Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Going home ❯ The call. ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

RING! RING! “Hello?” “Robin!!!” Robin sena looked up from her paperwork that she was doing to look at he chef who was calling her. “The phone is for you” Suddenly as if someone had said “your going to die robin” everyone looked up in astonishment. Robin calmly walked up to the phone and said “Hello?” “Madre Maria? (Mother Mary?) Qualcuno di sbagliato?(Whats wrong?) Come è venuto a trovare il numero?(how did you get this number?) CHE COSA! (WHAT!!) Oh caro.... (Oh dear)... I capire vi si arriva appena posso. (I will arrive there as soon as possible) Grazie. (Thank you).
Robin put down the phone. She face was as white as a sheet, and her eyes were close to tears. Finally after a short period of silence Doujima said “And what may I ask was that all about?” Robin smiled and said Well that was one of the Nuns in Italy. Mother Mary. She said that Father Juliano as taken ill. And that I need to go to Italy to help cure him.” “And what language was that conversation in?” Michael asked “ Italian” Robin stated. Suddenly Amon popped up and said, “You speak Italian?” “Yes, I do”.
Then Zizen walked into the room, and said “Robin and Amon I'd liked to talk to you for a minute.” They both walked in union into his office.
He sat down in his chair and said, “So my dear friend Juliano is ill?”
“Yes im sorry to say” Robin replied. “Well I would be very happy to let you go back to Italy to help him.” Robin's face broke out into a smile and said with much enthusiasm “thank you very much sir!” Zizen smiled then said “Don't mention it, you may go now” Robin turned to leave and went out the door.
“Amon I want you to accompany her” “why?” “Because there may still be witches out to hunt for her. I want you to keep a close eye on her while your their… besides everyone deserves a little break once and a while.”
“thanks you sir” Amon turned and walked out the door.
Hope you enjoyed my first chapter!