Little Jon asked, “Octo One, what is it?”
The octopi robot suddenly twirled into the air.
“Intruder, intruder alerts…A member of the Voltron Force has entered the study center's ventilation shaft!”
Quickly, Little Jon activates the small surveillance monitor.
Instantly he saw Pidge, crawling laboriously inside the length of the ventilation shaft!
“Stay hidden, Octo One…”
Little Jon warns his octopi robot.
“We must learn what he is up to!”
Little Jon closed all the lights in his father's secret study center; he even hid the strange plastic card that's been emitting the strange energy field.
Octo One shuts down all his main engines and other electronic sensors and waited for Pidge's arrival.