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~ * ~ * ~ *~

"WHAT?!" the whole summon section screamed in chorus.

"We have no other option, the case had been forwarded to the Yamma Agency." Konoe replied.

Veins were popping on everybody's heads. "And what makes you think we'll do that?" Tatsumi's stern expression was scarier than usual.

"May I just remind you, that I was molested, no, RAPED by a fucking pervert so, how the hell do you expect me, to undercover as a stripper?! Hell, even Tsuzuki, my partner for almost two years, haven't even seen a single private part of my body! So, why the fucking mother of all stupidity, do you expect me to striptease for an old, horny yakuza leader?!" Hisoka was the most furious regarding the topic.

They should have been scared by the boy's remark but instead they were busy discussing something.

"Ne, Tsuzuki, you haven't seen bon's body? That's weird since you two are lovers. Don't you even think of naughty thoughts at night when you both sleep on the same bed? Ne, Tsuzuki, tell me! Don't be so selfish!" Watari said, imagining Hisoka's body after taking his sex-changing potion.

< We aren't lovers! > The boy was turning red with fury now as nobody listened to him "Idiots! You aren't even listening to me?!"

They all ignored the boy's remark as Tatsumi, Terazuma, Wakaba and even Konoe < that dirty, old man! > went in their little, nosy conversation. "Oi, Tsuzuki-san, just make sure you don't do those kind of * things * during office hours!"

"Bu---but, we aren't lovers!"


"I'm not lying! I even have a hard time touching him, daka---"

"I bet they do it when were not looking! They have all the time they want in their apartment!" they all nodded.

"and maybe that's the reason why Hisoka-san saved Tsuzuki from Touda's flames!"

"that's right! If Tsuzuki died, he wouldn't have a playmate anymore!"

"Waah! Don't discuss everything all on your own! Hey. I'm still here." Inu-Tsuzuki turned into his puppy form and pouted.

"IDIOTS!" Hisoka's ignored presence was engulfed with fire and flames.

And this didn't go unnoticed by his partner. "hi. hisoka-chan?" < man, he's scary! > "ne, you don't have a reason to get angry! I mean they're just joking and---"

But it was too late. Hisoka's temper exploded and left a lump on everyone's head. "Idiotic perverts?!" the boy said as he stormed out of the room. Inu-Tsuzuki followed him with a reddening 3 lumps on his head. "You didn't have to be so angry, Hisoka-chan!"

Tsuzuki almost flinched when Hisoka eyed him with his famous death glare. "How many times have I told you not to call me 'hisoka-chan', you sick, overgrown idiot!" another lump.

"ow. you're such a meanie."

************ < after two days. >

"Yay! We're ready to go!" Watari happily said as they were on their way to Kyoto. "Good thing, the boss arranged everything so that we could stay at Oriya's place."

Hisoka stopped dead in his tracks. "You mean, we're going to striptease in * that * bar?

"Kurosaki-kun, we talked about this before, haven't we?" Tatsumi said, clenching his fists that made the two of them shut up.

************* < on reaching Kyoto. >

"I bet any brothel or bar in town would recruit you." Oriya said as he licked his lips and looked at the boy from head to toe.

Hisoka was wearing an ultra-tight shirt with four unbuttoned buttons, complete with a very short tightpants. < I don't really think you can call it tight pants anymore. Just imagine how sexy he is ^^ " > It was almost curving a v-shape at his groin. He was blushing madly. "How come, I'm the only one wearing this--- this sexy piece of shit?!" he spat out angrily.

Oriya grinned maniacally as he replied, "Men here doesn't enjoy matured strippers, they love fresh ones."

< I can gladly pierce his heart over and over and then dissolve it in acid!> Hisoka thought. "Oi, Oriya, you don't expect me to strip my clothes in front of a horny audience!"

"of course not. I'm going to bid. er.. Have an auction to who gets to take you home tonight." Oriya said, lighting a cigarette.

More anime veins popped out of the boy's head. Talk about being sold like a useless piece of shit! "I'm outta here!"

Tatsumi held the boy's wrist before he could flee. "that's not the main plan, Kurosaki-kun. I'm not finish explaining it yet."

Hisoka reluctantly obeyed and returned to his place. < fuck you, Tatsumi! I guess the main plan is that I have to sleep with ten dirty old men every night, huh? >

Tatsumi then cleared his throat as he tried to suppress a blush that crept to his cheeks. "The main plan is, Kurosaki-kun will sing a sexy number and then, Oriya would start the bidding and---" his sentence was cut short by Tsuzuki, who had been damn quiet for too long.

"ne, you mean, 'soka-chan's gonna sing? Wai! I loooove to hear his voice!" Hisoka shot him a glare that made Tsuzuki sweatdropped and kept quiet.

"So, as I was saying," Tatsumi continued, "I'm going to have to to bid the highest so I can have him and then make the other men jealous. And I presume that one of those men is our target since he's a playboy. And Tsuzuki will come with me."

< for all your damn tactics, Tatsumi! > "what do you mean 'by making other men jealous'?" Hisoka said, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Well, uhm, since I . I mean, we bought you. We should. uhm. fondle you a bit to make them jealous, of course." Tatsumi sweat dropped when another vein popped out off the boy's head and Watari and Tsuzuki were having green thoughts already. "This is our job. This is not having fun, Tsuzuki, Watari; we have a case to solve.

As the others left, Hisoka was still memorizing a piece called 'Deep Forest by Do As Infinity'. Oriya smirked as he tended to brush the boy's cheek. "I'm excited for your performance, sexy boy." Then, he left.

< This is gonna be the most embarrassing day of my life! > Hisoka thought as he stepped unto the center of the stage. >

end of chapter one

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