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~*Chapter Eight*~
~Whispering Voices~
Phoenix was walking through the ancient forest near SeaStone City. Suddenly a loud voice boomed inside her head, giving her a slight headache.
Come to me, help me! The voice cried.
“Who are you?” Phoenix asked it, rubbing her head. “And can you talk a little softer? You're giving me a headache.”
Come and you will see, you already know who I am, and I have been waiting three billion years to see you. This time the voice was much softer, and didn't hurt Phoenix's head.
“How will I find you?” She asked, not quite sure this was real.
Follow your heart, young Fire-eye, the voice said, and then Phoenix felt its presence vanish.
“How do you know my name?” Phoenix asked, but somehow she already knew the answer. She decided to trust the voice and follow her heart. After a moment, she decided that her heart was telling her to go to the lake, in the center of the forest. `What if I'm walking into a trap?' She thought, and then decided it was better if she didn't think about such things.
While she was walking, her stomach began to growl. 'I wonder if there is anything to eat by the lake…' She wondered. She decided to try and call out to the voice. “Hey, when will I get to where my heart tells me to go?”
She heard the voice inside her head again, and this time it sounded amused. You will get there soon, very soon. But you can stop to eat if you like.
Phoenix decided to take the opportunity and sat down on a fallen tree. She glanced around; to her right were some berries on a bush. Her and Artemis had always eaten those; the two of them knew nearly every plant in the forest, so Phoenix knew they weren't poisonous. She grabbed some of them and stuffed the berries into her mouth. After a few moments, she realized she could teleport. “I am such an idiot,” She muttered, and then she teleported.