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Hunger Red Moon By: Tsukiko-san
Pairing(s): Kiba/Kagome and Tsume/Sango
Disclaimer: I don't Inuyasha or Wolf's Rain, though I wouldn't mind owning Kiba though ; - )
Author's Note: I haven't updated in so long! Well enjoy this chapter! Trying out a new style of writing hope you like it!

Summery: (WRxIY KibaxKagome) a prophecy is unfolding, and untold secrets are being whispered. When the moon seems to be bleeding red, the ancient divination of the wolves begins. The end of the world is near, but paradise can be found with the help of a new alliance. Can Kagome help the wolves find paradise? Or does paradise even exist?

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And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?~ W.B. Yeats
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--------Chapter 4: Primal Instincts--------

Semitransparent orbs glittered through the twilight that masked the forest in its shadows. Ancient cunning of the predator filled the hungry searching eyes that observed Inuyasha. The wolf had a strong, handsome face with sharp fangs as his nose curled into the beginnings of a snarl showing his pink gums. The silver fur around his neck quivered as a growl erupted from his throat reverberating through the silent night.
A wolf has a powerful instinct for danger, but it is a highly inquisitive animal too, and Kiba's interest was suddenly awaken as he looked towards the strange boy with dog ears perched atop his head moving at any noise that was created. His wolf's instincts were fully engaged as his ears cocked forward and his muscles tensed waiting to lunge at Inuyasha. Kiba turned his golden eyes towards Kagome as she tried to scurry away with Toeboe still in her grip.

"You really are a wolf." Kagome said meekly as she witnesses his transformation from a human to a wolf. The thickness of the darkness made his pupils open wider to draw in any light he could get making his golden eyes shone brilliantly. The Febrile luminously of his eyes seem so thoroughly human that she couldn't help but be captivated by his eyes.

Those eyes scare her...
But at the same time it also startles her to her senses, it enlivens her.
For some reason she takes pleasure in the terror....

"Get away from him, Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted as a ring of crimson coiled around his irises making him more intimidating. The red had started seeping out, hazing his vision with crimson as he tried to control his demon blood. The blood that turned him into a monster every time and anything was easy prey in his eyes even Kagome. Every instinct in his body screamed to get his Kagome away from danger, away from the wolf. The wispy color of silver caught his eye as he kept a tight grip on his tetsusaiga.  The long translucent snake like animals came into view making him freeze. Kikyo was here….

Kikyo with her bow and the deadly tip of her arrow pointing straight towards

A decaying body that houses souls that are not her own
Yet in his eyes she is still the woman he loves though she is the mere shell of her former life
a choice between the living and the dead
Yet he cannot decide

Lifeless brown orbs starred at him making his blood run cold.
Her eyes use to be a loving brown but now a cold malice replaces her beautiful brown eyes. The sharp twang of the bow string filled his ears as everything went slow motion.

This is what love does: it makes us blind to the obviousand makes the clarity of common sense lost to feelings that may not be real.

Kagome's face contorted in fright, a face that made his heartache. She
turned her body making a shield around Toeboe as she trembled in fear. Inuyasha wanted to move, to save her...but the deadly glare Kikyo sent him pinned him to the floor as he watched helplessly, the deadly arrow making its way to Kagome

A person dying by the hands of death...........literally

The atmosphere had turned into a brooding suspense before it was shattered
by a powerful howl that rose and climbed until it hovered in the night sky seemingly breaking the infinite heavens. Kiba fell to the forest floor with a thud as the arrow embedded itself in his side. His fierce golden orbs had become wary and attentive as they flickered like little lights in the darkness before they dulled in color. His silver white fur was coated in blood, staining it. Gold suddenly became a sky blue as Kiba transformed back into his human façade trying to stay awake from the creeping darkness that impaired his vision.
The blood of the predator spilled onto the earth
clearly marking it in blood which will never wash away.

"Kiba!" Toeboe screamed struggling against Kagome's embrace. Kagome sent
Inuyasha a deadly glare before she let Toeboe free as she too rushed to Kiba's aid. "Kiba wake up!" Toeboe pleaded as he shook Kiba. The bleeding had increased tinting the forest floor a red color hue. Kagome placed a comforting hand on Toeboe's shoulder trying to calm down the distressed child. She ripped a small piece of her shirt to clog the heavily bleeding inflicted by the dead priestess; the purification of the arrow made the wound a burning pain that made Kiba growl when Kagome pressed the small cloth to his wound. “Help him!” Toeboe kept repeating as he watched the older wolf's face contort in pain
“Inuyasha I need you help, you need to carry him to the village to treat the wound more properly.” Kagome said seriously applying more pressure to the wound until Kiba struggled to get away. Snapping out of his trance because of Kagome's soft voice he processed what she just said only for the anger that was finally ebbing away to only come back full force.
“Hell no, I'm not going to carry that damn wolf. Let that sissy walk.” Inuyasha cried angrily his voice lining with hate. Kagome tensed as she tried to clam her anger. Kagome replaced her hand with Toeboe's as she slowly stood up walking slowly to the hanyou who didn't notice her fiery blue eyes.
“If it weren't for Kiba, I would be dead just because you didn't even try to save me.” She said calmly emphasizing her words to show the hanyou his deadly mistake. Inuyasha's furry ears drooped in defeat as his golden eyes darken a shade in guilt as he tried to speak to the young miko but his words died on his lips.
(Scene Change)
Conscious of your doom, ennobled by it
“They are just play things, nothing more. And quiet entertaining to watch ne?” A sinister voice said as his pale lips turned into a cruel smile. Her dull eyes turned towards her `father' as she held the mirror in place in front of his face to see the foggy images that scurried across the mirror. “Yes, Naraku.” Kanna said quietly her voice was as tedious as her brown eyes. The heavy chamber door was heaved opened as light streamed through into the small room that held Naraku and Kanna. The rustling of clothes caught his attention as he waved Kanna away letting the white child get out of hearing distance. Naraku's red eyes were a dark rusty red as he licked his lips standing up from his sitting position.
A dark fantasy to dream in the early mornings
“I see that you didn't do your job `Kikyo'. You were supposed to kill the young girl.” Naraku whispered icily grasping her pale chin in a tight grip. The copy of the dead miko dissipated into its original form, a mass of demon flesh that pulsed in beat with Naraku's breathing. The mass of flesh wrapped around his leg traveling all around his body grasping anything it could until it evaporated entirely into his being. Naraku gave a small grin to himself showing a white fang as he let the corrupted jewel shards press into the palm of his hand enough to draw blood.
Innocence and evil is clearly marked in blood,
a mark that will never fade yet evil will always triumph
“I guess it is a good thing `Kikyo' killed the wolf, and then the prophecy won't come true would it?” His sultry voice ricocheted off the stone walls of the dank chamber walls. The corrupted jewel throbbed in his hand as the four souls trapped in the jewel cried out because of taint that overshadowed the innocence of the jewel.
(Scene Change)
“Keade do you really think that the prophecy will come true?” Sango asked as she looked deep into the roaring fire. The elder miko let out a sigh as she made tea letting the soothing aroma of green tea fill her hut. “Sango, it is much a mystery to me for you. I am not certain if it will come true or not but I do feel an unknown feeling in the air.” Keade said solemnly as she looked towards Miroku in the far corner which is a surprise that the leach of a monk would not try to grope Sango. Miroku had a serious expression marring his features as he tried to process what Keade said.
“What troubles, ye Miroku?” Keade asked as the monk looked towards the elderly miko putting on a strained smile to cover up his troubled musing. “Nothing Lady Keade I think, Kagome and Inuyasha are back.” Miroku said as if on cue Kagome came in only with a pale child in her arms. “Who's that?” Sango asked coming over to Sango only to be pushed aside by Kagome as Inuyasha trailed inside with a bleeding Kiba resting on his shoulder.
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