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Yakuza Mayhem

Chapter two: Honorable Bet

By: yukie-chan!

Rating: PG-13 < for the language >

Disclaimers: I don't own Yami no Matsuei or the song Fukai Mori. That is all.

Author's notes:

Wai! It's almost been two weeks before I updated, gomen for that. Anyways, thank you for all those who read and reviewed my fic, you made me very happy since I was quite depressed these past days. Also, ideas and suggestions for the fic are always welcome and I kinda skipped the singing part ^ ^ '' Till then, on with the fic!

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"Boku-tachi wa, samayoi nagara

ikite yuku doko made mo furikaeru

michi wo tozashi

aruite'ku eien ni"

The blond singer's almost feminine voice echoed throughout the bar as lust- filled eyes undressed the youth. Eyes maniacally staring at him from head to toe, minds full of perversions, what more could you ask for? The blond fellow paused for a moment, waiting for the right rhythm. < Why are they staring at me like I'm dinner? Oh. this is a club, anyway. > he closed his eyes then sung the last part of the song.

"tachisukumu koe mo naku

ikite yuku eien ni."

Emerald eyes opened as the music faded. < oh, damn! What am I supposed to do next? Uhm. oh, I have to bow and.. Oh, never mind, Oriya will take care of this anyhow. > "Domo arigatou!" then, he bowed.

Afterwards, from behind the boy, a mature yet manly voice was heard. "I think you've done a good job, sweetie."

Then Hisoka realized who it was, Oriya, who else? But who was this man, brave enough to call him a 'sweetie'? Again, this was THEIR mission, THEIR job, nothing else.

"I think it's time to make our customers happy, ne?" Oriya continued, receiving muffled voices of lust and desire and most were addressed to the young Shinigami.

"Yeah! Come here, baby!"

"NO! He's MINE!"

"Well, fuck you, I'm first and first come, first serve!" the man who made the earlier remark, went up the stage and grabbed Hisoka by the shoulders. He was about to kiss the youth when suddenly, another customer punched him on the face.

"TOO BAD for you, sucker! Can't you see HE doesn't want you?!"

hisoka was blushing madly as he spotted a laughing Tsuzuki, a smirking Tatsumi and a winking Watari. But apparently, the noise was getting louder. Oriya was having a hard time keeping the perverts off the stage.

"Hands off, old man! You can have him tomorrow but I'm first!"

"C'mon, sexy boy, give me that cute little ass!"

"NO!" Hisoka shakily jerked his body away from those eager hands.

Behind all the confusion and noise, a husky, sexy voice said loudly and clearly, much to the boy's dismay, "Wouldn't it be happier if you striptease for us?" he then turned around to the perverts around him. "Well, what do you think? That's much better than us fighting over this beauty." Hisoka shivered.

Then, there was a moment of silence. He was almost relieved, believing it was over if not another rampage was before him.

"Hey, nice idea!"

"You're a genius boy!"

"Hmph! That's what I call an expert!" Everyone laughed.

Hisoka sweat dropped. What were these guys thinking? This WASN'T part of the plan! What was he supposed to do? And the scary thoughts went on and on until Oriya broke the noise as he settled down.

"Everyone, please settle down." Everyone toned down a bit.

He cleared his throat then continued, "Unfortunately, this boy is new to these kinds of *things*. I think it is best that one person here could teach him some *techniques* and have him tonight," a pause. "Anybody here who can bid a respectable high price for this young man, gets it!"

Hisoka shivered as he saw the naughty expressions on their faces. < Tatsumi, you get me out of this mess OR ELSE! >

"Not bad!"

"I don't mind bidding all my money just to have him!"

"Hmph! Now, I'm even more accurate that's he's mine tonight!"

"Oh yeah? Kiss my ass, I'll bid in African dollar! Beat that!"

Oriya was getting VERY impatient. "So, shall we start?"

"Two thousand yen!"

"Darn! Make it two thousand and fifty!"

The blond boy sweat dropped. How far would these perverts go just to have a piece of him? < let's just see how desperate they are! >

"four thousand!"

"four thousand, eight hundred!"

Oriya grabbed the boy's shoulders and remarked, "C'mon men, I know you're better than that! There's still a lot more left in here!" Hisoka blushed as hungry eyes stared at him again. "Higher! This IS fresh and young!"

"He's going to be mine! Ten thousand!"

"You're cheap, man! Make it fifteen thousand!"

"Stop talking when you're cheap youself! Eighteen thousand!"

Tsuzuki pouted. "Geez, I didn't know they'd go that far!"

Tatsumi himself was red with embarrassment for what he was about to do. "Never in my life have I done such a thing!"

"It's better than letting that yakuza playboy toy with him all night." Watari the waiter reassured.

"Right! I'm doing this with honor! Let's go, Tsuzuki-san!" the elder man replied as he stood from the table and announced, "I'll bet a thousand US dollars, beat that!"

Watari and an inu-tsuzuki sweatdropped, "Ne, Tatsumi, aren't you a little bit too fast and excited?"

Tatsumi eyed him sharply, "Say that when you do some actual stuff yourself, Tsuzuki-san." He then, turned around to the already staring crowd and turned to Oriya, avoiding Hisoka's eyes. "well, will I get the boy or not?"

For a LONG while, the crowd could only stare. A thousand US dollars IS a lot of money that is almost exaggerating. Most of them frowned and justified,

"I can always have him tomorrow!"

"I'd rather take him when he learns some *things*!"

Remarks like that went on and on until Oriya handed him his prize. "Nice bet." Tatsumi held the boy's waist. "Thank you."

He led the boy to their corner seat with envious eyes following them. "Sit here." Hisoka did as he was told as an arm slid around hid slender shoulders. "Ne, 'soka-chan, time for the real thing, huh?" Tsuzuki's seductive voice made him blushed even more.

Oriya went to sit with then. Then, noticing that NOTHING was happening, he advised, "Better get hot or else they'll get suspicious.'

Tatsumi was still blushing while Tsuzuki was shamelessly kissing Hisoka's cheek. The swordsman's temper loosened up, noticing that Tatsumi still hasn't done anyting. "Well?"

"Ok, ok." Then, addressing the boy, he said, "Kurosaki-kun, what I'm doing is my job and nothing else, understood?" Hisoka nodded as Tsuzuki kissed his hands. < doesn't he even realize how erotic it was? >

Tatsumi closed an inch or so then nibbled on the boy's neck. Hisoka blushed at his almost expert immediate reaction as he reminded himself that this was a mission, nothing else. < This is my job so, it's okay. But. it kinda feels good. They're both good at it. I wonder if they'd done something like this before? Argh! What am I thinking? I have to concentrate on finding the target.> he looked over to the hungry and envious eyes looking at him. < maybe I'll just do it later. >

"Oi, Tatsumi, Tsuzuki, nice job! You're doing it so well!" Watari suddenly exclaimed as he stopped by in the table.

Tsuzuki looked up to meet his friend's gaze. "Yeah! I think I'm enjoying this!" Hisoka resisted the urge to punch him in the face.

Tatsumi blushed again. "I believe your job is done, to be coming up to us at this hour." He sternly replied, then went back on nibbling Hisoka's neck.

Hisoka sighed and looked up at the crowd. The eyes looking at them slowly averted. He was about to say something to Oriya when a handsome man in his early twenties caught his eye. The man licked his lips then smirked that made Hisoka blush.

Then, when he looked up again, the man was gone. < who was that? > the boy again turned his gaze to Oriya, "As I was saying, our target was killed during a havoc in Kyushu the other day."

"So, what do we do now?"

"Lure the target's son."

End of chapter two