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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Hunger Red Moon By: Tsukiko-san
Pairings: Kiba/Kagome and maybe Tsume/Sango(don't know how to accomplish that)
Author's Note: I have yet again made a new story XD I was bored and I decided to pair Kagome up with Kiba. Also I have to make sure not to tell my Kiba-obsessed friend that I paired “Her” Kiba with Kagome XD.
Well enjoy!
Summery: (WRxIY KibaxKagome) a prophecy is unfolding, and untold secrets are being whispered. When the moon seems to be bleeding red, the ancient divination of the wolves begins. The end of the world is near, but paradise can be found with the help of a new alliance. Can Kagome help the wolves find paradise? Or does paradise even exist?
Chapter 1: Light in the Dark.
The dark velvet of the sky blanketed all of the land into darkness. The stars splashed the night sky as the moon provided light. Tranquility filled the air as four figures travel across the frozen plains towards north.
The harmony was broken as the four heard a rumbling fill their ears.
“Was that thunder?” The youngest of the four asked with a hint of fear.
“No, it was just the pig's gut.” Tsume said turning irritated eyes to Hige.
“Hey it's not my fault that we haven't eaten in 2 days.” Hige defended his stomach while rubbing it.
“You'll live, though I'd wish you didn't.” Tsume muttered to the boy with a dog collar around his neck.
“Well what crawled up your ass and died?” Hige said crossing his arms across his chest.
“At least I don't eat everything I see.” Tsume shot back baring his fangs.
“It's called survival of the fittest.” Hige countered.
“More like survival of the fattest.” Tsume said smirking.
“Guys stop fighting.” Toeboe pleaded.
Kiba stopped and looked towards the sky as he starred at the moon.
“Hey why'd you stop?” Hige asked.
Kiba didn't say anything as he watched the moon bleed red almost dominating the colorless radiance the moon held. Crimson red and the white purity of the moon swirl together making the light of the moon flicker between white and red. It finally stopped as scarlet dominated white enveloping the moon whole.
Kiba watched puzzled as why did this occurred, he turned to his companions to see that not one of them were bewildered at the red moon that floated in the sky.
“So why'd you stop?” Hige asked again.
“Didn't you guys see that?” Kiba said pointing to the moon.
“See what?” Toeboe asked fearing that something is wrong with his friend. They all turned to what Kiba was pointing, but couldn't see anything out of place.
“The moon.” Kiba said still pointing.
“What about it?” Tsume asked annoyed that they stopped for a stupid thing.
“Its re-“ before Kiba could finish his sentence he fell to his knees clutching his head.
He felt every fiber in his body being pulled apart. The pain traveled everywhere in his body making the throbbing unbearable.
He opened his eyes to only see that the moon had turned a shade redder.
`It's affecting me.' The thought reverberate in his head.
His eyes clouded and he fell to the ground with a thump as he fell unconscious.
`*`*`*`*`*`*(Feudal Japan)
The moon shall bleed tonight.
The star-crossed lovers shall meet the challenge that plagues our existence.
Wolf and man cannot be distinguished between one another.
The world will perish for the sins that man has committed.
Paradise shall close at the stroke of midnight once the moon shines.
The blood of pure flower and blood of wolf shall have their eternal peace.
Only if the pure and the wolf can find the entrance to paradise or they will parish together.
The flicker of the flame made Keade's face look more ancient as she rolled up the scroll that she was reading. The hut was silent as the group waited for the old miko to speak. Her eyes landed on Kagome's silent form her eyes filled with wisdom making Kagome fidget a little bit.
“I suspect” she began “That this old prophecy is talking about you, Kagome” She said in a solemn voice.
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