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The cave came back outside just outside the wall of the garden. Kiba set the pace as they scaled down the mountain in to the town. The town was dingy and decaying, thought it was not as bad as the last city. This one there was no need for the dome that was to keep out the cold, it was far warmer. Even if there was a dome erected to protect the city and its inhabitants the man-made structer would have crumbled eventually, as all structers do over time. Kagome and Cheza hid in the alley while Kiba and the others looked for a way out of the city and a disguise for Cheza. Kiba returned with a pink cloak and wrapped Cheza in it. The others came back shortly after mostly shaking there head and sighing.

"The entrance is blocked a little ways down the mountain road by the troops base camp." Hige reported.

"Well, the cliff is to steep to go down." Toboe said quietly.

"There is that junkyard not to far from the troops but it might be risky." Tsume huffed.

"We'll go to the junkyard."

Kiba led them out of the city a ways down the mountain main road. Another road veared off to the left leading into the junkyard.

Shippou had thought it over for some time. Let his once mother go or follow her just like when he was a pup. He looked to the darkening sky the stars just starting to peek out, longing for a sign to show him what he should do. He closed his eyes and remembered the day she left them all, the day when every thing fell to pieces. When his childish illusion was shattered and he had to grow up. Yes, he told Kagome what happened with Sango and Miroku. And yes that was the truth, but he left out what it did to him. How he'd go fight demons praying he could just die, but every time he remained alive. Some times barely, but alive none the less. He slipped back out of the depression when Sango and Miroku's grandchildren were born, finding joy in playing games with them. Maybe just maybe he could hold on to that single piece of his childhood that was right in front of his face.

"Mother," He whispered. " I shall find you and stay with you even just for a moment longer."

With that he was off, following Kagome's scent, the moon lighting his path.


Kiba and company found and old bus that would serve as a temporary shelter. They had divised a plan that could get them down the mountain in into the forest that no human would enter. The troops surrounded the bus under the cover of the night. They stood in silence waiting for the order to attack. The commanding officer waved his hand, signaling for them to move in. They entered and immediatly started firing. When the guns stopped they noticed no one was in the bus. The commanding officer called it to the base, but they were already in persuit of them. The wolves jumped up the cliff walls barely dodging the oncoming bullets. As soon as the camp was empty Toboe, Kagome, Kiba, and Cheza cut through it down the mountain path. Hige and Tsume soon joined them and they made haste into the forest. The officers still in persuit followed them to the edge until their equiptment went haywire.

No scnets. No animal sounds. No sun. The quiet whisper of the wind wasn't even heard. Kagome looked at Cheza. She was paler than normal, sick looking. Maybe exastion was taking over and a good rest would help. Cheza looked up.

"There is no sun for this one. This one will starve."

Just then a bug flew wildly around the group only to basically be cut in half by Tsume. Hige's stomach rubbled and Tsume threw a portion of the bug over to him.

"Eat it." He commanded.

"No way! What if it's poisonous?"

"Better you than us." Kagome said with a smile.

"That ain't even funny." He mumbled.

An owl flew over head, it's wing beats echoing like ghostly moans. They all looked up. Nothing. Cheza leaned into Kiba.

"This one needs food." Her whisper was soft.

She was starting to whither and it was clearly visible. More wing beats. They looked up and an owl was sitting on a branch over head. It flew away talking in riddles. The wolves gave chase, keeping it in eye's sight. The owl landed again.

"Only those who are brave dare to enter. Only those who are brave dare to enter."

"Is there any water in that cave?!" Kiba questioned angrily.

"Kiba calm down." Tsume tried to reason.

"Don't tell me to calm down."

"Kiba if you don't calm down and start acting like a leader I will take lead, take Cheza, and proceed with rational calmness." Kagome spoke with an icy calmness.

Every one's eyes opened in shock. Kagome was trying to take over the pack, but the thing was, just about every one supported the decision. Kiba's faced calmed slightly, but you could still ssee the panick streaking in his mind through his eyes. Kagome lead them into the cave. A few minutes and it felt like they were walking in circles. Kiba looked like he was tiring.

"Kiba do you want me to carry Cheza for a while?" Toboe asked innocently.

"Why can you carry her." Kiba bit out.

Toboe jumped back and started shaking at the tone of Kiba's voice.

"I asked if you thought you could carry her."

"Knock it off! I know your under stress, but if you don't calm down some one will die and I don't think it will be the maiden." Kagome hissed.

Kagome took Cheza out of Kiba's arms and carried Cheza on her back. Kagome reached into her pocket and pulled out a small vile.

"Drink some of this, it will help for a little while."

Cheza nodded and did as told. The whole vile was gone. Her skin stopped looking like a piece of paper and got the little bit of color she had back. Her breathing wasn't as ragged and short. In fact she seemed relaxed now.

"What was in there!" Kiba asked harshly.

"Even if I did tell you, you wouldn't believe me."

"Well, with all the stranged things going on I think I'd believe just about any thing." Hige said.

"Water demon blood mixed with crushed tears of an ice apparition."

They stopped and stared open mouthed at Kagome.

"What?" They said in unison.

"See I told you this would happen, I'll explain when we get out of here."

They all turned right donw the next tunel. The next chasm was wide and space but no apparent exit, at least not that could be seen. Toboe stepped on bones. Hige leaned down slowly to get a better look. Bird bones. Almost looked like an...owl. As he leaned down just a bit further a bug burst from the ground. After the insect was kicked into a rock, thousand upon thousand of large insects started pouring from the hidden holes in the cave walls. Kagome jumped on to a cliff and lay Cheza down. She jumped back down in wolf form and helped the others fight. The swarm of bugs were starting to overwelm the wolves. Their blood dripped onto the cool floor, as the ripped apart the bugs. Cheza slowly pushed herself up and crawled to the side to see the wolves fighting.

"This one can help. This one can help fight too." She whispered.

With that she jumped off the saftey of her ledge and straight in to the fight. Cheza ran blindly to the wall and slid down into a hole. The wolves and some of the insects followed. Kiba stuck out a hand to stop them as he saw why Cheza lead them this way. Large Venus Fly Traps were growing and catching the insects. Finally they made their way out of the cave and into the light. The cave opened up into a clearing with a large pond in the middle. Tsume, Toboe, and Hige ran quickly to the water's edge and dove in. Cheza slowly started to walk to the water. Soon she was basking and drinking.

"Water demon blood and crushed ice apparition tears?"

"Yes, on my journey's away from paradise, I ran into a few problems but also made friends who would help me out. An ice apparition name Rikku, and a water demon named Tae. I have quiet a few potions like that one. They keep you going for months, though I wouldn't recommend it."


"I'm used to it, because of a...unique ness in my blood, but I have seen others die trying to do what I have done. So I wouldn't ask for a 'quick fix' to often."

"I see. Would you have taken the pack from me?"

She paused for a moment, making it seem like hesitation when she knew the answer.

"Yes, my last pack had an incompetent leader, though it was not physically. Physically he could handle just about anything thrown his way, but he wasn't there for the packs emotional needs, specifically mine. When he called me a dirty blooded creature I killed him. So if you don't meet the needs of this pack I will take it from you."

He nodded in agreement. Soon they were on their way again. The pace was steady and everyone seemed to be enjoying the scenery. Dusk was approaching and the wolves came across a small cave big enough for all of them to sleep in. 'Two days till the next half moon' Kagome thought. She went to the back of the cave and fell into a deep sleep.


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