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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

~*Chapter three*~
~Three Days Later~
“Artemis! Artemis! Kurt asked me out!” Phoenix excitedly explained, barely able to control her excitement. “My dream has come true!” Phoenix looked over and saw that Artemis was about to get into her car; so Phoenix ran over to where she was.
“Phoenix, hurry up, will you? You can freak out in the car! Just don't get my seats or dashboard dirty!” Artemis said, half impatient, half kidding around. She stood there watching Phoenix run as fast as she could from the doors of the high school to her car. Phoenix was on the last flight of steps when she suddenly disappeared in a flash of smoke and then reappeared right next to Artemis' car.
“Phoenix, how did you do that?!” Artemis said, her mouth dropping open in awe and amazement. She got into the driver's seat and put the key in the ignition.
“I have no clue, but I think I just teleported!” Phoenix exclaimed, getting into the passenger's seat. She looked at Artemis, her eyes shining with happiness. “Isn't this day wonderful?”
“Look, your Fire Crystal is glowing!” Artemis exclaimed, pointing to the crystal that hung around Phoenix's neck. Her eyes widened even more as the crystal began to illuminate the car with a fiery glow. “That thing better not start my new car on fire,” Artemis muttered, to quiet for Phoenix to hear.
Phoenix looked down at her crystal and her face shone orange, red, and yellow from the light it was giving off. “Sweet!” She exclaimed, smiling.
When they left Artemis' house after they got out of school, it was nearly dark. They had decided to go camping in the SeaStone City Forest that night. They had done this before, it was fun. They got out of Artemis' car and unpacked all the stuff they had brought. Each of them set up their tent, and then Artemis went to start the campfire. Phoenix went to get the wood and then walked back over to Artemis and dropped the wood next to her friend.
Phoenix noticed that Artemis was searching through her bag, so she decided to ask what she was doing. “What are you looking for?”
“The matches, I think I forgot them,” Artemis replied, throwing her bag aside. She began to rearrange the wood so it would burn better, once they figured out how to light the stupid fire.
“Let me try something,” Phoenix said, stepping forward when her friend finished rearranging the wood. She clutched her crystal and held her hand over the wood; moments later the wood burst into flame. “Don't ask,” Phoenix said, turning to look at Artemis.
A few hours later they heard a twig snap in the bushes behind them. A huge bear emerged from the bushes, running at full speed. Instinctively both girls held onto their crystals and held their hands out in front of them. Artemis shot a bright blue bolt of pure energy at the bear, while fire cascaded from Phoenix's palm. The bear went spiraling back into the bushes and they heard it running the other direction. After a half hour without the bear returning, they went to bed wondering what had just happened.