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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 2

My self-defense lessons were going well. Omi taught me how to use his cross bow, and darts as well as throwing knives. He gave me two sets and warned me not to lose them. Lantis taught me the basics of using a sword. They both worked with me on martial arts and I learned to incorporate some of my lessons with the others.

I still had a very hard time believing Nonna was no longer with us. I no longer believed in art, either. I couldn't bring myself to even look at my canvas. The closest thing to art I accomplished was a pencil drawing of Nonna. I drew her as I will always remember her, alive, happy, with a twinkle in her eyes. She may have been very proper and stern but she did love us. She did play too. I hid the sketchbook in my old room, just until the day I could kill him.

I felt ready to take on the bastard a few weeks later. I was going to have my revenge. He might have felt scorned, jealous of my work, but he broke us up and I could deal with it. I was doing just that with a piece of art, when the asshole denied me the last chance to see my grandmother. He knew, he friggin knew I would be working like a fiend and he used it to take away one of the people most important to me. He almost got another one as well. I wasn't just scorned, I was enraged, vengeful, and he was my damned target.

It was time! Three months total time working with my brothers and I though I was finally ready. I was so wrong, but you couldn't have told me that.

I figured by some unknown logic to the world, that someone had been watching my grandmother's house and I figured now was the time to draw them out. I took the long path up to my car. We were cleaning and I was ready to go home for the night. 3 am usually is a good time to be in bed. I had only my backpack and my candlesticks, oh and the two sets throwing knives, and darts. That was just what was hiding under my flowing guy's button up shirt. Of course, you could plainly see the sword I had strapped to my waist.

My car sat about five hundred feet from the front yard. Go round the house, and you have so many more to go. The house had woods surrounding it. There were so many places to hide and I was beginning to fear every one of them. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all. Oh, well, I'll live, I think.

Rustling in the bushes some fifty feet away, clopping sounds out near the far end of the driveway. So many noises became apparent at that moment, shit.

"Come out and play, if you dare, if not. GO AWAY." This may not have been one of my better ideas. Well, hell.

Though to be honest, I never really thought he would show up, tonight of all nights. Stupid, very stupid of me. Well part of me was right, he didn't show up, but two men had, instead. One was standing to my left, slightly behind me. The other one was by my car, some 700 feet away. The one on my left was the one I was worried about. My mistake. He reached me first as I turned my attention to the one in the woods. I threw my knife with a precise shot, straight into his heart. Shot through the heart and you're too late, you give love a bad name. (Andy: sorry I love Bon Jovi and couldn't resist.)

Must have been one of the steel ones, not that I really knew the difference at the time. He just grinned at me as he ripped the knife out of his chest. Shit! Unfortunately, the other guy was incredibly fast, and I hadn't figured he would be able to close the distance so damned fast! Like there was no way for a normal person to cover that distance so damned fast. He had me pinned to the house as his partner sauntered up to us. Not good.

The one had my wrists in one hand and above my head as if I were suspended by chains. I might as well have been, he had me on my toes to keep from being held up by only my wrists. He skimmed my body, searching for more knives and other weapons, he found all my weapons and laughed about it.

"So many toys on such a pretty girl, shall we play? She did invite us to." He was practically licking down my cheek. Eeww.

"Naw, the boss wants her unharmed and in one piece. You don't leave your girls in one piece." The other one responded. Eeww, I didn't think I could handle something like what I thought he had plan.

I took the opportunity to sag as if I had fainted and kneed the asshole in the balls. Did you know that still hurts a male vampire? Of course I hadn't realized that when I decided to do it.

"You little bitch!" The one I hadn't kneed lunged after me as I fell and took the opportunity to roll out from them. I groped around for any of my weapons and came up with one of the 200-year-old candlesticks. Did I mention they were silver?

I bashed the one after me on the head, repeatedly. I didn't think to stop until he stopped moving, and moaning in pain. My first whap had been a good one. I was readying for the last blow when something heavy knocked my ribs around.

"Not so tough with out your candlesticks, are ya?" His sneer was positively scary. "Help" I whispered weakly as he flipped me on my stomach and proceeded to bash my head on the concrete. I realized, optimistically, that if I were to survive tonight I was going to be feeling very sore tomorrow. He flipped me back again and started throwing shots to my stomach, ow.

I was about to lose my connection with the world, when I realized he wasn't on me any more. It hurt to move. Swiveling my head proved that to me. I caught a flash of red and steel. Yet this wasn't the red of blood, though there was plenty of that. No, this red was darker then that.

Blood sprayed every where as the new guy's sword sliced through the neck of my last attacker. Shit! He came

toward me in slow steady movements as if he were trying not to spook a wild animal. I was racked with pain as I tried to crawl away.

I felt arms gently slip beneath me and I cried out in extreme pain. "Shush, I won't hurt you." His soothing voice rumbled through his chest. I don't know about you but that is one of the best things in the world, a voice you can listen to through the guy's chest. But it didn't stop me from trying to move, to see his face. After seeing it though, I decided I would have been better off with out that glimpse.

He was incredibly handsome, but that wasn't the issue. His eyes, his best feature competing with his strange hair, was the issue. They were beautiful the way a wild panther is, sleek, but dangerous, as if you moved wrong, you'd become cat food. And you knew there was nothing you could do about it. His eyes, like the panther's, showed no one home, nothing but instinct. It was scary as hell.

They looked as if someone had frozen two dark purply violets and painted the middle black and stuck them where his eyes and the warmth, should have been. Gorgeous as hell, and just as dangerous, and empty. No matter how appealing his voice and body were, it was hard to get past the eyes. Lantis had always been good at hiding what he was feeling and he got that from Momma. This man, taller then my older brother, wasn't hiding, his eyes were just filled with an icy nothingness. Devoid of emotion. I screamed. I seem to have a knack for causing myself more damage, cause I did so struggling in his arms, a futile attempt to escape the void of his almost other worldly eyes.