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She walked through the woods to Kouga's den. It was sunny out. The cloudless blue sky glowing. She heard the waterfall as she drew closer. Ginta and Hakkaku (I think that's his name) were patrolling around the forest. Not knowing who's auras she was sensing she concealed herself. Kagome crouched low in the forest brush and put a few branches over her. It was a trick she learned when she ended up running into a weasle demon.


*flash back*

Kagome trudged though the woods, hate fresh in her mind. It was getting late and she could feel the rain falling. There was a cliff off to the right. Thinking there could be a cave she ran toward it before the rain started to get heavy. A cave was in the side. Cautiously she walked in putting her hand on the wall to find her way deeper.

"Jeeze, this is just a bad day." She growled.

"And it just got worse, human."A voiced hissed.

Kagome turned slowly to a pair of glowing green eyes and gleaming teeth.

"For you maybe." She shot back.

The weasle smirck and lunged foreward. Kagome jumped out of the way. Doing a cartwheel she ended up behind the weasle demon. The demon turned to face her.

"I needed something to take my frustration out on."

The weasle took a step back as her miko energy began to swirl around her. Her power cracked and shot out a the weasle. Another weasle came from behind her. She looked back a little to late. Its gigantic paw struck and pushed her out of the cave. Her eyes darted around quickly. She had to hide. Kagome darted into the woods. She dove into the foliage. Leaves and sticks flew up and covered her form. Working quickly she concealed her scent. The weasles moved on after twently minutes thinking the human took off. She waited a little longer making sure the left before lifting the concealing spell.

"Thats a good trick to remember." She sighed.

*end flash back*


She could hear rapid footfalls going quickly to the cave. 'Hope that it is Kouga' She thought as she stood and rushed to the cave. Kouga had his back to her and a boar draped over his shoulder. The other wolves all looked at her questioningly. Kouga looked over his shoulder and dropped the boar. He ran up to her and grasped her hand.

"Have you finally left InuTrasha?" Hope ringing in his voice.

She tugged her hand out of his.

"Other way around. And no, I'm not here to become you mate." She spoke slowly to make it sound like regret.

"But then how come you came here."

"I have two tasks before I go home. The first is to complete the jewel, the second say a final good bye."

Kouga glanced down at his legs.

"I don't know what to do. Treat you like an enemy and fight for my right to the shards, or treat you like a friend and hand them over? What do I do Kagome?"

"If you feel it right, then I will fight you."

Kouga seemed a little shocked but agreed and they left the den to go to a clearing where the battle would ensue. Kagome stood calmly. Kouga took up a fighting stance that was special for speed. "This fight will be over quickly.'

"Kouga, I will say goodbye now, since one of us will not live through this fight."

Kouga nodded, the sadness he had showing in his eyes. He came a Kagome with blinding speed. He pulled his fist back and just as he swung Kagome duck and grabbed his armor. Pink light flourished around her hands. Slowly he lit up in the purifying pink. He pulled away and clutched his new burns. She took her calm poster again. He half expected her to come and tend to the wounds but he knew she wanted to win.

"Before you kill me will you tell me why?"

"Why what?" She eyed him carefully.

"Why you are like this?"

She looked away to the side.

"He, he did it. After my task is done I will go back to the way I was in my own time. But not here, I will never have that weakness here again. Love is a fleeting feeling now. True emotions will be like a numbess that you want to go away. I'll put up my facade and not let them see the real me that lurks behind that shield."

This time she charged at him. Her hands glowing again. She lashed out at him and he dodged. They delt a few blows to eachother, Kagome being bloddy and Kouga being burned. Kagome grabbed the sword at Kouga's side. Lacing her miko powers into the sword she swung at him. The blade ran deep into his stomach. He fell to the ground, his blood pooling around him. He looked up at her.

"I'm sorry it had to end this way Kagome." His whisper was barely audible.

"No, I'm sorry Kouga. The wolf demon who cared for a human miko."

She dug the shards out of his legs and fused them with the rest of the jewel. She held the complete shikon no tama in her hands. Now there was no reason to return. Unbeknownst to her a shadow lurked in the forest, blood red eyes watching her every movement.

"Young miko, I will force you into the darkness forever. The legend of the three bloods will come to pass and I will make sure of it."

His whisper was swept away on the wind.


Kagome had been gone for nearly a week. InuYasha cringed. All that hatered, pain, regret, in her eyes. It was his fault. Yes he knew that he would choose Kykio out of the two as well. It didn't stop him for feeling guiltly. Kykio was sitting next to him cooking some kind of stew. Time seemed to take forever to pass. With out a purpose, no task to complete. This life would take some getting used to. The familiar smell of Kagome hit his nose. He stood and walked out of the hut. Kagome's back was to him and she was taking to Miroku and Sango with Shippou wrapped around her leg. She turned around sharply, glaring at him. He took tentave steps foreward. He power flared around her the closer he came.

"Kagome I'm"

"Sorry!" She cut him off. "If you want my forgiveness, it ain't gonna happen. I only came back to say goodbye to my friends and never return to this foresaken era."

She turned away and left the village. He tasks completed she made her way to the well. She stood at the edge peering in to the bottom. Making a mental note to seal sometime soon. She leaped in. A wolf stood at the edge now. He was waiting. His black fur rustled in the wind. With a quick glance behind him he to disappeared in to the well.


Kagome was greeted by her family as she walked in, a fake smile plastered on her face.

"Kagome I didn't expect to see you back so soon." He mother said form the kitchen.

"Yeah. I'm home for good this time." She laughed.

She trotted up the stairs saying hi to gii-chan and souta on the way. She went into the bathroom and drew some water. Slipping in she sighed.

"I can start over, going back to the way I was before the fuedal era."

She bathed and by the time she came out it was dark. She wrote in her diary for the last time. The ending sentance was the end of her 'fuedal fairy tale'. She slipped under the covers and was drawn into the nightmares of InuYasha and Kykio. The red eyed wold sat on the ground below her window.

"Soon my miko, soon. And now it begins."

The wolf slunk away dissappearing into the shadows like a phantom. Kagome woke screaming. Covered in a fresh layer of cold sweat she hugged herself close. She backed in a corner. Her mother ran into the room.

"Kagome what's wrong." Her mother asked holding her tightly.

"Eyes! Like blood! He came back!" She cried shrilly still partly lost in the dream.

After some comforting from her mother Kagome was finally able to fall back into sleep. Dreamless. The bliss of sleep. So close to the bliss of ignorance. The morning rose and the sun shown brightly in her room. Already she hated today. Every thing just seemed to perfect. It was against her mood. She looked on her desk and realized that Kouga's sword was there. She didn't remember bringing it back. Kagome shrugged it off. Picking up the sword she stuck it under her bed. She streatched and worked the kinks out of her back. Today she would sign up a the local dojo and take every lesson she could.


After only a week at the dojo Kagome was able to take the advanced classes. She had already had training with various weapons because of the other era. The swords, bow, staff, whip, throwing stars, and knife classes were already graduated. Not to mention she needed only one more stealth class to graduate from till she could take the pro courses. A man with dark brown hair was also one of the advanced students. He had joined the same time as Kagome did and was just as good as she was. Their test to pass the advanced classes was today. Kagome was first. They had to defeat the advanced course master. Kagome bowed and took her stance. There were no weapons permitted so every thing was physical.

The master attacked first doing a straight on attack. Kagome gracefully did flips away. The rule was three hits. The match lasted about ten minutes with Kagome victorious but only because she left herself open. The dark brown haired man was next. Kagome watched him carefully. As a final exam for the dojo the three masters were known to pit the students against eachother in a match to three bloods. Meaning that the first to draw blood three times was the winner and could then challenge the master for the lead of the dojo.

Kaleo. His name suddenly came back to her. He jumped avoiding the hit. He was the very esance of grace. 'Almost like Sesshoumaru' Kagome thought.Kaleo charged his opponent. He fienged to go right and jumped up. Landing behind the other man he took his legs out from under him. With a swift punch to the stomach he was declared the winner. Kaleo didn't even get one hit landed on him. Kagome, to say the least, was impressed. Kagome left the dojo, satisfied with the training she had she didn't want to go back. She thought it time to learn stratagies instead of just learning to react to an opponent.


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