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Lullaby for a Stormy Night
I know not of many things in this world, now how or why they happen. Yet there is one thing I know and will always know; Paradise is real.
It's hard to explain just how I know, but …… I do.
It must have had something to do with where I was born ….. Look at me, getting ahead of myself.
Let me rephrase myself, and tell you where I have been and how it is I find myself out here on this island away from my precious flower.
I am the 2nd pup born to Sasuke and Diya; two wolves who posed as guard dogs to the keep that held the flower maiden in a lab. They had a son before me, Joseph, about 5 years my senior, but he acted like a 2nd father to me. Always filling my head with silly wolfy stories he said he'd heard when they were still wild and free in a pack. They came to the city when they caught scent of the lunar flowers and followed papa's instinct to search it out. The rest of the pack stayed behind, believing that papa was just a star-gazed dreamer.
Joey said that Momma never liked the idea of being near humans, much less working under one like a “lesser being”, but what could she do? She couldn't leave her mate while she was pregnant with me waiting to be born. I personally can't remember my mother. She left us and the city before my eyes were able to open and Papa found another female who had lost her own pup to a human hunter who knew wolves still reined free in this world. Her name was Shura, my step-mother. Papa fell for her and they became mated.
We were happy to leave it like this for 19 years. During that time, we met and befriended many humans at the labs. One scientist, Cher, took a personal liking to me. Since I was considered unnecessary to the guard dog squad of the keep, I was forced to wander around kennel my family and other dogs lived. Cher noticed I was different from the rest, especially when they brought in the flower maiden they'd recovered from the “Darcia” family called Cheza. The flower maiden reacted when I passed by the room on accident.
Cher requested I reside in the lab from then on while the rest of my family patrolled the grounds at night and in the middle of the day.
I remember those times …… It was when that scent seemed to imprint itself in my mind and even coated my fur since I was around Cheza so often. I never was able to speak to Cheza before, yet I never felt the need to. Each day I spent in that lab under the orb she was in as she slumbered away undisturbed, I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to her until it felt like I knew her personally and she myself as well. I felt a need to stay with her and follow where ever she may go, even if she was currently slumbering in an orb-like tank.
Cher and I became very good companions too, and I silently listened to her every concern at night when the rest of the lab crew went home for the night and it was just us and Cheza. I knew of her conflicting feelings to help Cheza and her concern for her newly divorced husband, Hub. I'd even seen the human once or twice when he `dropped in' on chance. I could tell he would use any excuse to see her again. He still loved her, she was just ….. Not ignorant, but …… confused I guess. Cheza's lab tests seemed quiet time consuming, and I guess they just fell apart from the large bump the flower maiden had caused in their relationship.
Lately, Papa and Joey had been returning from patrol with a few wounds here and there. They claimed that more wolves are arriving in the city. Shura never was wounded. She was only a scouting `dog' to track down the scents while Joey and Papa were attackers who pursued the criminals.
As of late though, everything seemed to be getting more and more exciting! Cheza started to open her magenta eyes and Cher was surprised to find that she was blind. Her emotions on the scanner wavered more often. The scientists believe she is reacting to some sort of presence. Not only Cheza, but Shura as well. Papa and her were so happy when they found out she was pregnant again! This time with Papa's pups! I was going to be an older sister!
For just that brief moment of a few days, I believed my life to be looking up.
But it was all just a silly dream that was cast away soon as the blissful fog of it cleared.
Papa came home later than usual one night. The team had split up looking for the members of a bothersome gang lately. He suspected that a wolf was the leader of the notorious humans and was right on the money. He went off on his own on our night off when the rest of us were asleep and came back late the next night bleeding with deep wounds marring his k-9 body.
The humans were terrified at what could have created such wounds but chalked it up to the belief that he had a run in with an enemy's machine sniper that got pass the outer wall's security. He would heal with in a day or two because of his wolf blood, but the humans were blissfully unaware that we were wolves, or even that wolves still existed. They had thought it best to put him down since he was in obvious pain. So when dawn came, Papa was healed enough to move and led the 3 of us out of the keep and into the city. He said we needed to move on and that something was about to happen. We needed to flee the city.
On our way out though, Papa spotted a pair of fighting wolves. He recognized one of them as the one who wounded him to nearly a half dead state he was the night before and took off after them with out a second thought. He called over his shoulder for Joseph to lead us out of the city and that he'd meet up with us …..
The time never came.
It started with an echoing gun shot and then the troops were swarming around! Looking for someone or something. We were caught in the cross fire and got separated from Joey.
We barely escaped with our lives, let alone we were thankful for the fact that Shura and I escaped unharmed physically. We walked further and further away from the city, following nothing but intuition that this was the way to go. We ended up here on this transition island off the coast of `who-knows-where'. The leader of a pack of wolves named Zali and his mate Cole took us in as their own. We were welcome to join them at in their own den at the city, but we took refuge in the grave yard. It didn't feel right to intrude on a different pack out of sympathy.
We were joined later on by one of their own. A smoky black coated wolf named Heart. She had an upside down white heart marking on her forehead in wolf form with autumn red eyes. She helped me look after myself and Shura as the elder she-wolf's pregnancy progressed.
Once again, I fell into a rhythm. 6 months have passed and Shura's belly grows larger every day. She can't work at the station anymore in the mornings to help pull cargo loads to and from the train cars for food like the rest of us, so some of the other wolves, including Zali, Cole, and Heart, help me bring the food to her instead. I was pleased to see that while a few of the males of the pack like Moss and some others still saw Shura and I as the Omega's of the pack, Heart, Zali, and Cole saw us as one of their own now. They were very protective of Shura and treated the pregnant wolf with care as if she would break. They treated me like a sister or a daughter of their own. They even listened closely as the passengers got out to gossip with the other humans while the train briefly stopped to chat to see if there was any news or hint about what happened to Papa and Joey.
I was beginning to accept my fate here, though I never accepted that the pack didn't believe in paradise. They said they've seen it once and it was hell, but I refused to believe it. Zali saw how passionate I seemed about it and quickly stopped any discussion about it when I was near, much to my relief. The others loved to pick on me about my naïve thoughts, but I could care less. Paradise was real and one day I'd see it with my own eyes when I saw Cheza again.
I still feel restless and my gut screams at me that a new change is rapidly coming for me. I don't know what it is, but my heart bores of this town and I long more than ever to search out this feeling and maybe follow it to Cheza! Some how I knew that she had something to do with the way I felt.
I just never knew that she wasn't the only reason or role in my path to Paradise.
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