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Sweet Adversary

Act Three: Lovely Ice

By: yukie-chan!

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"Welcome to my sanctum, knight."

The amused Tsuzuki didn't respond to the prince's sarcastic remark, addressing the one who brought the clans at peace, a knight. ONLY a knight. But such things didn't matter to him, anyway. He was still busy admiring the porcelain pillars and the cozy furniture and the admirable sculptures and the amazing handicrafts and the….well, the list goes on.

"Wa~i! This is so amazing! Ne, Watari, look at these! So beautiful!"

"Tsuzuki, we're not here for sightseeing, we're here to serve the prince." Watari tried to unsuccessfully lure the bouncing puppy to him.

"Sugoi! Sugoi! Sugoi!" Tsuzuki beamed up and down when he saw the pristine carpets and the lovely paintings on the room. "I can step on it, right?"

"Tsuzuki! Of course you can! This IS a carpet afterall!" he turned to look at the puppy who wasn't listening to him. "Hey, are you even listening to me?"

Amazingly, instead of getting angry, Prince Oriya was pleased, if not, proud for Tsuzuki's interest in his palace. Watari sweat dropped as he began lecturing the very interested puppy before him. / Not again. / Watari sulkily thought.

"This noble sculpture of silver was made by the legendary blacksmith, Kira."

Tsuzuki beamed at the prince, "Hontou ni? You're so great, Your Majesty!" he praised, making the prince prouder than he is before.

Prince Oriya was getting excited. He always loved praises and compliments and it made him to the selfish and boastful man he is now.

Then, after five more rounds of praises and proud answers, they finally came back to their senses.

"And the one on your right is the--" the prince abruptly stopped. "Wait a minute, you're Asato, aren't you?"

The cute puppy then, turned back to his human form, puzzled. "Why yes, Your Highness," he managed to answer almost questioningly.

It seems as though realization struck between the two. Prince Oriya then went back to his normal, stern self again. "I see." Then, he noted them to sit on the chairs, facing the throne.

/FINALLY./ Watari thought impatiently. Odd isn't it? Well, who wouldn't? he had been standing like an idiot for almost half an hour now, listening to Tsuzuki's `sugoi!' remarks and the prince's boastful talks.

"You're lucky to even be allowed to step at my palace, knight."

Tsuzuki flinched. He was starting to disilike the prince. / Man, that's bad manners. Can't he even call me by my name? Who would want him for a husband? I pity his poor fiancée./

"Yukata, have you prepared his room already? He'll be staying here for the night while I explain some things to him."

Watari knew that the prince was trying to get rid of him and wanted to talk to Tsuzuki alone. / It's not like I wanted to be here, anyway./ He knew it but decided to go along with it. "I had Minase to prepare the room but I'll check it to make sure Sir Asato would sleep well tonight."

Tsuzuki had a don't-leave-me look on his face but Watari continued, "I also have to make sure that the chef doesn't forget to make the apple pie for Sir Asato since it is his favorite and it wouldn't be polite if we serve him meals he wouldn't like, ne?"

The prince raised his brows for a moment till he finally dismissed him. "Well then, I give you permission to do so."

Watari rose to leave and sweat dropped when he saw the puppy's please-go-now-i-want-my-aple-pie look. / What's with him? He probably likes sweets very much. Well then, time to go…./

As soon as Watari left, the prince asked in a serious tone, "You've heard a lot about my fiancée, haven't you?"

/So what? It's not like I'm going to steal him./ Tsuzuki mentally thought. "Yes, I have." The prince looked at him, as if telling him to continue. "Well, I heard that he's very beautiful and has lovely emerald eyes." He said, remembering what Watari told him earlier.

"I see." There was a long pause before he continued, "And you do know that having an affair with him will result to a punishment even worse than death?"

"Eh?" Was this proud prince accusing him of something? /For chissakes! I haven't even met him and love is not in my vocabulary./ "Yes, Your highness. No offense, but are you trying to accuse me of something?"

Oriya just merely chuckled. /So, he doesn't remember anything at all like Kazutaka said. Good, I won't have to worry about their past relationship, Hisoka is mine./ he thought evilly.

"No, I'm not. I'm just making sure of something." He was about to say something again when the most beautiful boy in the kingdom barged on the room. "Oriya, if he isn't here in ten minutes, I'm sleeping!"

Tsuzuki looked at the direction of the sweet yet innocent voice. He was greeted with true emerald eyes blazing with irritation as he looked at his direction. "So, is this him?"

"Yes, my dear." Oriya replied and had one possessive arm on his slim, elegant shoulders as if marking the lovely boy as his property. "Meet the knight who brought the nations at peace, Knight Asato."

The boy irritatedly pushed the older man's arm away. "I knew that. You told me a dozen of times already." Then, he walked towards the chocolate-haired knight. "I'm Hisoka Kurosaki, the successor of the Phoenix Kingdom, an influential clan from the west. I am honored to meet you, Tsuzuki."

Tsuzuki felt a blush creeping unto his cheeks as he shook the delicate hand, "I am glad to serve you, Your Highness." He had never met someone so beautiful, so captivating. But then again, he felt that he had known Hisoka long enough to have fallen in love with him. /No, this is wrong. But how come, I feel something's missing. I just….don't ….remember….how could that happen?/

"I don't want to be called by any other names except Hisoka. I'm tired of people here, calling me like I'm some old geezer. Understood?" the boy said, looking at him with those confused eyes. /Wait a minute, `confused'? Why would he be? Is it possible that I met him before? Does he feel the same too?/


Then, looking at his hand watch, he gasped. "Oh! I almost forgot I'm meeting Kazutaka tonight! I have to go now. Asato, take care of Hisoka while I'm gone. Make sure he eats his meals and escort him wherever he goes, okay?"

"Oriya!" he heard the boy say in irriataion.

Tsuzuki sweat dropped at Oriya's concern for Hisoka as if he's a fine piece of porcelain. "Yes, Your Majesty!"

~ end of act III ~

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