Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Cavalry came! ( Chapter 77 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

“Lander drill missiles!”
“Lander Chemical Thrower!”
The raging Volt Lander 5 continues to pounce on the Voltron Yellow Lion with deadly accuracy. Each projectile hit rocks the inside of Hunk's Lion in such intensity.
“That brat's never gonna give up!” He muttered angrily as he tries to focus on his mission of capturing Commander Robinson.
Hunk maneuvered his machine in full throttle; turbo engines whines in protest as the magnificent Voltron Yellow Lion tries to ignore the Volt Lander 5 attacks and concentrate on capturing its prey.
“I'm not gonna let some pretty face girlie ruin this Voltron Mission!” Hunk snarled in a fit of anger realizing his futile efforts. Commander Robinson on the other hand was able to squeeze himself in a rock fissure in the thick haze of pulverized concrete.
Suddenly, the Voltron Yellow Lion turns around and faces the Volt Lander 5.
Rotor Missiles!”
Hunk activates the Voltron Yellow Lion's rotating launcher that dispatches three small missiles at the front leg joints. The missiles were aimed at the Volt Lander 5's underside. Jamie's scanners quickly detected the on coming threat.
She suddenly banked her machine out of harm's way.
“It's that the best you can give?” Jamie coaxed at Hunk in her monitor.
“I'll show you what I can really do!”
“Lander spinners!”
From underneath the Volt Lander 5's cockpit, a stream of giant Shuriken-like hyper sharp spinning blades cuts through the air and hits the great Voltron Yellow Lion in rapid successions!
The Voltron Yellow Lion tries to doge at the lethal projectiles but to no avail; sparks of brightly lit molten armors flew in all direction every time a Lander spinner made contact.
“Impudent girl!” Hunk hollered at his com-link, “I'm gonna show you what is meant to be a pilot of Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
The Voltron Yellow Lion suddenly turns around and a powerful laser beam jets out from its tail. The beam penetrated the concrete body of a nearby abandoned building like hot knife on Jello.
The miscalculation gave Jamie and her Volt Machine a chance to rocket away above the stratosphere, only to return back at the haughty Voltron Yellow Lion in full speed and slam hard with a hurricane force!
Hunk was taken aback by the insanely suicidal speed of the Volt Lander 5.
He was not prepared to counter the attack and soon, Hunk and his Voltron Yellow Lion went spinning then crashing against a vast assembly of Galaxy Alliance Grunts and their war machines; Space tanks, galactic personnel carriers and a whole lot of hardware that came from the war factories of Galaxy Garrison all blew up in hellish intensity.
Jamie from her cockpit could see the huge Voltron Yellow Lion, slumping hard amidst a pavement littered by dead Galaxy Alliance grunts.
She held her thumb up: another victory score for the people of Earth.
But her troubles were far from over; just beyond the clouds, she could see the four majestic Voltron Lions lead by the Black Lion rocketing in comet-like speed.
“Here comes the enemy cavalry…” Jamie told herself as she pulled her Volt Machine away from the area.
“Hunk…”Keith radioed Hunk…”Move your Lion and prepare to re-form Voltron!”
Dizzy but not really out, Hunk resets his Lion controls and joined his team.
“Nice to see you again guys…” Hunk told the Voltron Force. “I failed my mission in capturing Commander Robinson, that Jamie girl's a real brat!”
“Forget about her, Hunk…” Keith snapped at Hunk…”Let's just form Voltron!”
Once again, the ancient Voltron ritual starts:
“Insert Keys…mega thrusters are go!...Let's Form Voltron!”
After Keith's words, the powerful Voltron Lions moved into position: Once again, they start to maneuver a combining sequence from long ago…
(Thadah-da-da,dah-tadah…Thadah-da-da , dah-da-dah…)
“Form feet and legs, form arms and torso…and I'll form the head!”
After some dance and obligatory growls, the mighty Voltron: King of Robots, Defender of the Universe stands proudly in imposing glory.
Jamie realizes that the Volt Lander 5 may not be enough to repel the alien Godaikin. She feverishly hoped for the Voltes Team to arrive to her aid in time.
Her prayers were answered: from out of the blue skies, the heroic bulk of the Volt Crewzer 1, Volt Bomber 2, Volt Panzer 3 and Volt Frigate 4 arrive in incredible speed!
“Jamie…” Steve called her in her com-link, a reassuring voice no doubt. “How's Commander Robinson?”
“He's fine…” Jamie replied back. “He's inside the Summit building ruins…”
“So…” Mark came in second. “Voltron's playing dirty!”
“…And we're gonna give him back his own trash!” Steve answered.
“O.K. Team…V-Formation!”
Now joined by Volt Lander 5, the Volt Machines made the procedure of V-Formation.
“Let's Volt Together!!!!!” Steve signaled by shouting.
And in unison, the Voltes Team punched the ever ready red button at their consoles.
(The Voltes V song Borutesu V no Uta)
Tatoe arashi ga futou tomo
Tatoe oonami areru tomo
Kogida sou tatakai no mui e
Tobikomou tatakai no uzu e
Mitsunmeau hitomi to hitomi
Nukomori wo shinjiau
Gonin no nakama
Borutesu Faibu ni subete wo kakete
Yaru zo chikara no tsukiru made
Chikyuu no yoake wa
Mo u chikai…
“Even as the storm blows
Even as the huge wave's crash
We'll fight against the sea of battle
Dive into the whirlpool of battle
Staring eye to eye
Five friends who believe in warmth/kindness
VOLTES V we bet everything on you,
We'll do it even our strength is used up.
The dawning of the earth is near…”
Volt Crewzer 1 pivots, forming the head of Voltes V.
Volt Bomber 2 stretches, forming the arms and shoulders of Voltes V.
Volt Panzer 3 rotates its giant caterpillar threads, forms the torso of Voltes V.
Volt Frigate 4 retracts two of its missile towers and enters a cavity in Volt Panzer 3, forms the lower torso and legs of Voltes V.
Volt Lander 5 splits in two and pivots its control center, forms the feet of Voltes V.
Powerful Ultra electro-magnetic sparks flicker the machines' armored surface as the great pillar of strength and energy, the valiant Godaikin Voltes V suddenly executes an obligatory punching salute;
Again, the impressive metallic blue samurai stood face to face before the knightly form of the majestic Defender of the Universe!