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Kagome woke to a face staring down at her. His hair was red and pulled back into a ponytail. His emrald eyes watching the mix-breed before him. She shot up and pushed herself to the back of the burrow.

"Wolf, what are you doing in my den?"

"Looking for a place to rest youkia-sama."

"You can sense youkias?"

Kagome nodded as the demon leaned in closer, examining her features.

"Part demon as well."

He turned her face side to side getting a better look.


She whipped around to the demon.


The demon's eyes widened in surprise. He draped himself over Kagome, in to an embrace. She just sat there not returning the hug nor pushing the demon away. Past experiences told her to wait to see what was up with this particulia demon.

"It has been forever."

"Who are you?"


It was Kagome's turn to flig herself at the fox, whom she addopted over 500 and some odd years ago. She took a look to his attire. He was adorn with a black sleeve-less hairo with red hakkama, and no shoes. His sash was red but most of it was hidden under his tail which was wrapped around her waist. He definantly was not the child she leaft behing oh so long ago. He had matured.

"What happened to everyone?" Kagome asked, meaning her old friends.

"Sango and Miroku got married. It was a beautiful day. They had five kids. All of whom were a joy to be around. But well, without demon longevity, just as all mortals do, they passed, along did their children, grandchildren and so on. I met most of them, at least till I couldn't take losing them anymore and moved here, to the forest where no human ventures. That reminds me, how did you get to be part demon, not to metion wolf?"

"An evil sadistic being, worse than Naraku." She cringed at the thought of Syn.

"Before Miroku and Sango passed, Sesshoumaru stopped by."

Kagome quickly looked up.

"He said he wished he told you more. And that you were the new forbidden child and that it is going to end no matter what. After that he left. I made sure to remember it just in case I ran into you again."

Kagome nodded.

"InuYasha never showed up again after he went to find you. Do you know.what happened to him?"

Kagome pondered whether to tell the fox it was her or not. She shrugged and shook her head. Shippou looked at the ground taking the head shake as a no. Kagome crawled out of the burrow. Shippou followed close behind.

"As much as I'll miss you Shippou it is not safe if I stay here any longer. Goodbye."

Quickly she embraced him and went on her way. Footfalls could be heard catching up to her. A moment later the white wolf was at her side, keeping her pace. They slowed to a stop and the other three caught up.

"Funny meeting you here." Hige joked.

"Why don't you travel with us?" Toboe asked.

"I don't know if I'm ready to be part of a group again."

"Why?" Kiba was inquisitiive to their reason.

"Well, some of my last group wasn't exactly, happy with me." She still didn't want to tell them the truth.

"Well you could stay with us for awhile." Toboe said with a slight pleading tone.

Kagome looked at him. He was giving her puppy-dog eyes. She sighed and bowed her head in defeat. Kiba nodded and they went again. Kagome suddenly stopped after about five minutes of walking and covered her ears. The others stopped and looked at her. Soon they realized why she was covering her ears. A noble ship was flying over head. They watched it pass. And just as suddenly Kagome stopped, Kiba started running. He bolted off following the ship. Shots were being fired from another noble ship. This one was about five times the size of the one they were after. Most came in contact with the smaller ships shield, until it faded. The last shot was a hit to the engine. As the ship was decending with a trail of smoke following, a glowing presence caught everyones attention, along with the smell of lunar flowers. The shimmer of a flower maiden disappeared on top of the mountain that they were approaching.

The mountain side was sheer, with only a few ledges after about half way. Two thirds of the way up, some of the rocks were loose, easily coming out of the mountain side if to much weight is applied. Toboe reached high above his head attempting to grab the rock in front of him. He grasped it tightly and pulled his weight on to it. The rock crumbled loose leaving Toboe to plummet downward. Kagome looked back when she heard the rock give. Without hesitation, she jumped. The other wolves stared in amazement at her. Kagome ajusted herself so she would fall faster, catching up. Quickly Kagome was by him, grabbing him close, and moving back to the mountain. Her feet and free hand dug into the mountain, dragging with her rocks. They came to a halt.

"Toboe, get on my back."

Toboe did as told. As soon as he was secure, Kagome leapt. She was bounding in zig-zags up the face of the mountian. She passed Kiba and made it to the sumit. Her hands were bleeding profusely. She looked at them with disgust and wiped away some of the blood on the soft grass. As she was about to wipe them on the ground a second time her wrist was grabbed by Kiba. He exposed her palm upward and examined it. Only a few gashes were deep most were light scratches. Kiba ripped away some of his shirt and wrapped her hand.

"Thanks." She looked away at the ground.

They proceeded on their way.

Lord Orca's ship had landed on the sumit of the mountain. Sheril was surrounded by guards with a radar in her hands. They were heading into the abandonned Dacia Keep. The Keep was old, most caved in on itself. The townsmen had said that the Darcia's left it many years ago and caused the city to go into a slump, and that there was also a grave yard of the Darcia family before the forest of death. She also recalled him saying that no one dared go down there anymore because once you entered the forest, censors and compaces went crazy, and that you would never find your way out.

There were a few usable rooms to set up small stations. Sheril was in a room were the wall that was once facing the garden was gone, same as that whole side of the building. The garden was wild, the viens were wild, and no tame flower was visible. She buisied herself with setting the screen on her radar to get a procise location along with tinkering with the guard scanner.

)_+()_+()_+()_+()_+()_+()_+)(_+(_+()_+()_+)(_+()_)_+(_+(_ +(

Kiba was going down a path that the trees and grass seemed to avoid even though it ran rampant everywhere else. A pink haired girl caught their eyes as they neared a lake. She sat on the rock, her feet in the water, looking down. Kiba stepped foreward cautiously as she looked to him. He walked to the water's edge slowly, in disbelief of what his eyes told him.

"Cheza." He whispered the name.

"This one has been waiting for you."

Kiba walked into the water, into Cheza's open arms.

"So the flower and white wolf have met." A eerie voice called from the woods.

Syn's form stepped out of the shadows, a smirk on his face.

"Ah, and so the end begins, isn't it ironic. That some thing that is supposed to be together, shouldn't. Like Romeo and Juliet in a way."

"How poetic." Kagome snarled.

"You would know my little creature." He looked up to the sky. "Seems my time with you it up."

With that he walked into the woods. All eyes turned to Kagome who watched to make sure he left. She turned around to look at them.


They all shook their heads, except for Cheza who hadn't looked away from Kagome. She grasped Kiba's hand and led them away from the lake. They were walking to a gazebo on a cliff. The view was nice, but no one stopped to admire it. They pressed on, following Cheza. They came to what seemed to be a green house. Cheza left Kiba's side and ran in.

"Every one! This one is home!" She stopped dead in her tracks. "They all withered. Withered and died."

Kiba had come up behind her and gently grasped her hand and led her away.

"We are surrounded." Kagome said quietly.

"How do you know." Barked Tsume.

"Now is not the time to ask such questions." She hissed.

"This one will lead you out."

Cheza lead them away. Tsume and Hige however refused to trust the flower and went their separate way. Toboe and Kiba followed Cheza closely. Kagome had a choice to make now. Who to follow. She didn't trust the flower, but wanted to strangle Tsume at every givin moment. A quick iny-miny-miney-moe chose for her. And Tsume was it. She huffed and went on her way. Bullets were flying around as Tsume and Hige jumped like madmen to avoid them. Kagome ran with inhuman or inwolven speed at them. They were quickly cut down with her claws. She flicked her wrist to get the blood off of them. She was on her way again down the path. More gunman, more blood, more death. Strange. She was used to it now. After all the years traveling with InuYasha and the group, she had never gotten used to the blood and gore. But now, it was second nature, it was paid no heed. She continued the masssacure single handedly. Tsume and Hige followed between awe struck and close to throwing up from the blood. Even wolves have thier limits. Suddenly Toboe popped out from behind a boulder. A few remeaning soilders shot at him but the few bullets didn't matter because they were dead in a matter of seconds.

More soilders were running down the old hall. There must have been at least three squads, and even Kagome didn't like those numbers. So they did the only thing they could. Ran the other way. The walls were blown out on some portions of the hall leaving them open to more fire. Cheza was in the middle skipping along through the gun fight while Kiba and the others made sure she was protected. Dr. Grey caught a glimpse and was taken by surprised to see her running, and smiling. Her mouth hung open slightly in awe. They were gone. Kagome took lead making sure to take down anything that could pose a threat. The path was cleared and they turned down another coridoor. As they went further down, more bullets rained. Cheza pulled Kiba down another hallway that dead ended at a tree. The wolves looked around in a panick. Cheza placed her hand on the tree and the roots spread apart opening a door way. They fled down the doorway, the roots just closing in time so the army (do they quilify as army?) didn't see them. Dr. Grey starred at her scanner and it showed Cheza's signal disappearing in the direction of the tree.


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