Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ I found bliss ❯ Will the well work ( Chapter 10 )

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"and so the world shall fall in to darknesses embrace. Emcompassed by night until day is born. Surrounded by evil till good comes to the rescue."

A figure in all black with pale skin whispered to the wind.

"Lonelyness till love. Death till life. Forgotten till remembered. Sadness and pain, so many tears will fall like rain. The black wolf with pure heart with find the truth. Their sacrafice not in vain, redemption granted to its master. Lonelyness seeps in, death comes slowly, forgotten the memory, but all will be true. A hero will save the one who's forbidden by blood. Crimson moon, crimson ground, all saved by crying's sound. Reborn from the ashes like phoenix to the flame, but it starts again just the same. Until the evil goes away paradise can never exist."

Her face was plain and sad but no tears shown. One eye was silver the other black. She slowly carressed a black book with white writting on it.

"Book of the Moon and Book ot the Shadow. Strange the books tell the same story yet, different. Neither holds the whole strory, but both don't tell why."


Kagome woke from the dream, her head in pain. She grasped it tightly emmitting wimpering sounds. She quieted herself immediatly so as not to wake the others, and went out side. She looked to the sky, to the stars, to the moon.

"Nothing is as it seems anymore. This world is a lie. Is that why it is fated to die. That dream, strange, I felt as if it were me."

Kagome walked further away from her new friends. There was someone coming. Moving fast. Her senses raced trying to find who it was. It was old, from long ago. Who? Who was it? Just as she thought she could remember, it was gone. Her brow furrowed in frustration. Some where along in her throughts she had stopped walking, and didn't notice Cheza behind her.

"This one, wants to know what you are. Not all wolf, but some thing else."

Kagome whipped around to the voice almost attacking if she hadn't registered who it was.

"I'm no wolf. I never was Cheza."

"Then what?"

"A human, a simple human."

"But this one can sense your wolf side, and something more then just human."

"A human with a wolf, a demon with a miko. Always enemies, ne?"

The words sounded more cryptic then they really were.

"This one doesn't understand."

"No one will. Except for him."

Kiba had woken to find Cheza missing. In a fit of panic he went out after her. He was behind a rock when he heard Kagome and Cheza talking. He understood what she meant but didn't at the same time. It was like he'd known but didn't. He kept quiet, listening further.

"The moon waxes and wains. And trying to explain why, is like trying to explain me. Sure, there is a scientific explanation, as there is to all things, but why is it. What purpose could it possibly hold? Why does it get full, or become a new moon? We know how, but not why. It's almost sad, that we know how things come to be, but nothing about it at the same time."

The few simple sentences she spoke drown out all feeling of purpose. Even Cheza began to question herself on the inside.

"Why was this one made?" She asked, looking to the moon for answers.

"Cheza, you are to help Kiba get to paradise, to open it. You have a purpose, and know it. But me, I don't even have a family anymore, and if I do have a purpose, it can't be a good one."

Kiba eyes widen slightly. Kagome had never sounded this sad before. Angry and hateful, at times, but never sad. Maybe it was for her old pack, but he wouldn't ask. He knew how hard it was to loose a pack. The feeling of lonelyness he had back then came flooding back. Yes, he was alone to for years. Yes, he mourned over his loss. But it never stopped him from doing what he thought he had to. He coped with it, they were gone and there was nothing he could do. For Kagome, it sounded like it was eating her up inside, slowly ripping away at her soul. He turned to go back to the cave, when a all black wolf bolted across his line of vision. Kiba persued. He folloed it into a dense part of the forest that was not to far from the cave. The wolf turned to face him.

"Who are you?" Kiba growled out.


"Why were you near our camp?"

"To see Kagome."

"What for?"

"You ask a lot of questions pup. But I suppose I could humor you. Kagome is fagile, she needs all the help she can get. Although she is easy to anger, and not often out of her cold exterior, she is very sad. It's hard to tell. She used to be such a happy child growing up, until that dog started to make her crumble. He chose wrong and missed his chance to change her fate but one chance still remains if she can keep it together long enough. All is well enough, I shall take my leave for now. I look forward to speaking with you again, Kiba."

He disappeard. Kiba made it back to the cave and crept in not wanting to wake those who were still sleeping. How did he know my name? How does he know Kagome? Does she know he is following us? His mind raced faster with questions that only two people he knew could possibly answer. Kagome and that new wolf were a mystery. And that wolf called Kiba "pup" so how old was he? If Kiba was to get any rest he had to get the thoughts out of his head.


Kagome smiled at Cheza and helped her off the ground. Cheza felt a little better since Kagome and her talked. Cheza and Kagome were back in the cave, Cheza starting to fall asleep, Kagome wide a wake at the mouth of the cave. Her ears twitched back and forth, listening for any sound to give an enemy away. The sun rose slowly from behind the mouth of the cave, which was good for a watch shift. The trees and bushes rustled just outside her vision, so immediatly she took a fighting stance. The first thing that came into view was red pants and a bare foot. It can't be! He's dead, I killed him! Shippou pulled himself out of a tangle of briar bushes.

"Shippou chan?"

"Kagome! Wow! you guys got far for wolves."

She glared at him a little.

"I meant 'they' they travel far for wolves. Sorry I didn't know it was such a bad topic." He looked down sadly.

"No I'm sorry, you didn't know."

A growling could be heard emminating from the cave.

"Fox why do you intrude?" Kiba growled.

"A white wolf?"

Kagome looked back and forth between the two.

"Shippou, Kiba. Kiba, Shippou. Now that you know each other, Kiba, Shippou is from my old pack."

"You traveled with a fox?"

"And a dog, and a cat, and two humans."

The situation calmed from there and they sat and talked until Kiba asked a question, Kagome was hoping to avoid.

"Why did you travel with such companions?"

"Well uh--" Shippou cut her off.

"Why not! She fit in perfectly because she was a--" Kagome's hand went to his mouth covering his last word, human.

"Not now, not ever." She bit out.

That left an akward silence till the others woke. Toboe was the first to notice Shippou but didn't say any thing as Kagome was glaring daggars at the fox. Kiba hadn't moved and watched the scene intently, ready to spring in at a moments notice. Tsume, unlike Toboe, didn't care what was going on, he just wanted to know why a fox was in ther group. So he asked.

"What's with the fox?"

No one answered.

"I said what's with the fox?!"

"Shut up Tsume and it's none of your buisness!"

"It is my buisness if there's a dirty fox in the pack!" He growled back.

She shot upand grabbed his thoat, squeezing tightly. He tried to make her release her iron grip but to no avail. Kagome dug her claws into the tender flesh drawing blood, that slowly ran down her fingers and her arm.

"If you value your life you will not speak of things you know nothing about." She hissed.

Kagome dropped him and walked away. Shippou followed, taking a moment to glance back at Tsume who was clutching his bleeding throat. He felt sorry for the wolf. Kagome was at a small creak cleaning away the blood.

"They don't know yet?" Shippou asked.

"No, and they don't need to either."


"Because, there are things they wouldn't understand. And even some things you wouldn't understand. The only one who does, is my worst enemy."

Kagome finished washing up and went back with the pack.They were waiting on her, ready to move on. The day was uneventful as they strode across the wasteland. Night was soon upon them again, but with no cave or forest they slept in the meadow. The moon was almost half. Kagome looked to the sky, worry in her eyes. This was bad and she knew it. Tomorrow she had to break away from the group. That was the only way to keep them out of harms way. Laying fully down, she dozed into a light sleep. The sun poured on to the sleeping group, effectively waking them all. Shippou lounged in a grass bed till they were ready to move. This path, it seems familiar. Kagome thought to herself. Just over the horizen a dome came in to view. Tokyo. Or at least what was left. Kagome's eyes grew wide and Kiba noticed.

"Have you been here before?"

"My home."


They walked into the city Kagome lagged behind. The days were shorter, so night was falling. The pack had only been walking for a short time, at least compared to what they were used to. A eleven hour walk. Okay maybe not so short but it went by quickly. They were at the base of the sunset shrine.

"We'll stay here for the night."

Kiba nodded in aprovement. As they let themselves in the deteriorating house, Kagome went to the well house. Over five hundred years and it still stands. She peered in. What if it still worked? What if she could go see Miroku and Sango?

"Don't go."

Kagome turned around to see Shippou standing there.


"You may change the future."

"But I'm willing to risk it for one more chance."

She looked back in to the well. Was she ready risk the future? But how much of a future did she have now? With out another thought she jumped in.


Wow! I had fun writing this chapter, thought I'm not sure why. Which wolf should I pair Kagome with? At first I was thinking Kiba, but Tsume seemed to be a long shot and I like long shots. So READ AND REVIEW! Tell me what you think.