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~*Chapter Six*~
~Flight of the Phoenix~
When Phoenix arrived at her house after the camping trip, she went up to her room and sat in front of her mirror and took off her glasses. She sat there staring at herself, observing the many changes that had happened to her body. She glanced at her hair, which she had dyed orange, red, and yellow. The dye was wearing off, she knew, but her hair was much brighter colored than it should be. She looked at her clothing; she was wearing a t-shirt with flames across it, jeans with flames around the ankles, gloves that had flames around wrist and the fingertips chopped off. She looked into her own eyes, they had once been brown. Now they were fire-colored and looked as if there was a burning inferno inside of them. Even the bandana she was wearing had flames on it. She sighed, and then muttered, “I'm a freak.”
“Phoenix, lights out!” Her mother called up the stairs.
“Alright,” She replied, switching off her light. She made her way to the dresser in the dark, changed into her pajamas, and crawled under her blankets. When she woke up the next morning she drug herself from bed and changed into normal clothes. She went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast, then headed towards the door. “Mom, I'm going out,” She called as she pulled on her jacket.
“Alright, don't be out to late, honey,” Her Mom called from the kitchen.
“But I'm not coming back,” Phoenix muttered quietly so her Mom wouldn't hear. She felt a stab of sorrow as she walked outside; she would miss her Mom. When she got outside, she teleported back into her room to pack. She grabbed some clothes, food, a few pieces of candy, water, her toothbrush and toothpaste, another jacket, her hairbrush, a small pillow and blanket, her cell phone, and her favorite book. When she finished packing she teleported back outside to her motorcycle, it also had flames on it, and she got on and started it. “Goodbye,” She whispered, then drove away.
When Artemis woke up she took a shower, got changed and then went downstairs. She sat down at one of the barstools at the counter and watched her parents walk around the kitchen. “What's for breakfast?” She asked.
“Breakfast was hours ago,” Her Mom said.
“It's seven o' clock, you're just a little late,” her Dad said, smiling at her.
“Fine,” Artemis said, snagging a Crunch Bar out of the cupboard, “I'll just go to the bookstore.”
“Alright, just be back before nine,” Her Mom called as Artemis put on her jacket by the front door. When she got home two hours later she asked if Phoenix had called for her.
“No, but her Mom called and wanted to speak with you,” Artemis's Dad said.
“Okay, I'll call her back,” Artemis said, heading up to her room. She jumped onto her bed and picked up the phone on her nightstand. She dialed Phoenix's home number. Her mom answered on the first ring.
“Artemis, have you seen Phoenix? She left this morning, and she hasn't called or anything! She's gone!”
Artemis glanced at her alarm clock. It was ten o' clock. “I'll find her, I promise,” She said, then said goodbye and hung up.