Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ a duelist and her place in the dueling world ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Dexter, Howdy and Jam made their way back into the clubhouse with Hitomi and Hermana not far behind them. "Any change in your sister's condition?" asked Howdy.
"No, she's still unconscious, but at least she's still breathing...." Hitomi.
"So I take it these two are the latest victims of Deras Gata and the Beserk Dragon..." Boss began.
"NTP, Boss. NTP." said Jam.
"I see, my mistake, Dexter."
"Well, let's get your sis to a room and settled in, we'll check up on her later."
"Fine, but where's the john?" asked Hitomi.
"That way." Boss pointed. Hitomi carried her sister along as she went into the bathroom.
"Well, I'm headed back you guys, Goldie will freak if she doesn't see me in my cage in the morning. Take care you guys." said Howdy and off he went.
"Shouldn't you be getting back to your cage too?" asked Boss.
"No, I'll be here tonight. Don't wait up, I'll be in my room." Dexter said as he headed to his quarters.
"You sure you're going to be able to sleep?" asked Jam.
"I'll damn sure try." "Dexter walked in ald closed the door behind him.
"So what happened?" asked Boss.
"I'll tell you in the morning." Jam answered. "But for now, keep an eye on Dexter, he's not himself after the duel he just had. I'll see to the girls tonight, as there's something I've on my mind concerning them."
"Okay, try to get some sleep, me ham."
"Not tonight, Boss. No sleeping for me this time. I'll be on sentry duty."
That night, Jam decided to visit the girls. He even decided to give a check-up to Hermana. "Well, your sister is doing pretty well, in spite of her current state." Jam explained.
"And her night sweats?" Hitomi asked.
"That's from the trauma of the duel. Rub this balm on her periodically through the night and she'll be okay."
"You sure know a lot about first-aid."
"It's a must, especially since I travel a lot."
"I don't really have any way to repay you for your kindness.... perhaps I can persuade a little something for you."
"Maybe... head."
"Okay, you win, I'll let you mate with me tonight."
"Fine I'll work your-"
"What part of 'Pass' do you not get..."
"The part that you whined about wanting a little action on the way here. Or perhaps, you wanna take it out of Hermana's body instead of my own."
"Too young for my taste, I like them a bit older."
"You mean like me?"
"I don't hit it on the first meet."
"Are you afraid I'm not good enough for you?"
"That all depends if you habitually lay on your back..."
Dexter on the other hand was looking at the cards in his deck. It's been said on many occassions that once I've played this card, that I've practically gone mad. Dexter holds his Beserk Dragon between his fingers. Whether I like it or not, this card is too powerful... even for my own good. And now that I've actually put another duelist in a coma.... Dexter placed all the cards he had concerning the Bersek Dragon into the "Undead Fortress" and placed in two extras in their stead. From here on out, I will play the Beserk Dragon no further. It's safer this way, and no other duelists have to worry about being hurt from it. It might cost me many duels, but it's the right thing to do. Dexter shuffled his deck and placed it back into his duel disk. Recover soon, Hermana..... recover soon.
The next morning, the hams gathered around the table with the usual deal. "So, how do we open up today's business?" asked Boss.
"I've got something." said Maxwell.
"Apparently, there are rumors of the next new set coming out within a few months."
"I new set of cards? Cool." said Cappy.
"Yes. From what the word is with the duelists today, it'll be called Cyber Dark Impact."
"Sounds exciting." said Pashmina.
"What's in it?" asked Stan.
"I don't know much about it," Maxwell answered, "however I do know this. There's a monster in there doing by the name of Cyber Dark Dragon."
"Lovely, a bad version of the existing Cyber Dragon." said Jam.
"Also, the Cyber Dragon will be coming out with some tins too."
"Cyber Dragon tins huh? That's good for me and anyone else who didn't get a Cyber Dragon from CRV." said Howdy.
"CRV?" asked a confused Hitomi.
"Cybernetic Revolution. Hello, are you in there?"
"You should've just said that from the beginning."
"All the cards from Cybernetic Rev have the initials CRV alongside their entry number."
"With the new Cyber Dragons coming out, people will be getting many tins just for the card itself." said Stan.
"It beats searching for it in packs though." said Pashmina.
"Or a box." added Penelope.
"What other things do you have, Maxwell."
"A machine structure deck is also in the works." Maxwell answered.
"Lovely, Panda must be mentallyhaving a field day in his head." said Stan.
"Speaking of Panda, where is he anyway?" asked Hamtaro.
"And where's Dexter also?" asked Pashmina.
"Dexter's in his room. He's been here all night after the incient involving Hitomi here and her unconscious sister." Jam answered.
"What do you mean, unconscious sister?" asked Boss.
"Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about that.
"Well, I'll get to the point, during a tag duel betwee Hitomi and her sister Hermana, Dexter pulled the Beserk Dragon and attacked. thanks to the souped effects of the duel disks, the blast won it for him and Howdy, but it also left Hermana unconscious."
"That's horrible!" yelled Pashmina.
"No it's not, it's pretty plausible." said Sparkle.
"How can y'all be so rude, girl?" asked Pepper.
"So she took an attack from the Beserk Dragon and it 'slept' her, it only proves that she was and is a weak duelist."
Hitomi reched over the table and slapped the taste out of Sparkle's mouth. "My little sis is far from being a wek duelist!" She yelled. "Hermana and I have gone through more impossible odds than you could ever imagine. You watch your tongue or, I'll have it removed."
"Bitch, please...." Sparkle said in retaliation. "If I can stand getting tagged by the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon-"
"Weak." Hitomi cut Sparkle off.
"Why don't you listen to the whole thing, dumbass."
"Don't push it, I'm not in the mood."
"I got tagged by the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon for 7500. Hell yeah it hurt, but if I can still stand after a blow like that, your weak lil' sis can take something about or a little over half that strength. Even Penelope can withstand a 6000 point shot from the sword of Buster Blader, so don't make any excuses."
"Well, looks like you've finally learned your place. Make sure you don't forget it again, newbie."
"...I've heard enough..."
"So have I." said Boss.
"Grab your deck, bitch. I'm dealing with you now." Hitomi was officially pissed off.
"My duel disk is on and ready, so let's get it on."
"Good, then let's go." Hitomi jumped on the table with duel disk ready.
"Hold it. There is no dueling on the business table, duel in the open area." said Boss.
The two gave a quick relocation and stood away. "Well Hitomi, you're new to Duel House dueling so I'll say this. the effects here aren't like the effects you're used to." Sparkle explained. "Hopefully you aren't as weak as your sister..."
"Once I get the right six moves, you're done for." said Hitomi.
"Six moves huh? We'll see... Okay fine, let's get it on."
"Make your move."
"Fine, I will. You judges ready?"
"Yup." answered Maxwell.
"Yup." answered Boss.
"First duelists to take 10,000 damage loses." said Jam. "Your move, Sparkle."
"Let me show you how the Duel School does the job." Sparkle said as she drew her card. "Lucky her, she caught me in a bad draw. But I won't let her know that. I'll begin this duel with the spell card, Terraforming." The Duel House turned pitch black with only a few glimmers of lighting. "This allows me to take a field spell from my deck and add it to my hand."
"I know how Terraforming works, idiot." said Hitomi.
"I'll excuse that remark, since you don't know that we have a few beginning level duelists watching us play. But don't worry, the spell I'll pull will be played next. and the spell I choose is Rising Air Current."
The clubhouse regained it's lighting and the area turned into a sky print. Suddenly, the cry of a hawk was heard as the spectators see the bird flying overhead. Sparkle continued her move. "Next I'll play this card face down and summon my Sonic Duck to the field and end my turn."
An upward gust blew throughout the clubhouse, welcoming Sparkle's monster to the field (2200/300).
Hitomi took her card. "That's a strong card... I'll play Hammer Shot first off..." A giant hammer falls crashing down, destroying Sparkle's card. "Raging Flame Sprite, come forth and attack her." Hitomi's card appeared right in front of her (100/200). It then twirled its stick and went in for the charge.
"I'm not afraid of that runt." (100)
Raging Flame Sprite returned to Hitomi's side of the field (1100 ATK). "You don't have any position to talk."
"A mere bounce-off attack for starters isn't much."
"He serves his purpose though, so don't disrespect my cards."
"Whatever, you'll never be able to entice my with such a loser of a monster, don't you have anything decent in that deck of yours?"
"You know, I thought I could simply turn the cheek you just slapped by having a friendly duel to release my anger, but what do you do when I turn the other cheek... you slap it harder than you did the last cheek."
"And I'll me slappig you harder as the duel goes by."
"Fine, you wanna be a pompouslittle bitch, then be it."
"Tough talk from a wek girl, now finish your turn so I can show you how to do some REAL damage."
"She wants to talk about forgetting my place... lemme teach this schoolgirl about being put in her place. You want decen, t let's see you handle my Tribute Doll. With it, I'll sacrifice my 'inferior' Raging Flame Sprite and pull out something that can shut you up. Say Hello to my good friend of the trinity." An upward gust was soon felt. "Come forth, Kazejin, God of Wind." The wind element symbol soon showed up and in mere seconds, Kazejin was formed (2900/1800).
"Well if that ain't decent....." Howdy said trailing off.
"I think Sparkle bit off more than she can swallow." said Stan.
"You mean 'More than she can chew.'" Sandy said as to quote the proverb correctly.
"You can't chew what's crammed down your throat, sis."
"If Sparkle will be able to get it into her mouth..." said Oxnard.
Okay, I was not expecting that... Sparkle mentally began to cower.
"Well, where's your shit talking now?" Hitomi questioned Sparkle.
"...I got nothing at the moment." Sparkle answered.
"Of course you don't, now draw."
Oh yeah, Sparkle's going packa packa packa on her foot. How's this duel gonna turn out....