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Disclaimer: I'm finding this thing to be a waste of space, since we know I don't own it.
and this entire chapter is a dream.
Kagome's eyes fluttered open to a field of wild flowers. It seemed peaceful but, some thing was off. Nothing was this peaceful, even in this era. No bird chirps or the sound of some bug making some noise. A blast erupted in the distance. She ran through the high grass that lead to where it came from. When she arived, she came upon a lone demon standing in a meadow. He was, a shadow. No features potruded to identify the creature. Only his aura screamed what he was. The demon turned slowly toward her. He roared and tore after her. Kagome growled at the offending creature and charged as well.
She slashed into the creature with her claw. He howled in pain and swung at her. Catching her in the side, she was flung into a tree. She scurried to her feet trying to regain the breath she lost. Side stepping his next attack she got past his defenses. Her claws ran up his stomach to underneath his jaw, exposing a few vital organs. The creature gave a shudder as it fell and disinagrated. Kagome could sense some thing coming from the forest. There, before her, was the miko Midoriko.
"Kagome child, where is the shikon? Are you not the present protector?"
"I...I don't know."
"You have lost the shikon no tama? My soul?"
Kagome hung her head low.
"Don't worry child, I shall give you some thing to retrieve it."
"May I ask what?"
Midoriko smiled and held her hand up. She started chanting an incantation. Silver and black flames shot from her hand. The wrapped around kagome. She screamed in pain. The fire burned her skin, clothes, and hair. Immense pain ran through her back as if the flesh were being ripped away. The flames died away and Kagome fell heavily to the ground. She convulsed. The pain being to much she passed out. She woke in the same clearing with Midoriko looking down at her.
"Kagome, are you all right?"
"At least you're alive."
Kagome stood and almost fell backwards. There was a new weight on her back. It felt similiar to the weight of her backpack but focused on her shoulder blades and heavier. She looked back and saw the silver wings that sprouted from her back.
"You wings belong to a moon phoenix. Beautiful are they not?"
Kagome ran her hand across the feathers. Soft. Very soft. She started to beat her wings rythimicly. Soon she was hovering a few feet off the ground. Giving a powerful beat she flew into the sky. The wind whipped against her wings and hair.
"Kagome child?" Midoriko called out.
Kagome landed in front of her.
"Go to Sesshoumaru have him teach you demon abilities. You must get the jewel from that man."
"What man? Who?"
"That I can't tell you. But I do know it is almost time for you to wake from this realm of dreams. So in parting I tell you this, do not stray from them, for they will help you find your way."
Midoriko disappeared before she could ask who they were. She could feel herself starting to get pulled out of the dream realm. And then, she was gone from the meadow as well.
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