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The dialect in the episode of WR I changed to fit Kagome in, plus I couldn't remember it all. -_- I won't be going though all of the episodes. After a while I go off in a different direction, so don't be expecting it to follow the story exactly.


Kagome crossed the snow covered bridge. It was farther than she thought it would be. Luckily no storms had brewed over her. She was walking upon the city. Kagome could tell right away that the city was run down. The buildings seemed to slant. She sighed heavily. This city was no place to find food, or that's at least what it seemed. She wandered around the alleys for a bit. Window shutters slammed closed as she passed them. A little girl with auburn hair was leaning out the window looking at kagome. Kagome met the girls eyes. A woman, probably her mother, pulled her inside and closed the window. She huffed slightly. Turning the corner she came upon a group. The wolves sat around a fire in their human forms. Every one of them was staring at her.

"What are you doing here." One wolf called from his seat on a dumpster.

"Passing through."

The leader came up to her. He had a scar that drug across his cheek. His hair was slightly shaggy.


"You be best to move through fast, there is no food here."

She examined all of the wolves and turned back to him.

"You lie. They have been feed, at least enough to survive on. Next time do not lie to some one who can see through deception."

"How can you tell!" Said a mangy looking wolf.

"In this place, day, and age, nothing is as it seems."

Kagome walked on, not sparing a second glance a the group she labeled 'old dogs'.


Kiba and the others were just entering the city. They kept going in. Kiba was following Kagome's sent. Why? He didn't know the answer, but he felt as if her knew her some how. Not as a person, but a past life knowing. They followed straight to the pack of wolves she ran into. The air seemed to tense. The leader walked up.

"We're just passing though, we don't want any trouble." Kiba stated.

"Where ya heading?"

"Paradise!" Toboe shot in.

The wolves laughed. Toboe backed up a step.

"What's so funny?" Toboe asked.

"Nothing, they've obviously never heard of it." Kiba said calmly.

"Oh! We've heard of it all right. Enough to know it's not real. In fact it was more like hell."


Kagome wandered though a cemetery. She heard a scratching sound. Quickly and quietly she located the origin of the sound. It was coming from a hole in the ground. She peered in as a head popped up. She jumped back slightly and clutched her chest.

"Jeeze man! You fricken scared me!"

"Sorry." He chuckled.

"What are you doing any way?"

"Well...when you my age you begin to realize that you time is coming."

"You're digging your grave?!"

The old man nodded and continued digging. Kagome quickly found herself talking to the old wolf and sitting by the hole. Kiba and the others came up behind her. She leaned back to look at them. They stared at her questioningly and approached. The old man popped up. Toboe yelled and hid behind Tsume.

"Don't worry he's digging his grave."

"Grave?" They said in unison.

She nodded.

"Do you know the way to paradise?" Kiba asked the old wolf.

"Yes I'll show you."

The old wolf lead them to a boarded up entrance.

"That's it." He pointed with his cane.

"Lets go."

"I wouldn't. Many young wolves like yourselves have pursued the paradise you seek of though that tunnel, few have come back."

"Hey do you know the color of lunar flowers?"

"Yes...they are....I know, the color of the moon." He pointed into the sky.

"Yes, they bloom under the moon, glowing fluorescent. The light they give, is breath taking." Kagome whispered.

"Yes, they once bloomed over this whole area, but you look to young to be able to know that?" The old wolf said.

"I come from a different place. Where things were balanced and the world was not on the verge of destruction."

"That's sounds like a different time." The old man chuckled.

Kagome laughed along with him for a moment.

"Well it's time I get going." Kagome said walking toward the entrance.

"I though you didn't want to go to paradise." Kiba stated.

"As true as that is, I can't keep running away."

"Finally facing you fears, Kagome." Syn whispered.


He back arched at the on coming wolf. She growled viciously. He smiled at her. The five by standing wolves watched the scene lay out before them. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. She thrashed against his grasp. Kagome dug her teeth into his shoulder. He let go, sneering at her for the new wound. She bolted strait for the exit. The tunnel that was supposed to lead to paradise. He smiled with malice at her leave. And turned to glare at the five other wolves.

"I'd stay away from her if I was you." He said manically.

"Why?" Kiba asked, sizing up Syn.

"Everything around her dies, just stay away." With those final words he disappeared around an out cropping of rock.

They looked to the tunnel again.


Kagome was running as fast as her legs would take her. She panted heavily, pushing herself to go faster. The tunnel seemed to have the smell of death laced in it. It probably wouldn't even have taken heightened senses to notice it. A rise in the dirt caught her attention, but it was quickly diverted, shrugging it off at garbage. That was, until she drew closer. It was a skull, just barely sticking out of the dirt. She brushed the dirt away. It was a whole skeleton. A wolf skeleton. She moved some more dirt around to find more. Five so far. It was as though they suddenly died from the way the bones were positioned. Odd. There were only a few things that could do it, without damaging the skeleton. Some how bleeding to death, a deadly sickness, or poison. She hoped it wasn't any, but one way or the other they died.

She took off into her run again. The sound of only her feet hitting the ground, comforting. She heaved a sigh, glad that no one followed her. Yet that is. They were going to paradise too, so eventually, they would run into each other again. The past years had been drown in sadness, loneliness, and the occasional betrayal. Rarely, did she ever find what she used to have, protection, love, and understanding. None of it seemed to exist in the world for her. And to think it all started when Inu Yasha chose Kykio. She wasn't going to blame him, she couldn't, not any more. She killed him. Although she's the one who did it, she still loved the inu hanyou. Her chest tightened. From what? Desire? Longing? Wanting for things to be the way they once were? She shook her head.

Kagome could already feel a headache starting to come. Her muscles burned, and yet she still ran on. Memories came racing back. Just as quickly as they came, they were banished to the back of her mind. A light at the end of the tunnel. Things like that, in relation to her life, she was better off turning around. Light never meant anything good for her. Not since that day when InuYasha died. She shook herself again and walked onward towards the end. It came out in to a forest. Pine trees were abundant. Her eyes scanned over the area for a place to rest her aching muscles. She had no idea how long she was in there but judging by how dark it was, it had to be a while. A burrow hole. She walked over to it, sticking her nose in the large hole. It was big enough that she could get though it. The scent of the burrow seemed familiar, but she couldn't quiet place where she had smelled it. Content with the makeshift shelter. And with that she drifted off into her own bliss.


Sorry its so short. I had major writers block, plus with a busy schedule, you don't get to think about it much. The next one will be longer.