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~*Chapter Seven*~
The second she hung up the phone, Artemis ran to her closet. `What will I need?' She thought, grabbing her camouflage backpack. She dumped her schoolbooks onto the floor along with some pencils, pens, and a notebook. She ran to her dresser and pulled open her drawers. “Ok, I'll need clothes, my necklace…” She began listing off things as she put a pair of socks, camouflage pants, a tan t-shirt, a camouflage hat, and her necklace into her bag. After she finished that she pulled her favorite sweatshirt on, then stuffed a map, her compass, her watch, and money into her bag. She looked down as she dropped a few bills and realized she was in her pajamas.
Yanking off the sweatshirt she raced to her closet and pulled out her black gi and hakama and then changed into them. She grabbed her sword and strapped it to her belt. She ran downstairs and grabbed some non-perishable food, her dad's pocketknife, and a few water bottles. When she was running back upstairs she nearly crashed into her mother.
“Where do you think you're going?” Her Mom asked.
“To find Phoenix,” Artemis answered; running back up to her room and grabbing her bag, then running back downstairs and out the front door. She ran to her silver-and-blue motorcycle and jumped on, then headed towards the forest where she and Phoenix always went when they had to think about stuff.