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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 8

The boys and I had dinner at Nonna's, the last night we would all be there. Omi decided to move in with me and Lantis had his place with Hikaru. We had decided that until we could come to terms in our own ways with what had happened that we would close up the house.

We ate in silence. I almost couldn't bring myself to eat. So much had changed and I had been so unprepared for it all. I also contemplated my decision to become a vampire hunter. All the things that I didn't know about, that I would encounter. I was scared, I would have to be incredibly stupid not to be.

"Why, Serena? Why?" Lantis started it and I knew we were about to butt heads on this.

"Because I owe it to Nonna and to myself to destroy Darien. I have to do this, Lantis."

"No, you don't, Serena. What would happen if you died? What do you think we would do?" Lantis spit out.

"Yes, I do. I don't want to die." He cut me off, "Doesn't mean you wont!"

"Dude, Lantis, what do you want from me? There are only 2 guarantees in life, Death and taxes. I can't guarantee anything. But I can promise you this, I will try my best not to. He will die before I do, even if it takes a while." I could feel tears starting to seep from my eyes.

Omi wrapped his arms around me and Lantis followed suit. "I'm sorry, but I have to do this. I'm not ready to die, but I'm willing to, for this I'm willing to." I whispered. We stayed together like that for what seemed like hours before Lantis's phone went off.

I disengaged from Omi as I reached for my phone. I needed some one to talk to, someone I didn't think would question me like my brother did. They may have been dating but Hikaru held her own views on life. Interesting enough, they were usually different then his. I grinned at the thought.

"Hello!" There were days I would want to kill her for that cheerful hello, but not tonight. "Hey. Would you be willing to come over tonight? I need some emotional support and Omi going to hit the sack when we get there, he has to go back to class tomorrow."

"Sure, no problem, let me call Lantis and let him know. Call me when you get home, ok?" I could feel her smile through the phone.

"Don't worry about Lantis, I have him here and will tell him. See you later. And thank you Hikaru, I really appreciate it." I could hear the relief in my voice.

"See ya soon!" Ahe clicked off. I looked up at the clock, 10 o'clock.

"Omi, you ready to head out?" I glanced his way to see him dozing on the floor. Omi had lain himself out flat on his back, his hands folded behind his head and his eyes closed.

I hunted Lantis down, "Oh, btw, Lantis. Himura Kenshin said hi. Hikaru is coming over to my place tonight."

I pivoted on my heel as soon as I released the info. "Hold up a second, Serena. First, when did you talk to Kenshin? And when did you set up Hikaru going there?"

"Um, today for both." I answered.

"Why did he see you today?"

"Well, Mr. Kenshin came late to the meeting to warn me about furry politics. Why?" I wasn't feeling great about this conversation.

"Himura, Mr. Himura, if you want to be correct. He usually is introduced in the Japanese fashion. Last name first. Anyway, I didn't think he would make it. If our pack leader found out he had a meeting with a human, and the executioner, his life outside the challenge ring would be worth nothing. As is the life of the human. Eagle vision is ruthless. I don't know about you, but I don't think we need any thing else to worry about."

Well hell. I didn't really need this.

"Well, I'm going home. Goodnight, Lantis. I'll call when I get there just so you don't worry and I'll make sure Hikaru calls as well, ok?"

I heard him growl, "Ok, fine. Quit patronizing me you little brat and go home." He was smiling a bit when I turned to him and gave him a goodbye hug.

"Omi!" I shouted. I wandered back into the dining room and found him curled up on his side. I nudged his leg with my foot. Any farther up and he would wake up swinging and I really wasn't ready for his strength.

"Come on Omi, let's go home, I'll drive." It took me five minutes to get him moving, and it took him less then two to go back to sleep in the front seat. I could only smile at that. Omi was one of those people that you put them in a car and they aren't driving, they fall asleep. I do it too, so I really couldn't complain.

The roads were slick from the ice on it. Instead of my usual twenty-minute drive I had a half-hour. I turned on my mix CD and got a little Nickelback, Saliva, some Japanese, and Linkin Park before I pulled into a spot several down from the door. That's what I get for coming home at 11pm. Oh well, life goes on. I made sure all my knives were where I left them, on my body, the one at my side has a nasty habit of sliding down into the side of the car as I drove. They were all in place. I figured better to be safe then sorry.

I dug my keys out of my pocket, another bad habit, sticking my keys in my pocket when they aren't being used, even if I only have a few feet to go.

Before I inserted the key into the building lock, I could hear gongs going off. "Omi, how awake are you?"

"How awake do you need me?"

"Awake enough to fight if need be. I still hurt something fierce so I'm really going to need your help"

"Got it." Omi's voice sent a shiver down my spine. I think he's ready if that was the case.

I inserted the key and opened the door as if I wasn't expecting anything. I had till the end of the second floor to be ready. Before I got to the elevator, I stopped Omi. "Which of these are silver?" He picked out the brighter of the of my dart and knife sets. I kept them together based on the color of the metal. Good to know.

I kept one of the darts in my hand as I shoved us toward the stairs back at the front of the building. I sent the elevator up to the second floor. Omi padded up the stairs ahead of me, silent as the grave. I crept up the stairs, being as quiet as my sneakers, and pain, could allow me to be. I kicked open the door at the top and peered down the hall. In front of it were werewolves, gotta love the gong, and something else, I could almost dance to the violin I could hear playing. It was eerie and somewhat dark. Two of the men were in brown and blue, and were all animal grace. The third man, all in black with dark brown hair grinned, pulling his lips back enough to show elongated canines that weren't human. The other two shuffled in front of him, causing my ability to follow them and the gongs to get louder. The man in the back hissed at me and Omi. Great, not entirely human anymore. It occurred to me, I knew those kind of teeth. I saw them when the asshole jumped me last night.

Man, not more vampires, I hurt too much to begin with. "You, bitch, get ready to die, you and your little pet here," Great, threats before the fight, wonderful. Well, if that's the case, "you aren't vampire enough even hurt me." He just hissed again in response.

"No, not yet." the one in blue shouted. If the voice were solid, then I think it would have felt as if a cheese grater were being pulled along my skin, ouch. This was a growly voice and I didn't like it at all.

The one in brown stalked forward, it's the only word to describe how he moved. "Dont worry too much, chicky, we are only here to tell you to stay away from the pack, especially Himura. Do that and you'll have no problems with us. Though if your kitty cat continues to growl, that will be a different story." He flashed his claws as he spoke. Great.

I guess I really didn't have to worry about them. They turned on their heels and headed for the opposite door then the one we used. Worked for me, I guess I knew I would see them again, probably in the near future with the way my luck was going. Damn.

"My turn," The vampire behind me behind the wolves stepped forward. He cracked his knuckles as if he were expecting a fight. Damn.