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What Lies Beyond - Story

Jack had pleaded with the Dragon Lord, his throat was sore with how much he had. His gray clothing reflecting how he felt he was dying, his heart breaking with every word. He fell then, sitting up and staring up at Chase as his tears fell. He had never felt so heartbroken.

"Leave my presence now, you pitiful worm." Another lash into his heart, Jack felt the muscle clench as he attempted to hold back his sob, the act taxing his body painfully. The albino's already weak body felt as if it were draining all its resources.

"But... I love you. Please...." The sobs were coming then, tearing at his throat before finally he let himself do it. The heart wrenching scene of his face causing the cats around them to feel sadness as well. The sight of the poor boy crying, his black makeup running and his eyes begin to redden as he tried to convince their master to believe him just a bit. "Please just believe me." Those words made Chase angry, his face twisting into a feral scowl of rage and yet... the boy didn't move. He continued to cry and stare up at him. "I didn't do it... please...."

"You think I believe your lies, you pathetic scum?" Jack flinched and stayed still, his heart breaking all the more. "Get out of my sight." The boy continued to cry, staring up at Chase mutely, his throat too sore then to speak. Chase, if he had no finesse at all, would have spat when Jack had said that but instead he just glared at the boy. With a final glance at the albino, he left the boy to himself.

The cats watched as over weeks the boy slowly stopped crying every day. At about a month and a half into the wait, the boy collapsed. The ever-faithful jaguar Mizuki, the former samurai, trotted over, pushing the boy over and onto his back. With a sigh, he shook his head, changing into his human form and leaving only to return a moment later, a small cup of water in his hand. He lifted Jack's head and gently poured the liquid down his throat. Eventually the boy relaxed and Mizuki hoisted him up, positioning him as he had been. When Jack woke up, he felt oddly refreshed before dozing off again. Another month and a half and Chase stopped still when he saw Jack in exactly the same spot and same position as three months previous. When he circled around the boy, Jack looked up, his face blank save the trails of tears that had stopped being shed so long ago.

"Welcome back, Chase. Is there anything I can do for you?" Chase blinked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion when Mizuki went up to Jack and began... grooming him. Jack seemed to relax a bit, moving mechanically as if he was used to it. When he had finished, Mizuki bowed to Chase, licked Jack one last time and walked back to his place where he rested.

"Have you... stayed here the entire time, Spicer?" Jack nodded, a smile on his face as he looked at the dragon. "Have you eaten?" A shake of the head then, his eyes and face turning down then. "Have you drank anything?" Another shake of the head, his hands clenching. "So obviously no need to use the bathroom correct?" Jack gulped then and Mizuki spoke up.

"He has not. He has stayed stationary for the three months you were away." Chase blinked in surprise and then scowled. He turned away, his hand clenching in front of his heart atop his armor. He looked to his side where Mizuki watched him, a confident smile upon his face. Chase cursed internally before lowering his hand and turning around. With a sigh, he looked at Jack whose head was still down. Chase knelt before him, pulling is face to his with his eyebrows furrowed together.

"You need food. Let's go, Spicer." Jack nodded but as he stood, his feet gave out and he fell into Chase's arms. The dragon frowned and lifted the boy. "You really are an insect. No one else has gotten me so angry or so... worried before." Jack smiled and relaxed, turning towards Chase's armor as he moved. "Quit wiggling." Jack grinned, finally situating himself in Chase's arms.