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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Karai's Choice
Karai ran down the street into a crowd of people as a gun shot went off behind her only missing by a few inches.
“Damn you brother.” Thought Karai as a woman grabbed her by the middle and carried her off to an ally.
“Dear please think of your choice!” said a woman harshly so Karai knew the voice it was her mothers.
“No.” Said Karai as she went to her human form to show the blonde teen with blue eyes.
Her black jacket, and red shirt fit tightly so it was easy to move around, Her snickers were red and jeans black so it matched.
“No I'm choosing to be a wolf not some human.” Said Karai as her mother reached out to hug her, but Karai moved back from the woman in wolf like manner.
“You weren't born a wolf your father made you his science experiment, now look at you you act like a wolf, but you look human.” Said her mother begging to cry Karai didn't care this very woman told her she was a monster.
“I have wanted this day to come for year's mother now you can't stop me.” Said Karai as the bracelet around her wrist glowed bright red like blood.
“You're father injected you with wolf blood but also with an impregnated blood as well.” Said her mother as Karai took of running out of the ally.
“Damn you then damn all that still live!” Yelled her mother as the words echoed in her head over and over again.
Karai run into the street to find her brother shooting at her, but as he shot a gray wolf came from an ally and took him down.
“Run yelled a white wolf and a brown one came from behind the white one, and another one came from beside the brown one only it wore a necklace around it's neck led her away and into the woods.
“Wolfs and it the one dad saw.” Thought Karai looking one last time at the gray wolf as she disappeared into the forest with the three other wolfs.
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