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Chapter 1
Authors note: all right, with my relative success with Animal Antics, here's Animal Antics 2. I'll try to write it for people who haven't read the first one but if you have read the first one, it will hold some elements of its predecessor. I would recommend reading Animal Antics but it's not necessary. This should be a little more adult but no warnings I think are necessary.
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“There they are!” exclaimed Will as the guardians approached the village. The sight that greeted them was not a pretty one. Almost everything was on fire and blood was splattered across the roads. The attackers we're fighting towards the town centre and many of the villagers had armed themselves with pitchforks and other miscellaneous weapons, however they we're no match for the aggressors.
The girls couldn't work out who was attacking. Never had they seen such a slaughter but as they drew closer the enemy came into focus. Never had they seen such an assortment of half animal, half human beasts attacking in such a way. The ones with flight ability, spotted the guardians and began to attack. They came in close and tried to break there formation. A few well placed fire balls soon sent a few falling, the rest retreated. Down below an assortment of carnivorous humanoids we're rampaging the market and attacking anyone in there way.
“Irma, Haylin. See if you can put out the fires.” Will said as she looked over her shoulder. “Cornelia, Taranee. Get those people to safety.” She added as she flew down.
She spotted a young boy lying in the street alone as around the corner a wolf man approached. She swooped down to him and grabbed him but felt a sharp pain on her shoulder as she held him in her arms. A jaw lay on her shoulder, it teeth bearing down and drawing blood from her. She let out a scream and was surprised as a fire ball came from nearby and impacted with the jaw in her shoulder. Will twitched her head away and was lucky to not have her hair singed but she did see the beast run in agony, with its tail between its legs surprisingly. The last thing Will remembered was the looks of both the boy and Taranee who looked back at her as her head hit the floor with a thud.
Will awoke to find herself back at the Silver Dragons basement with the others, all with concerned looks on there faces, around her. Slowly as her vision became clearer she thought back to the time she was last like this. When she and Cornelia had become part animal, her: a cat and Cornelia: a rabbit. Thankfully though Cornelia was one of the concerned lookers and will placed her hand on the head to check for ears, which there wasn't.
“Easy Will.” Came a concerned Matt to her immediate right, “You've had a rough day.” Will was suddenly aware of the bandages under her shirt along her shoulder and arm, which was in a sling.
“Was everyone allright?” Will asked more concerned for the villagers and her friends than her own wellbeing.
“Everyone was fine. No one was seriously hurt,” replied Irma from the end of the bed, “but are you allright?” Will tried to move her arm and was aware of a sharp pain through her shoulder. She winced slightly much to the concern of everyone around her.
“It should heal up in a couple of days,” said Caleb from next to Cornelia. Ever since the previous incident the two had become very close. They we're seeing each other a lot more, talking and laughing as if they had been friends for life. It was understandable really. After Cornelia's incident as a rabbit, even though it was for an hour, she could remember everything that happened, as could Will. The walking and the talking, the fact she was naked, the purring and meowing, even the breathing we're all something that she had tried to get accustomed to in the first few minutes of her feline life but thankfully the two had been saved by Matt and Caleb. The way Caleb had rescued Cornelia, stroked her, cared for her, and cried for her was ultimately what had saved her from a fate worse than death as was Matt's actions for Will. She seemed too had latched on to Matt a lot more as well. The feline antics had taken a day or two to ware off but Matt had helped all the way. They we're a lot closer now and apart from the occasional joke purr and Wills new found fondness for fish; everything had been put in the past and buried.
A discussion of the battle ensued with enthusiastic descriptions from Haylin and jokes from Irma but all the wile there enemies gathered and discussed.
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“Are you shore?” Came a voice from the darkness.
“Yes my lord. Quite sure! Her sent was undeniable Feline.” Came the reply
“Could it not have been an animal she lived with.”
“No sir. It was definitely her sent. That and another one of the group had a similar sent but was, this time, more rabbit like.”
“Could they be…” Came another voice which trailed off slightly.
“They couldn't be.” Came another
“The prophecy foretold of there arrival.” Came the Master again. “If this information is correct then our suffering is at long last nearing its end. However…” He said in a growl, “If you are wrong about this Dark Fang… I will have your tail.” A whimper was what followed as Dark Fang exited the dark room rather quickly.
“I'll make the preparations Sire.” Came another voice followed by a growl from the centre of the room.
“Make sure there comfortable.” He ordered slower and more menacingly to make his point quite clear. If the room wasn't so dark the occupants would have seen a large fanged grin from the Master.
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Authors notes: Here's the first chapter. Opinions are welcome and I've already made it clear that the enemies are going to have whimsical names. If any of you have any suggestions for plot line or character names please don't hesitate to… Yep you guessed it… Read and review.