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Hunger Red Moon By: Tsukiko-san
Pairing: Kiba/Kagome and Tsume/Sango
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Chapter 3: Prophecy Lovers
“The moon shall bleed tonight
The star-crossed lovers shall meet the challenge that plagues our existence.
Wolf and man cannot be distinguished between one another.
The world will perish for the sins that man has committed.
Paradise shall close at the stroke of midnight once the moon shines.
The blood of pure flower and blood of wolf shall have their eternal peace.
Only if the pure and the wolf can find the entrance to paradise or they will parish together” A soft melodious voice whispered these words as the waxing moon hung overhead. Kiba groaned as he felt his head pulse with every move he made. His vision blurred as his blue orbs scan the area he was in. He watched his companion's chest's rise and fall in their slumber. Kiba shook is head to dispel the wave of exhaustion as he closed his eyes, hoping to dull the headache.
“So this is the wolf….. A voice whispered as Kiba tensed.
“The wolf in the prophecy…… A different voice whispered with malice dripping in each word.
“Who's there?” Kiba said gruffly as he bared his teeth to the unknown voice or voices.
“We are the souls of the jewel…… Four different voices blended into one as Kiba's companions woke up from their sleep.
“What jewel?” Kiba asked as he leaned heavily on a nearby tree.
“Oh shit he's talking to himself again.” Hige said tiredly as he looked towards Kiba. “First the moon, now a damn jewel what next?” Tsume mumbled angrily as he stretched his body from his stiff sleeping position. Kiba felt his headache become worst as he looked to see his Tsume and Hige glow eerily in the blurred darkness.
“The miko……. The unknown voice said as a mist covered Kiba's vision from his pack.
“Go to the miko……. A growl ripped from Kiba's throat as the excruciating pain came back full force. The hazy red light of the moon covered Kiba's fallen form as he struggled to keep from falling unconscious.
“Follow the prophecy and don't break her heart……. He felt like he was drowning, drowning in a pit of shallow shadows. The scent of luner flower clouded his sense of smell as he felt something warm press as his lower regions. He groaned as he opened his eyes to see a cascade of raven black hair make a curtain around him.
“Are you okay?” A woman's voice whispered as his eyes finally cleared to look into concerned blue eyes. The girl had gentle sloping cheekbones and pale moonlight skin that glowed. Her small pink lips were turned into a smile, all in all she was the loveliest human woman he had seen.
`She is a human, she looks human but as the beauty of a goddess and a smell of luner flower.' Kiba blushed a bit at his thought, but he growled when the human wench went to touch him.
“Don't touch me.” Hoping to drive her away he lifted his lips in a snarl. He preened in satisfaction as she whimpered a bit but she still didn't flee.
“You don't look like a demon….or even feel like a demon.” She said softly as she tried not to flinch when he growled again.
“What do you mean?” He didn't mean for it to come harshly but he squashed the feel of guilt when she cringed away a little bit.
“I mean that you kinda act like a demon….” Kagome felt her cheeks flush when he sent a questioning stare towards her when she didn't even know what she was talking about.
“Demons?” he asked.
`Great I think this human lost her mind.' Kiba thought as he sniffed the air to only not smell the air of pollution or even hear the usual buzzing of machines.
“Where am I?” He turned suspicious eyes towards the girl forgetting his curiosity about the demons. Kagome shifted a bit under his intense gaze and turned to the nearby bush that shook. Her eyes widen as she groped for her bows and arrows only to see that she didn't have them.
“Kiba? Guys this is not funny!” A little boy called out as he tripped and fell right into Kagome's lap. His brown eyes turned to Kagome only to stutter an apology as a small blush covered his face spreading down to his neck.
“I didn't mean-I mean, S-sorry.” The boy said forgetting that he was still in her lap. She giggled only to be interrupted by a low growl.
“Get away from her, you filthy wolves!” Inuyasha burst into the clearing with the transformed tetsuiga as Toeboe quaked in fear.
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