Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ We're no savages ( Chapter 67 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Pidge hurriedly squeezes himself back into the dark, exhaust shaft on to the bright morning light of the outside.
He runs as fast as his young legs could. He could see Cheddar and his space mice team doing the same; running desperately to catch up with him.
Pidge dared not to look back, thinking that Little Jon, the youngest of the Voltes Team would kill him on the spot.
Soon, hope a washed him cool as he saw his Voltron Green lion waiting patiently among the cliffs.
“Got to get to the Green Lion…” he uttered beneath his breath. “It's my only chance to get outa here.”
But before he could touch the hatch doors of the Voltron Green Lion, another sharp bowie knife flies through the air and strikes the hatch door handles.
Pidge instinctively pulled his hand out of its range and then he looked directly at the bowie knife's source:
“You again!”
Little Jon somersaulted into the air and lands in front of Pidge.
“You run so slowly, Voltron Pilot!” Little Jon sneered at Pidge. “You should run a little faster…”
Immediately, out of sheer survival, Pidge delivered a sudden left kick that was dodged by Little Jon.
He then delivered another desperate kick but all of a sudden, Pidge felt a strange burning sensation on his leg; he slumped down clutching his wounded leg, trying to stop the bleeding.
Little John threw himself into the air then lands at Pidge's chest.
He then raised the bloodied bowie knife into the air and prepares to strike at Pidge's heart.
“I'll pay you back, slice by slice from the death and misery suffered by those soldiers in the Earth International Defense Force!”
Abruptly, a familiar voice rang through the morning air:
“Little Jon, stop!”
The voice had such an authority to Little Jon; it was the voice of his big brother Steve.
Immediately, Little Jon dismounted Pidge and turn to face Steve.
Little Jon received a stunning slap from the Voltes Team Leader.
The slap made Little Jon turn his head and when it turns back there were tears in his eyes as he looks at the other Voltes Team and then finally, at Steve.
“Steve, why?”
Steve tried to stand up straight and noble.
“We are the Voltes Team, we must set an example to all…” He looked at Pidge who is trying to stand and breathing hard. “Yes…even to our enemies.”
Mark looks away, as if he had enough of Steve's goody-two shoes attitude.
“We are defenders, warriors who choose to protect planet Earth and its life forms…It's a dignified and gracious mission and we must not jeopardize it by acting like savages!”
The Voltes Team slowly turns around to face Little Jon; Little Jon who at one moment, started to act like a ferocious animal.
He wiped the tears from his eyes and hugs his big brother tight.
“I…(sniff)…I'm sorry big brother…”
Steve's face mellowed and looks at Little Jon with concern.
“Hush Little Jon…I know the stress of missing father pushed you to do things you normally find repulsing.”
“That's right Little Jon,” Big Bert came in second.
“Dad's maybe far and away, but still we got Voltes V!”
Mark turns around to look at Pidge.
“How about this runt?...What'll we gonna do about him?”
Steve looks at Pidge straight in the eye and considers Mark's inquiry.
“The Earth International Defense will put him in trial along with his cohorts!”
Irritated, Pidge snarled at Steve.
“The only ones whose gonna be on trial is you Voltes gooks!...Just wait and the Voltron Force will be looking for me!”
No sooner did Pidge draw his words when the Voltes Team felt a powerful breeze that made a small sand storm upon the beach.
Looking up, the Voltes team saw four magnificent looking robotic lions…The Voltron Lions and the Voltron Force!
Pidge smiled as the space mice snug up into the waiting Voltron Green Lion.
“The Voltron Force…they're here…now you all gonna get it! Nobody ever messes with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”