Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Doubts from Princess Romelle ( Chapter 71 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A small “Rendezvous- Class” stellar ship from Planet Pollux serves as flag vessel for Princess Romelle, cousin of Princess Allura.
A spacious cabin functions as her personal room where she can rest as the day comes to an end.
Now, the princess from Planet Pollux studies a video recorded update of Voltron's battle against Voltes V and the other Earth defending Godaikins.
“The only way to end this war against the other Godaikins is to understand each other…” she told herself as she witnessed Voltron's score of defeats against Voltes V.
Suddenly, the hydraulic door opens up; Prince Bandor went inside the room, feeling so frustrated.
“Bandor…” Romelle greeted her brother which was replied by a nod from the child prince.
Bandor looks around and sneered at the video battle records.
“We can't just sit here and watch that stuff…It's as hard as it is…”
“No Bandor…” Romelle hushes. “I think I know how to end this war with Voltes V and the people of this planet…”
The young prince looks at Romelle with disbelief.
“C'mon…Koran and Commander Hawkins could have thought about ending the war in a more peaceful way but they didn't…”
The prince stood up from sitting and turns his back at Princess Romelle.
He was about to leave the room when he stopped half way.
“How can we stop fighting the defenders of this world…?”
Princess Romelle stood up and faces her brother.
“…By venturing into Planet Boazania!”
It took about 30 seconds for her words to be digested and analyzed by the young prince.
“Boazania…are you out of your wits…why, that planet was the seat of an evil conqueror just like Planet Doom…”
Princess Romelle cuts him. “It was the seat of an evil empire…until, Steve Armstrong's father and Voltes V helped liberate the slaves…We will go to Boazania and talk to Dr. Armstrong…perhaps, we can convince him to convince his sons that Voltron and the Voltron Force are not evil doers…”
Prince Bandor thought about it for the moment; he was thinking that the war maybe stopped, but the enmity of the Voltron Force against the Voltes Team will continue, as long as Voltron could not have the chance of receiving victory against Voltes V.
“…And one other thing…” Princess Romelle continued. “I don't trust the looks of this “Imjad”…Like he's no human and the minions surrounding him…”
Princess Romelle paused for a minute.
“I remember the might of the great Voltron when the Voltron Force was still fighting against King Zarcon and Prince Lotor…” She took a deep sigh then continues. “But now…Voltron's status seemed to be reduced to that of a lowly ro-beast, just because they trusted a so-called cometary mage…”
She switches the video monitor.
Now the screen displays the visage of the Imjad and the Gekkas factories erected in Planet Pollux.
“There's something very odd about this Imjad that I can't lay my finger on…His way of persuading and influencing the Voltron Force seemed so uncanny and his war factories reminded me of the ones King Zarkon erected in the wars that Voltron fought out…”
Prince Bandor continued to remain silent.
He glanced at the Imjad's picture being displayed on the monitor…his sister's right; there is a dreadful, annoying feeling just by looking at it…and it seem to make him wonder why Koran, Princess Allura and the others failed to perceive it.
Princess Romelle never waited for Prince Bandor's words; she decided to tell Sven what she has in mind.