Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ A Second Chance ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Written By : Sakura Istar

Disclaimer : I do not own Yugioh! or Cardcaptor Sakura

Sum : What if when Yami Marik got sent to the shadow realm he some how was sent to a different
world and got his own body? And what if he meets 14-year-old Sakura Kinomoto? And what if she
soften his cold heart?


"I resign"




14-year-old Sakura Kinomoto couldn't believe her eyes, there just out side her door was a boy
unconscious. she rushed to the tanned youth and tryed her best to bring him into her house.
Once inside she laid him down on the couch; She then went over and got a cold rag and placed
it upon his forhead. She looked at him as she moved some light blonde hair out of his face...
His hair went just over his shoulders and his skin was tanned; He is wearing a black sleevless
shirt and light tanned pants, black shoes and golden arm bands around his arms; golden wrist
bands and a golden choker around his neck, he also had golden ear rings attached to his ears.

'I wonder what happen to him?'

That was the thought on her mind as she continued to stare at him. 'Toya won't be back until
late... and dad won't be home for another two days.' She then stood up. 'I better let him
sleep; He'll need it' with that she walked up stairs and into her room.


Yami Marik groaned as he rubbed his temples only to find a cold rag on his forhead; He blinked.
He then sat up on the couch that he was laying on. He glanced around and saw that he was in
someone's home. He then heard a soft humming and he glanced up and saw a girl with light brown
hair that framed her face and emerald green eyes; her skin looked soft and creamy white, she is
wearing a blue mini dress that looked kind of like a shirt and white socks that came to her mid
thigh, a pair of bunny slippers on her feet.

The girl turned around and blinked; she then smiled. "Your awake! how do you feel?" She asked as
she walked over to him. He was quite for a moment then he spoke up. "I'm fine" He replied as he
closed his violet eyes; Sakura noticed that he had a scar under each eye...

"What's your name?" Yami Marik reopen his eyes and stared at her for a moment; thoughts came
over his mind... like wasn't he in the shadow realm? and why was he doing in this girls house?
And why was she asking HIS name? "Malik" He finally asked her... even though that wasn't his
name... he thought it might be best if he used it. "What happen?" He wanted to know some answers
but he didn't want to scare the girl--- much. "I'm Sakura; You were unconscious out side in front
of my house, You've been a sleep for about an hour" Explained Sakura "You should eat something"
She said softly as she looked at him. He stared at her; There was something about this girl ----
He couldn't quite name it but there was something very odd about her... Some pure --- and kind.

"I'm not hungery" He smiply said as he turned away from her. Sakura gave him a worried look.

"Are you still weak and tired?" She asked as he glanced at her and blinked his cold violet
colored eyes. It was true that he was quite tired and he felt quite weak... But why should
this GIRL care? He nodded his head slowly. "Why don't you lay back down and I'll give you a
cover, and when your ready to eat... just tell me; you should get some rest." She said as
she said slightly and walked up the stairs.

Yami Marik blinked once again; why was this girl so kind to him? Let alone let him inside her
house --- He was a stranger -- YES a STRANGER and she let him into her house, he shook his

'I just need some rest' He then laid back down and closed his eyes, not knowing that Sakura
had come back down and laid the cover over his body...

- End Prologue -

I kind of felt bad for Yami Marik... since he is one of my fave characters in Yugioh!, so this
is why I wrote this. And since CCS/YGO are my fave series. I probibly won't be updating any
time soon because of my job. (Idoit Taco Bell)

- Sakura Istar -