Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ I found bliss ❯ Goodbye my past and future ( Chapter 5 )

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Sesshoumaru drew his sword slowly.

"You were human not to long ago, tell me what happened before you die." He commanded.

"Like you would under...wait you know the legends right?"

Kagome lowered her fighting stance. Sesshoumaru simply nodded without lowering his sword. She contemplated weather or not she should tell him. Deciding to do it she spoke up.

"Keade told me of a blood legend that involved a priestess who ended the world."

Sesshoumaru went quick into thought.

"Yes, the legend is recorded. In fact it is in my castle."

She was about to jump around happily until she saw his look. He had no intention of letting her read the book, unless she beat him. Kagome sighed and took her stance again. She came at Sesshoumaru first. He didn't move. As she drew nearer he swung his sword out. Kagome jumped over it. Sesshomaru jumped back then ran forward at her with blinding speed. He nicked her stomach. Kagome grabbed a stick about the length of her body. Lacing her miko powers into the weapon she came back at him. He blocked her attack. Applying more force he threw her back in to a tree.

She hit hard knocking the air from her. With her martial arts training, she was able to regain her breath quickly. Suddenly he was above her. He drove his sword down barely missing her as she rolled away. Before she was out of complete distance, she hit him in the leg with her make-shift weapon. He hissed at the minor annoyance of the burn and scorched clothing.

"I am done toying with you " He growled.

A plan popped in to her head. He swung at her. She blocked with her weapon. Time to put her plan into action. She ran her miko powers though the stick and into Tokijin. The sword started giving off a eerie humming sound. Sesshoumaru pulled his sword away. Kagome kick up dirt into his face then bolted. She knew she couldn't get away but she needed a little time to think of another plan. The other one would have work had he not pulled away. It would have worked on InuYasha, he was to stubborn to pull away. Sesshoumaru, on the other hand, was wise. He had enough experience to know when to pull back and attack.

She looked forward again and the said demon lord was standing there in front of her. She slid to a halt. 'crap crap crap. what am I going to do?' She readied herself. Rin's cry burst through the woods again. Instantly Kagome was off in the direction. Sesshoumaru watched her for a moment before following. The weasel demon was back along with a few others. Kagome burst though the brush. The weasels looked up. Without second thought she purified them. Smoldering piles of ashes were all that was left. Kagome looked Rin over quickly. She had a few scratches, probably from falling.

Kagome gave a sigh of relief. It was short lived though when the demon lord came though the bushes where she had just come in. She was breathing heavily from all the running she just did. Kagome slowly backed away from the girl. Sesshomaru raised an amused eyebrow at her.

"Tell me, why are you interested in the three bloods legend?"

"Just curiosity is all."

It wasn't a lie, it just wasn't the whole truth.

"Why did you back away from the human girl?"

"She travels with you right? Though you are not fond of the toad, every one knows you are like her dad."

Sesshoumaru raised his eyebrow again.

"Correct me if I am wrong, Lord Sesshoumaru."

"It was not my choice to save her nor for her to follow me. The sword wanted to be used, and the human just followed. Nothing I could do."

"You could have killed her. Admit it, you have a thing for the kid."

Sesshoumaru sheathed his sword.

"Follow, the legend is at my castle."

Kagome nodded and preceded hand in hand with Rin with a smirk plastered on her face.


The young girl was very cheerful, especially since she got a new friend. The walk was surprisingly short. Kagome never expected she was so close to the his castle all this time. In fact she had traveled the same path many times. The castle was expansive, especially for this time. Kagome looked at it in awe. Guards were posted at the entrance. Both glanced at Kagome and growled. Sesshoumaru stopped at the guard that seemed to have high authority by the armor he wore. He was a black dog demon. Sesshoumaru finished his words and the dog demon nodded then left.

"Rin go play."

The child nodded and took off around the corner of the castle. Kagome stayed at Sesshoumaru's heels. Walking though a few halls he stopped at two large doors. He pushed one open and entered. Bookshelves covered the walls. A larged desk was sitting in front of a window with scrolls packed on top of it. Curtains that looked to be made of red silk were draped loosely of the window. There were a few seats situated around a table. Sesshoumaru walked over to a book case. Glancing over them a moment he pulled one out. The cover was a little wore but not torn. He set it gently on the table and started flipping though the pages. Kagome sat across from him watching the pages flip.

Sesshoumaru stopped and turned the book around so Kagome could read it.

"This is the legend. And the prophicie since it is supposed to happed every 5000 years if you belive it." He said calmly.

"If you don't mind, I would like to study this further." She said, still reading.

"Fine, I shall send a servant in to attend to your needs. If you do happen to stay over night, I want you gone by noon. No exceptions."

Kagome nodded and continued reading. The book was detailed about what happened. Supposedly the last one was a human miko as well. She worked at the local temple. The world was going to ruin. Temperatures were dropping, people were dieing, and almost every animal type of animal was extinct. Coming into a field of flowers, untoughed by mankind she met a wolf. Thinking it was a dog she spent most of her days with the animal. Another wolf with blood red eyes happened upon her. With a single bite the creature sealed the girls fate. She became the creature of forbidden blood. A human,wolf, miko, and demon. Three bloods combined into a human. Foresaken by the world around her she traveled.

Her travels were less detailed then her life, only stating her route. Some how, with a flower and fellow wolves, the girl had ended the world, but the world was also reborn by the action, and was able to start anew. The last page in the chapter only said that "If thine world shall start to crumble paradise will be made. The gates shall be locked to all but to those who can find and open it. The forbidden child will endure much pain. Losing the past and the future but it will save all and renew the world. Though there may be more then one of forbidden blood, there can only be one with such power to open the gates to a paradise."A servant came into the room.

"Milady, dinner is ready."

Kagome nodded and followed the servant down the halls to the dining room. Sesshoumaru and Rin were eating quietly. Kagome sat a few seats away from Sesshoumaru. Her mind was reeling over the facts. She was a forbidden child that by fate was to be rejected by those around her. The only ones that could hope to look past that difference were wolves. Wolves that in her time were extinct. She ate the food that was set out for her.

"Miss Kagome?" Rin asked cautiously.

"Yes Rin?"

"Are you okay?"

Kagome nodded and smiled at her. She still wondered how Rin could stay so happy and cheerful while living with Sesshoumaru. Stealing the demon lords eyes for a moment, she smiled at him. Only to recieve a raised eyebrow in return. She went back to eating her food. After the meal she was excorted to the baths. After her bath she was taken to a room. It was a large room. Tapastries covered the walls. They were of battles. A vanity was pushed against the wall opposite her closet and next to the door to her private bathroom. The bed was next to the closet. A large glass door opened out to a balcony. She walked to the balcony. It overlooked the garden. The sevant opened the closet and set out a black sleeping yukuta then left. Kagome slipped on the yukuta and under the silk covers of the bed. She slipped off to sleep.


Syn traveled quickly across the land in his wolf form. He was following the scent of Kagome. He stopped in the woods before the castle. Guards were patrolling the wall. He waited some time before memerizing the pattern the gaurds walked in. He slipped over the wall. More guards were inside. Standing in the shadows he examined the palace. There were three floors. About every other window there was a balcony and a door. He ran up the side of the castle. A crow demon saw the wolf scaling the side. He called to the rest of the guards. The wolf made it to a door just in time. Arrows and guards were coming at him. He growled and took off down the hall. Still keeping his senses open for Kagome. He covered his scent. He caught a whif of her. He went into her room and slid a sword in the handles of the door so it could not be opened as quickly. Syn went to her bedside and took his human form.

He smiled evily and stroked her face. Her eyes fluttered open. Kagome pushed herself away from him.

"Kagome," He purred, "why are you pulling away from me? I am just like you. A forbidden child."

"Your evil, I can see the malice you hold." She smacked his hand away.

He hissed and grabbed her hair.

"Listen you little , I'm the only one that could possibly care for a creature like you!"

The guards started beating on Kagome's door.

"I told you not to come back to this era, you did. Don't worry though, the blood has already been paid."

The doors gave and twenty guards poured in. Syn leapted out the door and took his wolf form again. Most of the guards followed out the door but some went back to their oringinal postitions. Sesshoumaru came in. He walked to the door and looked out. His guards were chasing the wolf through the courtyard and out of the palace walls. He was about to walk back out but stopped at the foot of Kagome's bed.

"He will never leave you alone till you kill him. Forbidden blood is drawn together." He left.

Kagome got out of bed and went to search for he black clothes. A night servant had helped her find them. She put them on and started walking towards the exit. She left the palace. The guards were watching her. None made a move to stop her. 'Forbidden. Maybe I should seal that wolf in this time. What did he mean the blood has already been paid?' She sighed and left the walls. Sesshoumaru watched her go. If he had been capable, he would have felt sorry for her. He had gone to see the palace seer about her future, and he knew exactly what it was going to be like. The wondering, getting shot at, the lonelyness. From what he had seen of the girl, how high she held her emotions, this was probably going to rip her apart from the inside out. He turned away from the window. It was none of his buisness.


Kagome ran though the forest back to the well. The sun was just starting to rise. As she got close to the well she could sense another presence. She thought of how fast she got there. It took her maybe about 45 minutes where as the way up it took almost a day. 'Must come with being what I am' She laghed bitterly. Kykio was standing at the well.

"Now what?"

"I just came to see you off." Kykio pleaded inoccently.

"There's one more thing I have to do, and that is get rid of you!"

Kagome lunged at Kykio.

"Maybe I wouldn't have done this before because I cared to much for InuYasha. But now, I could care less. Die Kykio!"

Kagome suddenly took her wolf form. She had glowing gold eyes. Her fur was mostly black with white paws, muzzle, stomach, and half of her tail. She bit into Kykio and started tearing away furiously at her clay skin. Quickly destroying the walking corpse. The last bit of her spirit went into Kagome as the Kykio had stolen were set free. InuYasha popped onto the seen. His eyes locked with Kagome's wolf self. She growled viciously at him as he tried to approach. He took cautious steps and reached out his hand.

"Kagome? Is that you?" He asked getting closer.

Kagome bit him and fled to the well. He cut her off and blocked her path.

"Kagome, let's talk."

She jumped at him. He caught her around her throat. Kagome thrashed in his grasp. She scratched at his arm till he let her go. She growled some more. Fiening a jump she went between his legs and into the well. The blue light engulfed her as she jumped the five hundred years in time. InuYasha persued. She came out on the other side and changed back. A few seconds later InuYasha emerged.

"Go to your own time InuYasha!" She hissed."As much as I want to kill you, I have no desire to have blood on my hands."

"You killed Kykio though?"

"She was not living. You can't kill something that's already dead. Now leave."



He powers flowed freely around her and cracked about her form.

"Kagome please, lets talk."

"You want to talk! After every thing you did to me, you want to talk! InuYasha, this is your last chance to leave before a purify you!" She collected some of her miko energy into her hand to prove her point.

"Do it."


"Do it. It's not like I could ever love you again. Forbidden child. I just want to know why?"

"What, why I changed? Why I am this way?"


"When you chose Kykio, the wolf chose me. When you chose Kykio, you broke me. Since I helped myself out of it I have no need to care for you. Now you know so leave."


"Then die."

She let loose her purifiying powers. When the light faded, there was nothing left. She smiled then left the well house. 'My past is finally over' She came into the house.

"The blood has been paid." She whispered as her eyes lay on the bodies before her.

Her family, even Buyo, were dead laying in their own pools of blood. Tears streamed down her face. She cried and beat any thing with in range. She pounded the floor.


She buried her family on the shrine grounds. Although her heart pleaded for her to stay, her mind told her to move on. There was nothing left in this city. She was to endure the elements and travel alone. Her life a constant trial. But little did she know, that with great suffering, great joy is never to far.


R & R! The next chapter will be a summery of her travels over three years. She will also meet Kiba and the others very soon.