Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Concerns for Stephanie ( Chapter 70 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Inside the Nambarra Connection's medical center; Glen Hyoma sat quietly at the recovery bed; the operation for his cybernetic limb was a success. He could only wish the same for Stephanie Nambarra.
Suddenly, the door opens up and some members of the Battle team came in to check their leader.
“We've just survived that grueling battle, Glen…” Bob announces.
“Yeah…” Kevin tries to but in. “But that no-good Voltron chickened out…Escaping using some stupid vector device!”
Glen shook his head and tried to sit up. “…Any news from Stephanie?”
Jason closed his eyes and looked away. “She still in “Emergency…”
He looked back at Glen and continued. “That heart condition of hers bothers the team…”
Both Bob and Kevin could only make a deep sigh.
Suddenly, the door opens up again. The Voltes Team….
“We've heard about what happened on that island…” Steve starts. “…And that battle triggered complications in Stephanie's heart…”
Jamie just kept quiet; somehow, the tension seems to paralyze her.
Glen shook his fist at the window. “If anything happens to Stephanie, I'll crush that Voltron beast…”
“No sweat!” Mark came in second. “Right now, Commander Robinson attended the military summit…Ev'ry powerful nation on this planet will be joining hands to blast that Voltron invader to kingdom come…why…just think of it…Earth Godaikins and extreme military power to flush out that invader…”
Little Jon made a smirk. “I think you're forgetting that Galaxy Alliance thing behind that Voltron…and were talking about planets not just nations…”
“I don't care…” Glen rudely cuts Little Jon. “They can bring in all their hardware and imperialistic allies. Just let anything happen to Steph…”
The sound of opening door silenced Glen's word as a smiling doctor entered the room.
“I have good news, Earth Defenders…That sweet girl pilot will be fine!”
Steve and the Voltes Team could see a trickle of tears in Glen's eyes.
“Is it true…she's gonna be alright?”
“Stephanie's a real fighter!” Kevin exclaims joyfully as he starts to leave the room and go in the emergency ward.
“Yeah…” Bob came in second. “…A real survivor!”
Steve scantly noticed Jamie breathing a sigh of relief.
Steve smiled and exhaled. “Voltron…” Steve said in his thought. “…rest assured the Godaikins of Planet Earth will hunt you down like the animal you are…”