Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ I Cannot Offer You Freedom ❯ Chapter 15 ( Chapter 15 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

*sighs* I wasn't too happy with the way this chapter originally came out; I was working fast cause my mom was threatening to kick me off the computer and I think that, all in all, it was rushed and WAY too long. So I made an executive decision and took it down, deciding instead to split it into two parts and rewrite the final witch hunt for Avi entirely.

So, sorry about this, but I honestly think I could have done better. I've learned my lesson. *bows* GOMEN!


I Cannot Offer You Freedom


The stars came out one by one, and as they did, the teen counted them, at least the precious few that showed through the small window in his room. Sighing softly, Sakaki turned away from the window and for the millionth time that day, looked down at the limp sleeve of his hospital gown, despair floating in the dark depths of his eyes.

At least it's my left arm…

His ever-optimistic spirit somehow managed to find the bright side of the matter, but his anguished mind wouldn't acknowledge it, no matter how much he tried. The drugs that had kept him only halfway lucid had now started to fade away, and as they did so, a dull ache grew in his left shoulder where his left arm had once been.

Grimacing, he twisted his shoulders and tried to get more comfortable on the stark hospital bed. A soft knock sounded on his door and his eyes snapped towards it as it slid quietly open. Shrinking back into his pillows and blankets, Sakaki watched as the slender form closed the door silently behind it and advanced towards his bed.

Pushing himself up with his good arm, the rookie leaned forward and squinted into the gloom, knowing a nurse would not have bothered with all the knocking and such. Who could possibly…?

"Robin?!" he exclaimed in a loud whisper.

Stepping into the square of moonlight that shone in from his window, Robin nodded and leaned against the wall, her entire body shaking visibly. Sitting up fully, Sakaki moved to one side of his bed and patted the now free space, motioning for her to sit down. "What happened?" he asked her.

But she did not hear him, for her eyes were locked upon his side. "Sakaki! Your arm!"

"I know," he answered flatly, turning his head away to look out the window.

"…" Robin was silent for a moment before adding gently, "At least it was only your left arm, and not your gun arm."

Turning back around, Sakaki stared at the young witch hunter and as he did so, he felt a lightening in his soul, a lifting of the heavy weight that had settled there once he had discovered he was short one limb. His optimism had been telling him this same thing for the past few hours, but somehow, hearing it from another person solidified it, made it true.

"I know," he answered her. "I'm lucky I guess. But what happened to you and Miss Karasuma? And what about Doujima?"

Robin proceeded to inform him that she and Karasuma were going to be all right, and could probably go home tomorrow. Doujima, she told him, had already left, her hand being the only thing that was injured, and that only slightly. Sakaki breathed a sigh of relief and ran his remaining set of fingers through his hair.

"You'll be able to leave soon too," Robin added. "As soon as the doctors are sure your arm will heal properly."

Sakaki nodded and thanked her for coming to tell him all these things. "I was worried…" he admitted, trailing off.

But the blonde-haired hunter only smiled a secret sort of smile and got up to leave again, bidding him goodnight. He watched her go, propping herself up with the wall every step of the way. Settling back against his pillows, he closed his eyes and let himself drift off into sleep, thoughts of Doujima skittering across his mind.


The next day, Robin and Karasuma were released from the hospital with instructions to rest a lot and do nothing more strenuous then eat meals and watch TV. Nodding, the two women promised they would stay home for the next few days, but inside, both knew this was virtually impossible.

With Amon out for many months to come, Doujima minus her gun hand, and Sakaki minus one arm, both knew that the STN-J needed all the help it could get right now. Both were still less then halfway back to their usual potential, but neither planned on spending more then one or two days at home. Forget the fact that their bodies had been nearly crushed to death, they knew what they had to do.

Sakaki watched them get into the cab that would take them to their homes and waved, even though he knew they could not see him from his place on the third floor. The pain in his shoulder had faded to a dull throb now, and from what he had overheard, the doctors would be releasing him before the week was out.

And his hunch was correct, for two days later, Haruto Sakaki was released from the hospital, leaving one of his arms behind him. As he walked through the downstairs lobby, he felt the eyes of all in the room focus on him, then slowly drift down to his empty jacket sleeve. Self-consciousness flooded his being and the rookie lowered his head until his chin was almost touching his chest.

It was so humiliating…all he wanted to do was escape, to disappear somewhere and hide forever, where no one could see his shame and the world would never know of his failure.

"I expected as much from a man." Warm hands cupped his cheeks and picked his head up, forcing him to meet a pair of dryly amused blue eyes. "Are you gonna act like this and admit to me that Avi kicked your ass? So he took away your arm, but you still have your pride, don't you?" She paused, and Sakaki saw resolution and determination steal over her face.

"Don't tell me I've fallen for a sissy guy," she said, her cheeks flushing a little.

His own cheeks burning, Sakaki gently pulled her hand away from his mouth and took hold of it firmly in his good one. His head rose now of its own accord and the blonde girl saw Sakaki's old familiar fighting spirit rekindling in his eyes. Grinning from ear to ear, she squeezed his hand and the two walked out of the hospital together, their heads held high.


"Yeah, I've been tracking him for the past week and he really hasn't done much."

"Hasn't done much?! He's killed five more people!" Miho Karasuma slammed her hand down on the desk next to Michael's computer, wincing and yanking it back immediately.

Even though it had been almost a week since the incident with Avi, Robin and Karasuma were still weaker then they would like to be. Sakaki was back at work too, and though they didn't know it, everyone had Doujima to thank. Said girl was sitting next to Sakaki, running her fingers gently over his partly healed stump, whispering something in his ear.

He laughed and turned to witch hunter, whispering a reply in her own ear; she dissolved into giggles also and Karasuma threw them both a tired glance.

But it was Michael who issued the reprimand. "Sakaki! Doujima! Could you guys maybe pay attention for five minutes?!" He gave them a disgusted grunt and glared as they looked up at him, still not moving from each other's sides.

"You know, you two-" their temporary leader began.

"Wait! He's on the move again!" Michael's one hand hovered over the keyboard and his eyes were fixed on the screen.

"He's probably going to kill again!" Karasuma was beginning to crack under all the pressure; one could tell by the note of panic that she let show through in her voice. "We have to stop him!"

"I'll go," Robin said quietly, speaking for the first time.

In unison, the hacker and Karasuma turned to her and exclaimed, "No!"

But the youngest witch hunter merely blinked and stood up; most of the tremors that had wracked her body for the past six days were gone now, and she was able to stand on her own without the aid of the wall or another person.

"Robin, you can't! He's too dangerous and you're still hurt! Besides…he's Miro's brother; all he wants is revenge!" Michael told her in the same tone that Karasuma had used only moments before.

Dumbfounded looks met him from all around.

"We're just going to have to wait a little more for our team to recover-"

"But he's going to take another innocent life. I don't care whose brother he is." Her voice was quiet, and left no room for argument. "I'm going to go after him. Now, would you please give me his location?"

Indecision and urgency fought a war on the young man's face and Robin watched it all with suppressed guilt. I am sorry to do this to you Michael…

Finally, with a snarl, he whipped back around to the computer and gave up the location, all the while mentally abusing himself for being so stupid. Robin nodded and spared him an empathetic glance before striding towards the elevator, her hand checking the pocket of her coat to make sure her glasses were there.

Footsteps followed her and she half-turned around, Michael's face filling her vision. His arm slipped around her waist, and his mouth moved to her ear. "If you need help, call me and I swear I will come to you."

"But Michael! You can't! Zaizen-"

He pulled back and shot her a glare almost as fierce as the one he had given to Sakaki and Doujima. "I don't care what that rat bastard does to me so long as you're safe. Now, promise me."


"Promise me!" the worry in his voice decided her and she gave in to him, if unwillingly.

Her hand strayed to his cheek. "I promise."

Their lips met for the briefest of moments and then she was gone, and to tell the truth, the hacker didn't know if she'd ever be back.