Xiaolin Showdown Fan Fiction ❯ The Dragon of Nature ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

SailorStar9: Okay, is it me or am I the only one who noticed this? According to the Chinese, there are five elements. Then why is there only four Dragons in this show? So, I've decided to type this out, adding the last elemental Dragon in.
Chapter Summary: Five elements, five Dragons. The Xiaolin Dragons have been battling with one member short. So, when Katnappé shows up and the Golden Tiger Claws lost, Master Fung's niece reappeared back in the Temple as the last Dragon: the Dragon of Wood. Omi knows her and Dojo hates her guts. And why does Wuya want her so much?
Pairing: Raimundo/OC
Disclaimers: I own absolutely nothing except this plot and my OC.

A Chinese-Japanese girl stood in the hall of the Xiaolin Temple, surveying her surroundings.
“I'm finally back.” she remarked.
“Indeed you have, my child.” a voice sounded behind her.
Merci bowed in respect.
“It's been a while, Uncle.”
Master Fung raised a hand in dismissal.
Just then, Omi came rushing in, panting for breath.
“Master Fung. I'm most upset to report that we've lost the Changing Chopsticks and the Golden Tiger Claws.”
“Ah, my young Dragons.” Master Fung turned to face the four Xiaolin Dragons.
“Meet the last Xiaolin Dragon and your newest member.” he introduced.
Merci stepped forward and bowed in greeting.
“Am I to assume that you`re the Dragons of Wind, Fire and Earth?” she asked
Kimiko nodded mutely.
“I'm pleased to finally meet my teammates. I'm the last Xiaolin Dragon you seek; the Dragon of Wood.”

SailorStar9: And the last Dragon appears. How would the rest react? Tuned in to the next chapter.