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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 3

He never dropped me, no matter how loud I got, nor however much I squirmed. He carried my pain riddled, writhing body as if I were no more then a baby. His arms held me close but his eyes held me at a distance as he stared straight ahead to my front door. I thought I had seen a change in those frozen orbs, just there long enough for me to question it but also long enough for me to think maybe, just maybe, he was human after all.

By the time he had traveled the 300ft to my front door, Omi heard my screams and almost collided with the man as he rushed out the door. He tried to yank me out of the stranger's arms but thought better of it as I screamed and sobbed in agony. he jerked back as if stung by a big nasty bug. My voice was beginning to desert me due to my vocalization of pain.

"Follow me," Omi motioned to the man to follow him up the stairs as he sprinted through the front hall.

"Omi, will you and Serena stop it already! You two sound like a herd of elephants, stomping through the house!" Lantis was yelling at Omi and me too I guess. I couldn't bring myself to care when I was spending all my energy tying not to even squeak about my pain.

"Lantis! It's Serena! She hurt really bad, we're bringing her upstairs so move. come on, Lantis, move it. She really looks like shit."

I heard the man with the reddest hair and glacier eyes mutter under his breath, "So she really is Serena, such a foolish child." I wanted to argue and tell him I wasn't a child any more but like I had already said, it was all I could do not to make a sound of pain. but I had to admit his comment hurt almost as much as my physical pain, and I hadn't a clue why.

We passed by Lantis and I found a very chilly look on his face. He seemed to glare at the stranger. "Don't..look.. at him.. like ...that." I wheezed in the man's defense. Of course I never seem to cover my own bases, I just try for every one else's.

"The look isn't only for him, Serena Carter." Lantis's hiding eyes fell upon me. The look and tone of his voice sent a bolt of cold down my spine, making me involuntarily shiver. Ye gods, the pain was excruciating. Thankfully it was the last I was to feel for a little while. I lost contact with reality, and fell into blessed unconsciousness. Good night world.

My eyes decided, without my consent, to try to find the source of light that was driving them nuts. I felt every ache and pain when I surface. I made it seem like a slow process just so Omi wouldn't bother me for a bit longer. I knew Omi was there just as I knew there was light in the room, I could feel it. "Don't move, Sere. I don't want you to hurt yourself even more." I was all for staying put and not even opening my eyes.

"I'm going to get Lantis, ok? Just relax," Omi, the worrier. God, how I loved him. I could hear him moving away from the bed and gliding quietly to the door.