Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Going home ❯ Chapter 2

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 2!
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Robin came out smiling like she just won the lottery (okay maybe not that much but she was still pretty happy!) She saw her Co-workers and wiped the smile off her face, she was still not used to them asking questions. She sat down and started filling out some paper work of an earlier case.
When Amon came up to her, he just stood there and watched her work. After a little while, he spoke and said “Robin…. I need you to go home and pack, Zizen got us a flight
To Italy tomorrow, so go now.”
If Robin wasn't happy then, she was certainly happy now. Thought she did not show her emotions, she was quiet good at that. She simply got up and said, “Yes thank you”
She walked out of the office ignoring Doujima's constant questions like “what? Your going were? Can I come?”
When she got home, she went to her room. She pulled out a few clothes, and put them in the suitcase she had pulled out from her bed. She then went to her closet and pulled back all of the clothes that hung there. Way in the back was a gown, not just any gown, a white
Church gown that she had brought to Japan from Italy. She only wore it when she went to church services in Italy, she did not feel right leaving it behind, so she brought with her.
She folded it carefully into her suitcase. Then closed it. She then put it by the door, so went she left, she could grab it and go. It was then 7 o'clock, so she made a quick supper, then took a shower and went to bed early.
~~~~~~~~~~~~The next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Robin woke up at 5 in the morning her flight was not till eight, but Amon would not be picking her up till 7. So she got up, had a shower, and then made herself a cup of coffee.
By 6:45 Amon came to the door. She went out with him, with not so much as a hi or good morning.
Soon they were on the flight it Italy. Robin had to translate all the numbers, and words. Not to mention ordering all his diner, and meals. Finally after a long flight (sorry don't exactly feel like typing all of the details) they arrived in Italy.
Robin was greatly excited to be in her hometown. It was a little way there. And robin took up the advantage of talking to the locals to get updated. Of course Amon had absolutely no Idea what she was saying. For all he knew she could be saying that She hated the man she was with, but he sincerely hoped not.
After a little ways more (and one confusing conversation after another) they arrived in Robin Village.
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