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Hunger Red Moon By: Tsukiko-san
Pairings: Kiba/Kagome and MAYBE Sango/Tsume
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Chapter 2: Prophecy of the moon.
Kagome let the soothing aroma of the green tea calm her fired nerves. The shadows of the flame danced across her skin as she regarded the old miko that sat across from her. The curls of the steam lick at her face as she tried to speak but the words died on her lips. Thoughts and questions swirled in her mind as Keade leaned a little forward waiting for a response.
“What are you playing at, old hag?” Inuyasha said as his dog ears flickered in annoyance. Kagome turned her eyes to him just realizing that her companions were still there.
“I don't understand Keade, what does this prophecy have to do with me?” Kagome asked, ignoring Inuyasha's rudeness. Kagome felt warmth occupy her lap she turned and saw that Shippo's green eyes starred at her. Kagome brushes her fingertips over his tail giving him a smile.
The rickety old boards shifted as Keade straighten her back. “Child, ye are pure, untainted by the evil that lingers and I've noticed the way you have looked at the hunger moon at night. Kagome what do you see?” Keade said in a grave voice. Kagome's eyes widen a bit before they returned to normal. Red luminosity filtered into the tiny hut as she turned to face the frost moon to find it a blood red. She wasn't troubled at the red orb in the sky. She had seen it the night before and the night before that.
She hadn't told her companions because they hadn't noticed. Making her think that she had lost her sanity, she kept tight lipped hoping that it would turn to its regular color.
Apparently it had not.
She faced Keade, finding the old woman seemingly searching her face for an answer.
“It's red.” Kagome said simply as she looked to her empty cup of tea finding the left over tea leaves very interesting.
“What's red?” Sango said as she looked around.
“Could you clarify Kagome-sama.” Miroku said as he got a little bit closer to Sango.
“The moon….it's red.” She said coolly like it was a normal occurrence.
“I think you've finally snapped.” Inuyasha said a little concerned to what his shard detector was saying.
Keade unrolled the scroll, silently reading it her brow wrinkled as she contemplated it.
“If you don't believe me Inuyasha you don't have to!” Kagome said angrily feeling her blood boil.
“Of course I'm not going to believe you, like the moon can turn red.” Inuyasha said pointing at it emphasizing to what he was saying. Kagome lifted Shippo from her lap and gently put him down as she went closer to Inuyasha.
“What you say, won't change the difference that I can see that it's red.” Kagome said in a steely voice turning his back to him and making to go out of the hut.
“Oy! Don't turn your ba-` Inuyasha got out before he made contacted with his ever loving friend, the dirt and they shared a sweet kiss (A/n: Don't know where that came from XD)
Kagome stomped to the well trying to keep her miko powers in check. She felt the Shikon not tama glow a bit like it was trying to comfort her. The only source of light was the glowing red moon that made her vision hazy with red as she walked in the darkness. The small chirps of the crickets filled the air as Kagome walked on the worn path to anywhere she wanted to go. She suddenly haltered in her movements and felt a gasp as she gaze at the clearing.
A small creek filled with petals that swayed in the water as delicate flowers covered the ground. Fireflies twirled and swirled in the night air as she leaned on a thick tree. She let her anger seep away as a serene smile replaced her angst expression face. The cool air delicately swept her air from her face as her eyes fluttered closed from angry tirade.
She felt the wind shift and the crickets stopped chirping as if they anticipated something. She opened her eyes as her blue-gray eyes darken to a navy blue in uneasiness.
“The moon shall bleed tonight
The star-crossed lovers shall meet the challenge that plagues our existence.
Wolf and man cannot be distinguished between one another.
The world will perish for the sins that man has committed.
Paradise shall close at the stroke of midnight once the moon shines.
The blood of pure flower and blood of wolf shall have their eternal peace.
Only if the pure and the wolf can find the entrance to paradise or they will parish together.” A male voice whispered as she felt a shiver travel through her back. Her body racks in pain as she doubled over clutching at her stomach hoping that it would end. The moon turns a darker crimson as a scream tore from her throat as the intense pain made itself known in her head. She felt like her soul was on fire as her vision blurred. The damn prophecy kept repeating as the throbbing grew more intense as she cried out again. The echoing voice fades as she still clutched at her stomach. Kagome's breath comes out in pants as the pulsing in her head became duller almost coming to a stop.
She opens her eyes, as she looked about the clearing. She let her racing heart calm down as the wind cooled her down.
`What just happened?' Kagome thought as she tried to come up with a reasonable answer.
She couldn't think of one.
She sighed and ran her fingers in her raven locks mulling over on what to do.
`Might as well go back to keade's.' She mused as she turned on her heel heading towards to the worn trail that lead to the village. She yelped as she fell faced first in the dirt as she tripped on something. She spit out the dirt that had gotten into her mouth and turned her head to look at what she tripped on. She squinted her eyes as a she tried to see the silhouette of a dark figure. She braced herself on her arms and groped her way, and felt something soft under hand. She starred harder and finally made out the features of the shape. Her eyes traveled to blue jean-clad legs, as they traveled to their on accord upwards she saw where her hand had landed.
The soft thing was in between his legs where all men kept their `Family jewel'. She `eeped' and hastily took away her hand from his person. Kagome's face turned beet red from embarrassment. Her eyes continued deciphering every details of his body, until they landed on his porcelain colored skin and her eyes clashed with beautiful blue eyes.
Her body tensed and looked at his open eyes, which could only mean………
He was awake.
Oh how cruel the gods were to her.
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